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Shibuya Station

A few days later

The player receives an urgent Topic from Maiko:

Maiko: Thanks for the help Itsuki

Maiko: No need to hurry back: Why don't you go look around Enter-Kingdom?

Maiko: I'm the only one at the office right now anyways. It'll be boring for you, I bet.

Maiko: Of course, if you're after some alone time with me, then by all means... <3

The player is given two options on how to respond in the Topic:

  • Yes please.
  • I'll have to decline.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: Yes please.

Maiko: All right. Let me show you how we adults like to have fun..

Maiko: Nah, I'm just kidding. Besides, if I make a move on you some people are going to be after my head. (L.O.L.)

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: I'll have to decline.

Maiko: I feel like this is starting to become a pattern... (L. O. L.)

Maiko: Well, anyway, it looks like Enter-Kingdom is close to its finale. Things are really heating up now.

Maiko: I think everyone should be somewhere around the city. Maybe at the events they're performing in?

Shibuya: Central City (Yashiro)

Yashiro: Aoi. This is a pleasant surprise.

Itsuki: Hey. Yashiro, should really just be walking around here...? Things might get rough if a fan sees you in front of a concert hall.

Yashiro: A first-class artist like myself is perfectly cable of dampening their aura of fame. In this state, none shall recognize me.

Itsuki: That's pretty amazing...

Yashiro: Hardly. It's a skill that everyone gradually learns to attain, with enough time spent in the industry.

Itsuki: Anyway, what are you actually doing here, Yashiro?

Yashiro: I found myself with some spare time, so I thought I'd indulge in a little walk. Having "free time" is...strange. Until now, I would spend any available second on bettering myself and my abilities. Perhaps it's because I've lost my driving purpose in life... to avenge my father.

Itsuki: Yashiro...

Yashiro: I confess, I am at something of a loss. What am I to live for, now?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • How about your fans?
  • You should decide that yourself.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: How about living for your fans, then? I know there's plenty of people out there waiting for your next performance. Revenge was an obligation and a burden, chaining you down, but now you're free. So... how about you keep performing for the sake of your fans? I don't think it's such a bad idea.

Yashiro: My fans, hm...?

Itsuki: I like seeing you sing when you're doing it because you want to. Not for the sake of fighting Mirages.

Yashiro: Heh... I see. I shall give the matter some thought, then. You have my thanks, Aoi. I feel as though talking with you has lifted a weight from my shoulders. I think I'll stroll around the peaceful city for a while longer. I'll see you around.

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: I think you should decide that for yourself. After all, you have plenty of time to come to a decision now.

Yashiro: Heh... I suppose. I shall take my time and consider my new possibilities. You have my thanks, Aoi. I feel as though talking with you has lifted a weight from my shoulders. I think I'll stroll around the peaceful city for a while longer. I'll see you around.

Daiba Studio (Mamori)

Mamori: Oh, Itsuki.

Itsuki: Hello, Ms. Minamoto.

Mamori: *Giggle* Wow... When you greet me like that, it really makes me feel like I'm a part of this business.

Itsuki: Haha, I guess. By the way, Mamori, weren't you participating in Music Fes?

Mamori: Yes, I am. My performance won't be for a while, though, so I've been looking around at the other events. All the models in Muse Fes are so pretty... I wonder if I can be like that when I grow up.

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • I'm sure you will.
  • You're just fine the way you are.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: I'm sure you'll grow up to be a beautiful lady.

Mamori: U-Um... Th-Thank you. There are a lot more things that I'd like to do when I grow up.

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: I think you're already very pretty. You're just fine the way you are.

Mamori: Th-Thank you... But there are a lot more things that I'd like to do when I grow up.

Regardless of what option the player chose:

Mamori: Not just singing, or my show. I want to try acting onstage, too. Or modeling! But especially singing! I want to try singing a lot of different songs. Cute songs like Tsubasa's, cool songs like Kiria's, and even more grown up songs like enka...

Itsuki: I'm sure you'll be able to do all kinds of things from now on.

Mamori: Mhm! And it's all thanks to you that I started wanting to do them in the first place. There are so many things a person can do in life---so many possibilities... And you're the one who helped me realize it.

Itsuki: I didn't really do much.

