Endgame: Chaos Dragon Velezark (Story)

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Start of chapter

Rowan: What? Where are we?!

Lianna: Is the Chaos Dragon in here somewhere?

Leo: We're inside an Outrealm Portal... Ugh, it feels like everything is scrambled.

Corrin: Are space and time being affected by the number of Outrealm Portals?

Niles: It is...distasteful here. And I sense danger all around us.

Oboro: There's no way to know what's here... I must protect Lord Takumi.

Tiki: There's so much evil... Be careful.

Hinoka: It's going to be difficult to reach the Chaos Dragon here...

Navarre: Hmph... Shut up and move.

Lissa: Navarre! We can talk while we march!

Camilla: Win or lose, if this is our final battle, we should face it in a good mood.

Elise: Aww, Camilla... Don't say things like "win or lose"!

Caeda: Elise is right--we are marching to victory! Let's put an end to this madness!

Takumi: We're prepared for battle. We await your word.

Lianna: All right, let's move out! It's time to take down the Chaos Dragon for good!

Rowan: Working together, we can finish this!

Battle (First Half)


Lianna: Look! The Chaos Dragon! He's at the center!

Rowan: Right, let's get after it. We'll all need to work together to take it out!

(Velezark opens more Outrealm Portals)

Hinoka: The Chaos Dragon opened the Outrealm Portals! There are monsters everywhere!

Frederick: Let's get those portals closed before we're totally overwhelmed!

Main Mission: Activating Dragon Veins

Leo: There's no path to it. It's as if space is twisting all around us...

Takumi: What if we used the Dragon Veins in the forts to clear a path?

Lianna: Let's take control of the forts, and from there we'll get the Chaos Dragon.

(Activating a Dragon Vein)

Navarre: It appears our path has been cleared.

Ryoma: At last. The final battle awaits.

Main Mission: Dark Crystals

Cordelia: The Chaos Dragon is growing stronger!

Marth: I can feel the power of darkness itself. We must stem the flow immediately.

Robin: It feels just like the darkness Darios fell victim to at Aytolis Castle.

Marth: If that's true, his wounds will be healed. We cannot allow this to continue.

(Destroying one Dark Crystal)

Marth: Just as I thought. The power flowing into the Chaos Dragon has diminished.

(Destroying all Dark Crystals)

Cordelia: I think we've cleared them all out now. The Chaos Dragon has been weakened.

Rowan: That means it's time to kick some Chaos Dragon tail!

Sub Mission: Powerful Sages

Leo: The power behind those spells is tremendous!

Tiki: Augh! that magic is crazy, you guys!

Lucina: Such powerful spells back-to-back? What terrifying strength...

Robin: Stay focused. We can stop the magic only by defeating the mage.

(Defeating one Sage)

Cordelia: One mage is down, and with him went the magic on his side!

Hinoka: One mage left. Let's get him!

(Defeating both Sages)

Robin: The magic on both sides has stopped! That went better than expected.

Movie: The Final Battle

(The heroes confront Velezark)

Lianna: You cannot win... I won't let you defeat us! Your power is nothing compared to the bonds that connect us! Your madness ends here and now!

Rowan: Darios... Guide my hand. Our friends... Our world's counting on us! We won't let it be destroyed! Together...

Lianna: All of us...

Rowan and Lianna: ...shall win!

Battle (Second Half)

Main Mission: Defeat Velezark

Rowan: We won't lose to you. We'll show you the power of our bonds!

Lianna: Let's go, everyone! It's time to defeat the Chaos Dragon and put an end to this!

(Velezark changes weapon type)

Lucina: The Chaos Dragon is wielding a weapon?!

Caeda: We could use that to our advantage! Remember, weapons have weaknesses.

(Velezark summons soldiers)

Chrom: Incredible. The foul beast seems to have summoned reinforcements!

Frederick: They're all using the same weapon... Let's be smart about this!

(Velezark summons more soldiers with a different weapon type)

Corrin: They aren't using the same weapon that the other ones did. Be careful, everyone!

(Velezark opens an Outrealm Portal)

Lissa: No way! Just when we closed one portal, they open another one!

Camilla: I detest a foe who doesn't know when to surrender. Victory is our only option...

(First notch of Velezark's health bar is depleted)

Corrin: Huh? The surrounding area feels strange somehow...

Owain: Is it that the weaker he gets, the weaker his connection to other worlds becomes?

Robin: If that's the case, soon we may be returning to our own worlds.

Lianna: No... Does that mean...we must all part ways?

Lissa: This is good-bye, sad to say. But do one thing for me! Promise me you'll save this world! Because I know you can!

Owain: We shall meet again. Don't dare forget the name Owain Dark!

