Chapter 6: Fire Emblem

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Chapter 6: Fire Emblem

Bloom Palace

The party is standing around Tiki as she performs the ritual to take in the Dragonstone shard to recover her memories.

Tiki: ...

Itsuki: Are you all right?

Tiki: Mhm, I'm okay... But I found it! I found a way to fight the Shadow Dragon!

Itsuki: What is it?

Tiki: The Divine Dragon.

Mamori: Divine...?

Tiki: Yes, Mamori. Only one thing can oppose the power of shadow, adn that's the power of light... the Divine Dragon's power. But if we want to call forth the Divine Dragon, we have to perform the Opera of Light: Fire Emblem.

Mamori: Fire Emblem...?

Tiki: It's a story... and the roles can only be played by those with the power to save the world. A story of the heroes that rose up in our world, against the Shadow Dragon. Their battle, written as theater.

Yashiro: Aha. So this performance... This opera is a sort of counter-ritual to call upon the Divine Dragon. Theater has its roots in ancient religious rituals, so using it for magic invocation does seem plausible...

Tiki: Um, I don't really know... but I think that's how it is. But there's something we have to do first.

The screen goes blanka nd Tki performs a ritual and a different colored gate shows up behind Tiki.

Mamori: What's that gate, Tiki...?

Tiki: Beyond this gate is a land just like the world we once lived in. The heroes who fought against the Shadow Dragon, a long time ago... Their power rests in there.

Itsuki: Their power...?

Tiki: Mhm. If you can inherit their power, then we should be able to complete the Opera of Light. ...But to test whether you're worthy or receiving their power... you have to overcome three trials.

Yashiro: Nothing will stand between me and crushing Gharnef. If they aim to test us, then let us be tested.

Itsuki: Whatever these trials are, we'll pass them.

Tiki: I know you can do it, everybody. Good luck.

The screen goes black and gameplay resumes. Itsuki receives a new Topic in Main Story.

Maiko: I've heard about the situation. Who would've thought there'd be a gate to some trials in the Bloom Palace itself?

Maiko: Good luck on the trials. You won't have to worry about work. I've made all the proper arrangements.

Maiko: Tmsfe-sticker 16.png

Bloom Palace: Idolasphere Great Corridor

Itsuki: So, this is the resting place of the heroes' power...

Tharja: Hm. The kid's got an eye for detail, I'll give her that.

Caeda: What do you mean?

Tharja: This... illusory world... it's built out of Tiki's own memories of the one she left behind.

Caeda: ...So that's what she meant--a world that looks just like ours.

Navarre: The irony stings. Even if this is our homeland, our lost memories leave us strangers to it.

Tsubasa: All of you must feel so... mixed up about all this...

Itsuki: ...Let's go.

Tsubasa: Yeah. We have to stop Gharnef and save the world.

>The screen goes blank and gameplay resumes.

First Trial

Itsuki: What is this?

Tharja: More of Tiki's memories. The history of our world, from the look of it.

>The mage who bore malice against the world... Once, there was a man who wished to be a mighty sorcerer. He sought a master sage, undergoing toilsome study as his pupil. However, when his master chose another disciple as heir to his power, the man's envy drove into darkness. The sorcerer's name was Gharnef.

Yashiro: Gharnef...!?

Mamori: I knew Gharnef was a bad, evil man, but... I didn't know he had a past like that... Even though he went through so much, in the end, it must have felt like it was all for nothing.

Touma: Yeah, real sob story. Just because your life ended up crappy doesn't give you an excuse to screw with everyone else's.

Eleonora: Huh. We agree for once. Gharnef's just taking his anger out on everyone. And this sounds like some B-movie plot!

Touma: So a sorcerer who hates the world and a celebrity who's gone completely nuts. Can't wait.

Eleonora: Whatever they've done, they're on the side of evil now. And a good Hollywood hero always punishes the villains.

>A light envelops the group as a voice begins to speak.

Hero's Voice: So... you must be the ones who came to be tested. You want to perform the Opera?

Touma: Who's that...?

Tsubasa: I don't know, but... I can feel something... really strong!

Hero's Voice: The trial will be given by us---the heroes of the distant past. Now, overcome this trial. Prove to us that you are a worthy vessel for a hero!

The group walk through the door ahead of them and enters a room with a fiery red ball floating in front of an altar.