Mamori: You did! You just can't see how amazing it all was. I'm sure everyone else is grateful to you, too.

Itsuki: You think so?

Mamori: I know so. So please, stay with us at Fortuna.

Itsuki: Of course.

Mamori: I'm glad... It's really good to know you'll be there for us. U-Um, well, I think I'll go look around the other events too. G-Goodbye, then!

Café Seiren (Tsubasa)

Tsubasa: Oh---Itsuki?

Itsuki: Tsubasa? What are you doing here?

Tsubasa: Sshhh! Itsuki, quiet down! People might hear you!

Itsuki: Oh, sorry. I guess you're a pretty big name around here these days...

Tsubasa: Sorry... It'd be great if we could just hang out, like we used to do.

Itsuki: Don't worry about it. Besides, I'm happy to see you've gotten that famous.

Tsubasa: Thanks. I know I've said it a lot already, but I wouldn't have gotten this far if you hadn't helped me, Itsuki.

Itsuki: Well, you're the one who put in the effort. All I did was cheer you on.

Tsubasa: Your cheering me on was the most important part to me.

Itsuki: Really, I'm not sure I get it, but as long as you're happy...

Tsubasa: You don't have to get it. I guess that's more like you, anyway. Now that the Shadow Dragon's gone and all the Mirage attacks have stopped, having all this free time is... weird.

Itsuki: I know, right?

Tsubasa: And Enter-Kingdom is almost over, too...

Itsuki: Does it not feel like a challenge anymore?

Tsubasa: *Giggle* Nope! But even after Enter-Kingdom is over... there's going to be a lot of work to do. Itsuki... I want to get even better. At dancing, singing, acting, everything. So... I want you to keep cheering me on, okay?

Itsuki: Of course. I'll always be there for you.

Tsubasa: Oh, geez, it's late. I need to start heading back! I'll see you later, Itsuki!

Daitou TV Station (Eleonora)

Eleonora: If it isn't good old Itsuki. Let me guess---You came just to see me?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Yeah.
  • Not really

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: Yeah, I was hoping I'd see you.

Eleonora: ...! W-Well! Then just... sit back and enjoy a masterful Hollywood-class performance! But I'm on break until the next part, so... You'll have to wait a little before it's my turn onstage.

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: Not really. I was just passing by.

Eleonora: Rrrgh... you're SUPPOSED to say "Of course I came to see you!" It doesn't matter if you MEAN it, you knucklebrain!

Itsuki: ...Isn't it supposed to be "knucklehead"?

Eleonora: W-Well, sure! SOME people say it like that. Anyway, it's still going to be a while until the second act, but you better look out for my Hollywood-quality acting!

Itsuki: Got it.

Regardless of what option the player chose:

Eleonora: Hm... Tokyo's gotten really peaceful, hasn't it? All that craziness with the Shadow Dragon and the end of the world feels like it was all just some dream.

Itsuki: I know what you mean.

Eleonora: But I'm glad I can really concentrate on what's really important to me. My meteoric rise to stardom will never be stopped! S-So... you'd better watch closely, all right!?

Itsuki: Yeah, I know.

Eleonora: W-Well, I'd better head backstage for prep. It's not easy being so high in demand. I'll see you later.

Toube Rooftop (Touma)

Touma: Sup, man. What brings you here?

Itsuki: Seems like Tokyo's still going crazy over Enter-Kingdom, so I thought I'd go look around. What about you, Touma?

Touma: Eh, kinda the same thing. I'm done with my part for the Hero Fes, so I'm just taking it easy for a little. You know, Itsuki... when you look at Tokyo from this big rooftop, you can really see how peaceful it all is. You see all the couples, families walking around, business people doing business stuff, audiences... Same old Tokyo. It's hard to believe that all this was that close to just getting... wiped off the map. I mean, pretty much nobody else knows any kinda weird incident even happened.

Itsuki: Yeah...

Touma: ...When I first became a Mirage Master, all that power really shocked me. In the end though, it just felt like a party trick. And look at us now. We saved the world. I'm still not over that. I never would figured things would go that far.

Itsuki: Yeah, me either.

Touma: Itsuki... The only reason I fought like I did in that last battle and didn't just freak out and run... was you being there with me. If you weren't there, I would've dropped the ball somehow and ended up too scared to keep going. So... thanks. Whoop, break's over! I gotta get ready for my next gig! Later, Itsuki!

