History Mode Guide - A Princely Feud

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Stage Details

Map Difficulty Mission Type Restrictions Deploy Limit
Ebony Volcano Lv. 61 Timed Onslaught None None
Deploy Slots Allied Commander Enemy Commander
2 Controlled N/A N/A
Minor Enemy Captains
Falcon Knights, Swordmasters, Onmyojis, Robin, Lucina, Hinoka

S-Rank Requirements

Clear Time Enemies Defeated Damage Taken
N/A 2000 80%


Your time limit is very tight on this map, with only five minutes to rack up 2,000 KOs. You will need to eliminate two enemy captains before more reinforcements will spawn. In the batch of reinforcements is an Onmyoji by the north end of the map who will rally morale if left unchecked, which is unaffordable in such a constrained mission. Near the end of the mission, Lucina, Robin, and Hinoka will spawn. Defeating them will summon more reinforcements, but it is unlikely that there will be much time left in the mission, so they can be ignored.

As with most Timed Onslaught missions, the simplest and most efficient method is to simply play as Camilla and crush hordes of enemies with her Strong Attack while dashing. This method can quickly rack up the necessary 2,000 KOs, though you'll want to partner her with someone skilled at eliminating commanders one-on-one for the occasional switch. If you choose to use Camilla, be wary of Lucina when she appears, as she can quickly kill you. If you choose not to use Camilla, your pair of characters should both be fairly mobile and able to cut through weak enemies quickly. Do not pair them up, leave them on separate halves of the map and switch control frequently.