Hero's Voice: The trial is simple, really. All you have to do is prove your strength to us. If you would inherit our power... then I suggest you don't hold anything back!

Itsuki: All right, everybody... let's give them everything we've got!

>Battle initiates.

>During battle:

Gordin: Please... allow me to test your strength.

'Linde: Let the battle begin!

Macellan: Show us what you're made of!

Dolph: I will hold nothing back!

>Battle ends.

Hero's Voice: You have proven strength of body, and strength of will... Our power is yours. Please, complete the Opera of Light.

>Three light orbs fall on Eleonora, Mamori and Kiria.

Eleonora: ...I can feel their souls... Oh, so that's how this trial works! All right, leave the archer part to me!

Mamori: We did it...! That's another step closer to the Opera of Light!

Kiria: If we keep gaining these powers and perform the ritual, then...

Eleonora: We can't stop now; we've got another audience waiting for us!

Itsuki: Yeah. If the heroes want to know our power, then we'll prove it to them!

>Gameplay resumes.

Second Trial

Tsubasa: Hey, this is---

Kiria: Tiki's memories... This must be more of her world's history carved into the stone...

>The sealed dragon, Medeus... Gharnef loathed the world of his kin and resurrected the mighty Shadow Dragon to destroy the world of man. Gharnef allied himself with the newly awakened Shadow Dragon and schemed to dominate the world. With his eldritch magicks and the raw might of the dragon races, none could stand to oppose the sorcerer.

Chrom: The Shadow Dragon, Medeus... So this is the creature Gharnef is trying to summon...

Hero's Voice: It seems someone is in need of these old bones has finally arrived. If you wish to obtain my power, then you must first overcome the trial that awaits you. This will be my final duty.

Navarre: It appears our next trial awaits.

Yashiro: ...Let's move. Nothing will stand between me and Gharnef.

Itsuki: Yeah... Let's go.

Hero's Voice: So, you have come... fledglings from another world. Then allow me to put you to the test, and see whether you are worthy. If you hold back, you may regret it!

Itsuki: Let's go, everyone!

>Battle initiates.

Palla: Show us your strength!

Ogma: The battlefield is the only world I know.

Jagen: Prove to me that you are worthy!

>The battle ends.

Hero's Voice: You have done well to endure this trial... I entrust my power to you...!'

>Three light orbs fall on Tsubasa, Touma and Yashiro.

Tsubasa: Um... did we prove ourselves?

Touma: Hell yeah! We'll give 'em the show of a lifetime!

Yashiro: I've been cast in the part of a swordsman? How apropos.

Tsubasa: Itsuki's the only one left.

Itsuki: Yeah. We'll overcome the next trial, too.

>The player will receive the following Topic from Tiki:

Tiki: You've completed the second trial! Great job, big brother!

Tiki: The next trial should be for you... Good luck!

Tiki: Tmsfe-sticker 20.png

Third Trial

Itsuki: Another stone carving...

>The azure-haired hero... With Gharnef's sorcery and the Shadow Dragon's unearthly power, peace and order gave way to the fires of war. In these years of strife, a young man with hair of vivid cobalt rose to quell the turmoil. His name was Marth. His noble and merciful spirit compelled even vicious foes to swear fealty, and together, they strove for peace. The journeyw as arduous, but Marth and his allies were of one heart, and by their power they sealed Gharnef away. Thus did the blue-haired prince Marth become a legendary hero, etching his name into history forever.

Chrom: Marth...! I know that name, somehow.

Tsubasa: So this is the hero Tiki was talking about? The one who beat the Shadow Dragon with the Divine Dragon's power?

Itsuki: So, we're going through the same thing Marth did...

Mamori: Um... Marth sealed Gharnef a really, really long time ago, right? So... is the Gharnef we're fighting right now the same one from the story?

Itsuki: Now that you mention it...

Tharja: Good chance they're the same person. Gharnef mastered elder magic... Even if he couldn't break the seal, he could have found a way to stay alive. After all that time, if the seal had weakened even the slightest... that chance is all he'd need to break out.

Itsuki: We can't afford to take him lightly.

Hero's Voice: The history you have observed on your path... is the Opera of Light itself. It will lead you to the Divine Dragon. Young heroes, who carry on our spirit... Beyond here lies your final trial. There, the Hero-King awaits you.