Fortuna Office (Maiko)

Maiko: Oh, Itsuki. You ended up coming back to the office anyway, huh?

Itsuki: I was passing by, so I thought I'd stop in.

Maiko: Aww, you didn't come running back hoping to catch up with me? Oh, I'm just heartbroken! So, did you take a look around? It's still pretty busy out there, isn't it? This peace, and all that excitement... You were the ones who stood up to protect it all.

Itsuki: It's still a little hard to believe...

Maiko: *Chuckle* Is it? You've really managed to accomplish something amazing, Itsuki. I mean, you saved the world. Now that I think back, it all started when I recruited you two into Fortuna.

Itsuki: Yeah...

Maiko: It feels like it was so long ago. I guess a lot really has happened since then...

Itsuki: You really caught me off guard when you asked me to join.

Maiko: I can imagine! But I have to say, Itsuki, I'm glad I did. Not just for the sake of fighting Mirages, but for everyone here at Fortuna. You really leave an impression on those around you. Thanks to that, everyone's changed for the better. It's no exaggeration to say the Fortuna we have today was built up by you. Now, once you've taken your break, why don't you go see how everyone is doing in Enter-Kingdom? Oh, and Barry too. I'm sure they'll be glad to see you.

Uzume Lesson Studio (Barry)

Barry: Oh, Itsuki! How's it goin'? Sounds like Enter-Kingdom is windin' down. You oughta go take a look around while there's still stuff to see.

Itsuki: Yeah, that's what I've been doing. I was passing by, so I thought I'd drop in.

Barry: Is that how it is!? Fine, just waltz in and put your feet up, you lazy bum!

Itsuki: Why are you yelling at me now!?

Barry: Huh, I guess you really aren't busy these days. At least the battle's over, right?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • You've got a point.
  • I am busy, though.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: You've got a point. Thought I'm kind of at a loss for what to do now. The world's not in danger anymore, so... what should I do from now on...?

Barry: Ah. Teen Problems. But that just means you can think like a normal guy your age now. That's a good thing, right?

Itsuki: Hahaha... I never thought you'd be the one cheering me up. Barry.

Barry: Hey, don't underestimate me, kid. I've been around the block a couple times, y'know.

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: I am busy, though. The fight may be over, but we all still have our jobs in the industry. One day, it's a concert, the next it's a stage show, then a TV recording... We've got as many responsibilities as ever.

Barry: ... You've actually been givin' this a lot of thought. Wasn't expecting that.

Regardless of what option the player chose:

Barry: ... Well, my fighting days are long gone already. Even if our battle's over, nothin' much is changin' for me. I'll just keep rooting for you guys from the sidelines, like I always do.

Itsuki: Barry...

Barry: Long as I can teach folks how they can move people's hearts, that's all a guy like me needs.

Itsuki: We could only focus all our effort into our performances because you were there to support us, Barry. So... thank you for everything.

Barry: Hah! Sounds a little weird comin' from a guy like you, Itsuki. But I guess it's the thought that counts. Ah, hell! I gotta go or I'm gonna miss Mamori's performance. You just make sure you have a blast for the rest of the show, awright?

Shibuya 106 (Kiria)

Kiria: Itsuki.

Itsuki: Hey, Kiria. Are you on break?

Kiria: Yeah. Guess I'm just waiting until my next performance comes up. The show's been going great. I feel like I've really outdone myself. And the audience is packed... It's really been a huge success.

Itsuki: Even I can feel the excitement from the crowd.

Kiria: Music is such a huge part of so many people's lives. All those who love music, and even those who don't... It's them I was fighting for. It's them I wanted to protect... and in the end, I didn't fail them.

Itsuki: Yeah.

Kiria: Even the Mirage attacks stopped after we took down the Shadow Dragon. So... I guess that means we don't really have any more reason to fight now.

Itsuki: That's a good thing, isn't it?

Kiria: I guess. All the same... I kind of feel like a bird that's broken one of its wings...

Itsuki: Huh?

Kiria: Both singing and fighting were the wings that helped me soar. And now that I've lost one of them...

Itsuki: ...