Hinoka: I can't believe it's time to depart. I'll miss you... All of you. It was my honor to fight by your sides. May you continue to be victorious.

Sakura: It's all right to cry just this once...right? Good-bye, everyone...for now.

Takumi: You've done well to make it this far. I know you guys can do it!

Chrom: Let's go, you two. The fate of this world is in your hands.

Robin: You don't need me anymore... Go in there and attack with all you have!

Lucina: Now let's cut a path to a new future with our own hands.

Ryoma: You two focus on what's ahead. We'll cover your flank.

Rowan: Thank you, everyone. We'll save Aytolis together!

(Third notch of Velezark's health bar is depleted)

Rowan: No... They're all disappearing...

Elise: I'm gonna miss you so much! I don't wanna say good-bye, but... Even if we're in different worlds, we'll still be friends forever! I just know it!

Camilla: I suspect there's no need. You're both so much more mature now.

Leo: You two have learned much. There is nothing more for me to teach you.

Niles: Listen up--you two must see this throuogh. Give that dragon the fight of its life.

Tiki: I'm gonna miss you guys...but we'll meet again someday! Heehee! I'll just come visit someday, of course. See you then!

Navarre: I believe I feel a little sad. Perhaps emotions are contagious. Farewell then.

Xander: You've fought your way this far. There's nothing you two can't do.

Corrin: He's right! Let's finish this together. The path of peace awaits us!

Caeda: Heh, there's no need to second-guess yourselves. Just do what you always do.

Marth: We wield our blades for you. And for the future of your world.

Lianna: The Chaos Dragon is about to meet his doom!

(Velezark powers up)

Chrom: And now he's...changing somehow!

Xander: He's finally taking us seriously! Keep driving him into a corner!

(Velezark summons Manaketes and Outrealm Fiends)

Elise: How does he still have so much power?!

Lucina: At least he no longer has the power to open new Outrealm Portals.

Engaging Velezark

These dialogue lines trigger whenever a Warrior approaches Velezark for the first time while under player control, one for each Warrior. Anna, Lyn, Celica, and DLC characters do not have lines for engaging Velezark.

Rowan: [TBA]

Lianna: My time has come... I can't give up now, not after coming so far.

Corrin: [TBA]

Ryoma: [TBA]

Hinoka: [TBA]

Takumi: [TBA]

Sakura: [TBA]

Xander: [TBA]

Camilla: Hmhmhm... Your struggles amuse me, but I think it's time I ended them.

Leo: [TBA]

Elise: [TBA]

Chrom: [TBA]

Lucina: [TBA]

Robin: [TBA]

Lissa: [TBA]

Frederick: No matter my enemy's strength...I will protect my allies to my dying breath.

Cordelia: [TBA]

Marth: [TBA]

Caeda: [TBA]

Tiki: [TBA]

Movie: Ending

(Velezark lets out one last roar, disintigrating. As it disappears into light, Rowan and Lianna find themselves standing back at the World Tree)

Lianna: Is it... over?

Rowan: Oh, yeaaaaaah! We woooooon!

(The other warriors all sheathe their weapons and nod in approval)

Rowan: Thank you! Without your strength, we never could have pulled this off!

Lianna: The Chaos Dragon is destroyed... And it's thanks to everyone!

Corrin: We were able to look beyond all that which divides us...and work together. I'm so glad that we could do it.

Ryoma: The time has come for us to return to our worlds. You no longer need the help of a ragtag band of heroes, do you now?

Xander: Now that your struggle is over...so too must ours be put to rest. Both for Nohr...and Hoshido. Our future is a shared one.

(The characters from Fates disappear)

Robin: I feel we've been here forever... But it hasn't been that long at all. The bonds we created... Will they endure?

Chrom: Yes. Ours are friendships that will never falter. Far-flung though we may be, we shall not forget them.

Lucina: We return to our world, it's true... But I'm sure we'll meet again. For the future of all worlds, let's make it happen!

(The characters from Awakening disappear)

Caeda: We support each other. Now and always. But it's important that you support each other, as well. Believe in each other--when times are at their worst--and nothing can split your kingdom asunder.

Marth: Listen to me... No matter what kind of troubles await you down the road... remember that you are never alone. You can overcome anything! Time to go!

(The characters from Shadow Dragon disappear)

Lianna: I guess it's all over, isn't it...

Rowan: No... Now's when it all gets started. From here on out, we'll use our abilities to protect Aytolis, no matter what.

Lianna: Yes. And starting now...we won't run away from our duty. No matter what happens, I know we'll see it through. Let's go home...

Rowan: Yeah... Back home to the castle!

(At the ruins of the castle, Queen Yelena presents crowns to both Rowan and Lianna, who kneel. The Shield of Flames is atop a ruined wall, the Gleamstones still in place. The ending credits roll thereafter.)