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Please view the help contents here if you're unfamiliar with editing a wiki powered by MediaWiki.

General queries about this wiki can be forwarded here (guest-posting is enabled).

How to start a new page

There are three main methods of doing so:

  1. Click on an existing red link and the wiki will tell you that no page exists, but you can create one.
  2. Edit an existing page and add in a new link yourself, then follow the first method.
  3. Type in the exact name of the page that you want to create in the search bar found to the left of the wiki. You will get a similar outcome as the first method.

Submitting content

In general, you don't need to submit anything that's already on the main site and it's probably pointless to move stuff from the main site to the wiki, when you can just link from there.

Section Description What to submit (and policies)
Game Guides This covers guides for any aspect of the games' gameplay, including things such as walkthroughs, character guides, enemy stats, etc. This also includes anything that you'd expect to find on the main site in the individual games' sections. Walkthroughs or character rating guides for any game. Other indepth guides are welcome, although it would be greatly appreciated if contributors could state in advance what content they're intending to submit (via the section's or VincentASM's Talk page), in case it's already being worked on.
Game Scripts This covers storyline dialogue and other important text from the games. Scripts for Dark Dragon and Sword of Light, The Blazing Blade and Radiant Dawn. The Path of Radiance Game Script is being completed by Generic Officer; please don't submit anything there without their approval (editing existing pages is OK though).
General Articles This covers anything that doesn't really fit into any of the other wiki categories, or content that covers multiple games. This includes stuff like merchandise, mythological references, unofficial Fire Emblem spin-offs, etc. Basically anything that you'd find in the General section of the main site. Anything for the current articles listed in the section (eg. Fire Emblem in Super Smash Bros.). If you have a new article in mind, please state in advance (via the section's or VincentASM's Talk page) the details of the article you're intending to submit before starting a page, in case of a clash of interests.
Story Articles This is where information on the stories and characters of Fire Emblem go. As the name suggests, this is the same as the old story articles project. Pages for characters or events from any game in the series. The rules for submitting are more or less exactly the same as before (aka almost none). This time, you can just start a near-empty page informing other users that you've starting working on a page. If you're confident, you can just post a complete page straight away, but it might scare some people.

If you submitted a story article in the past, it would be great if you could re-post it to the wiki. Just the main body of the text will suffice, stuff like images or the profile box can be added by staff or other users.

ROM Hacking This covers anything that touches editing the game code, but doesn't include cheat codes (there's a separate section for that ATM). Includes stuff like translation patches, mods, hacking documentation, tutorials, etc. Anything related to ROM Hacking. Links to patches or hacking tools are welcome, just make sure they're safe to use and obviously don't link to illegal content.
Cheat Codes This solely includes codes designed for use with an external cheating device, eg. Action Replay. Cheat codes for any game.

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