Kiria: I mean, it's not like I want there to be any more conflict, of course. But... I don't know. It just feels like there's this sudden emptiness, and I don't know how to fix it.

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Then I'll help you.
  • You'll find your answer.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: I'll help you fill the emptiness, then.

Kiria: ...I-Itsuki, you... you can't just say things like that as if it's no big deal. But... I think I'm going to take some time to think about how to live my life now. Now that all that mess is over with, I've got a little more time on my hands... So if I ever do find my answer... I'll make sure you're the first to know.

Itsuki: I'm looking forward to it.

Kiria: I'd better get going. See you.

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: You'll find your answer.

Kiria: Yeah... you're probably right. I'll take my time and figure out how I want to love my life from now on. Now that all that mess is over with, I've got a little more time on my hands... So if I ever do find my answer... I'll make sure you're the first to know.

Fortuna Office (Tiki)

Upon approaching to enter the blue door to Tiki and you haven't spoken to everyone:

Maiko: Oh, hello, Itsuki. Are you done checking out Enter-Kingdom? This festival is almost over, so you should enjoy it to your heart's content. You don't want to regret it later.

Regardless of if you have spoken to everyone or not:

There is a feeling of finality in the air, as if beyond this door lies the end of your story...

Itsuki: Tiki... and everyone else? What's going on?

Tiki: Big brother... there's something we need to tell you.

Itsuki: What is it? What's with the sudden formality?

Chrom: Itsuki... I think it's time we head back to our own world.

Itsuki: Huh?

Caeda: We've managed to regain our pasts, Itsuki. And the danger that threatened this world is now gone. There's... no longer any reason for us to stay here.

Itsuki: You all got your memories back!

Chrom: Yes. Slaying that damned dragon must have done the job. We've all learned much from you---your bonds, your dedication... We want to take those experiences home.

Tiki: And we want to revive the performing arts back in our world.

Itsuki: The performing arts?

Tiki: If we're going to rebuild that ruined land... I think having those arts will help us a lot.

Itsuki: Isn't it dangerous...? I mean, I thought all of that was forbidden so Medeus couldn't come back. You'd be risking a lot.

Chrom: We'll be fine, Itsuki. Medeus can revive as many times as he wants. We'll be there to strike him down again. You and the others have already taught us the strength to do that. So... we can go back. No regrets.

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Don't go.
  • This is goodbye, then...

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: No, don't go... You can just stay here, right...?

Chrom: Itsuki...

Itsuki: Chrom, I want you to stay. Is that... not a good enough reason...? I don't want to lose my precious friends.

Chrom: ...Thank you, Itsuki. I know how you must feel.... But we're outsiders to this world... We don't belong here. We have a place that needs us.

Itsuki: ...I understand.

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: So... this really is goodbye, then... I guess you've all given this a lot of thought. That means I... really have no right to try and stop you...

Chrom: Itsuki...

Itsuki: But... let me say this, at least. Even if you are from another world, every one of you will always be precious friends to me.

Chrom: ...Thank you.

Regardless of what option you chose:

Caeda: Itsuki... please continue to guide Tsubasa... and everyone else.

Cain: Sir Itsuki, your words bring me more joy than you know.

Tharja: Heh heh heh... You're not bad. I might have gotten a little attached to you.

Virion: Itsuki, my friend. My sole regret is that we did not have opportunity to sit and truly talk as nobles do. Trivially. Peacefully.

Navarre: We were brought to this a world against our wills. Yet in the end... it was a hidden blessing, for it allowed our paths to cross.

Draug: Thank you, Sir Itsuki, for deeming us your friends. Truly... there is no higher honor.

Itsuki: Everyone...

>The screen shows everyone in view as it focuses on Tiki performing a spell.

Chrom: Farewell... my friend from another world.

Tiki: Thank you, big brother. I'm... I'm really glad I had the chance to meet all of you. All the time I spent in this world... I'll treasure it and keep it close to my heart. Thank you. And I hope... I'll see you again someday...

>The screen shakes before turning white and the camera goes back on Itsuki. Itsuki looks around before leaving.

Credits start to play.

If the player did not speak to everyone during the epilogue:

Game finished!

If the player spoke to everyone during the epilogue:

Itsuki and Maiko are seen talking to each other in Fortuna Office.

Maiko: Itsuki, do you have a moment to talk?

Itsuki: Sure.

Maiko: Thanks. I've called everyone else over as well, so just hold on until everyone gets here.

When everyone is around Maiko's desk:

Eleonora: So what's all this about, Maiko? You just told us all to show up here for some reason.

Tsubasa: Did something happen?

Maiko: Ahem. Everyone, I'd like to make an announcement. I, Maiko, Shimazaki, have decided to return to my career as a model.

Tsubasa: Wh-Whaaat?

Touma: Whoa, Ms. Maiko, you serious...!? Wait, maybe she's just drunk off her ass again.

Maiko: Touma, honey? Would you kindly not talk about me as if I'm some alcoholic? Rumors like that could hurt my image. Or are you volunteering for more jobs with manual labor?

Touma: Sorry won't happen again sorry!

Ayaha: But... Ms. Maiko, are you sure about this?

Maiko: Of course I'm sure. I have to get back to my work as a model. After watching Tsubasa and everyone work so hard, I started feeling that old passion from when I was in my prime. So, I've decided to get back into the business! And since being a model and handling my presidential duties might get a little tricky, I thought I might ass the role on.

Tsubasa: So we're getting a new president?

Maiko: There's nothing to worry about, Tsubasa. I hereby name... Itsuki, as the new head of Fortuna!

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Leave it all to me.
  • This is all so sudden!

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: Leave it all to me.

Maiko: Wow, that went smoother than I expected. I was hoping you'd freak out and there'd be a big commotion.

Itsuki: Fortuna runs a little differently from most agencies. Someone completely new just wouldn't get it. So I can handle this. Plus, I'd rather let everyone else focus on attaining their own goals and dreams.

Tsubasa: Itsuki...!

Itsuki: I've also realized something else. I think... I'm better at helping people from behind the curtain than on center stage. If it will let me help someone else shine even brighter... I'll gladly accept the position.

Maiko: I shouldn't have expected any less from you, Itsuki. So, how'd about it? Any objections to Itsuki occupying the president's seat?

Tsubasa: I'm a hundred percent behind it! I won't worry about a thing if he's president! And I'll be even more motivated!

Maiko: Oh, no. Are you going to work harder for Itsuki than you did for me? I'm hurt!

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: This is all so sudden! Me, the president...?

Maiko: And why not? A high-schooler who also happens to run a production company? Sounds like a good hook to me.

Itsuki: Uh, but...

Maiko: How about everyone else? Is Itsuki the right guy for the job? Or do you object?

Tsubasa: Um... I agree. If Itsuki became president, I'd make sure to work even harder than I do now.

Maiko: Hm... true. I could see you being more motivated if it's Itsuki you're working for.

Regardless of what option the player chose:

Tsubasa: U-Um, that's not what I mean...

Touma: It's cool with me too. I've got no problems with Itsuki handling this.

Kiria: I'm in for it as well.

Eleonora: I agree. After all... Itsuki does have a talent for pulling everyone together.

Mamori: I'd be really happy if Itsuki became the president...! I-It'd be reassuring.

Yashiro: No objections.

Barry: You won't hear any complaints from me.

Ayaha: *Giggle* So Itsuki's going to be the president now... I think it's a great idea.

Maiko: Looks like it's unanimous, Itsuki. You still wanna refuse?

Itsuki: All right... I'll do it. I humbly accept the position of president.

Maiko: Thank you, Itsuki.

The screen fades to black before coming back into colour, and ITsuki is seen in a suit and tie.

Maiko: Now... this is the birth of an all-new Fortuna Entertainment, with Itsuki as our president! We know Itsuki's going to give his all to support all of you, so you all need to make sure you're there for him as well.

Tsubasa: Yeah!

Kiria: You can count on it.

Touma: Of course we will!

Yashiro: Acknowledged.

Eleonora: Hah, you don't need to worry about a thing. Just sit back and watch as I rise to the top.

Mamori: I'll do my best, too. I'll do everything I can to help Itsuki!

Barry: Looks like I'm gonna have to train you guys even harder now!

Itsuki:Um... well, everyone, I don't exactly know what needs to be done yet, and I might cause you guys some trouble at first... But... I'm going to do my best. To live up to Chrom and Tiki's expectations. And I wand you all with me! Everyone... let's give it our all!