The player is giving two options on how to respond:

  • The next trial's our last...
  • The performance follows the fight.

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: So all that history was the Opera of Light... and Tiki said the actual performance follows the fight.

Tharja: Tracing the footsteps of the great Hero-King... Well, if the story is all in those stone reliefs... Heh heh. All we have to do is perform it... and the Opera of Light will be complete.

Touma: All right, Itsuki! Time to take care of business!

Itsuki: Yeah. Let's give it everything we've got.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: The next trial's our last... and we'll be facing the Hero-King Marth, himself.

Tsubasa: Let's do our best! If we can beat this... the Hero-King will accept Itsuki!

Touma: All right, Itsuki! Time to take care of business!

Itsuki: Yeah. Let's give it everything we've got.

A dark shadow appears and Hatanaka shows up.

Itsuki: Mr. Hatanaka!? Why are you here?

Hatanaka: Oh, I think the same reason you guys are. I did mention earlier, didn't I? We have an opera to complete, too. The Opera of Light DOES sound interesting, but we need the Shadow Dragon onstage, I'm afraid. Sorry!

Chrom: You... Why are you so intent on reviving the Shadow Dragon?

Gharnef's Voice: Why indeed...? Why, then, do you fight to protect the world and its people, even with no memory of your past?

Chrom: My memories don't matter! I am a Lord... I will always protect the weak from the cruel. My duty is to them!

Gharnef's Voice: Ah, yes... "duty." Heh heh heh... Well, if you would assign a motive to my schemes, that will do. Envy and jealousy drove me mad, and I despise the world of mankind... But all that is long since past. ...The Divine Dragon is why I was forced to perform the opera in your world. If you would blame anyone, blame Naga.

Itsuki: Naga...?

Gharnef's Voice: In ages past, after the Dragon was locked away... Naga rid our world of Performa---of all arts of performance. All to ensure that Medeus would never again be resurrected. Thus, the Opera of Shadows... failed. Vexatious little godling. I even had deigned to banish Tiki to this world to ensure the Opera's success.

Itsuki: That's why you came to our world...

Gharnef's Voice: Very good, child. Yes, this world is ripe, glutted with Performa... I thought to have Chrom and the rest of the Mirages harvest Performa as my vanguard... after I took their memory.

Chrom: So that was your doing! If you're the one who stole our memories, then I will take them back!

Gharnef's Voice: Why bother with such petty grasping? You must understand that the Shadow Dragon's reawakening is nigh...

Chrom: I, Itsuki, and everyone else... We will stop you!

Gharnef's Voice: I see... Predictable to the end. However, I will not allow you to hinder me further! The hour draws near!

Hatanaka draws out a colorful orb.

Gharnef's Voice: Behold the soul of the Hero-King Marth... Without it, the Opera of Light will never be complete. And yet... Marth's soul shall never be yours. Heh heh heh... And without it, your precious Opera will never succeed.

Yashiro: Bastard... So you intend on standing in our way to the last...

Gharnef's Voice: Ah, good boy... I can see that dark flame burning in your heart... Hatred, resentment, anger... How delightful... how satisfying it shall be to see your fury give way to pure, utter despair. Hahahahaha!

Yashiro: ...Empty words, Gharnef. If you think you can provoke me with hollow taunting, you're sadly mistaken. Your ambitions... end here.

Hatanaka: Heeheeheehahaha! Splendid, Yashiro! They've helped you overcome your father's death... Ah, how poetic! Well then, Gharnef! Shall we begin?

Gharnef's Voice: Yatsufusa. Are you certain?

Hatanaka: Of course! These kids are actually pretty tough! If they get that soul, it'll all have been for nothing! So you can have my Performa. All of it. Just like I promised. But you have to revive the Dragon! Promise me!

Gharnef's Voice: Very well, my "Master." Heh heh heh...

Hatanaka: Ghlgh...aaaah... hahahaha!

Itsuki: Mr. Hatanaka!

A laughter is heard from the background as a cinematic begins.

Itsuki: It's leaving his body.

Gharnef: Try if you wish... but you have no hope! You will never stop me.

>Battle initiates.

Gharnef: Heh heh... Hyahahahahahaha...

>Battle ends as a cinematic occurs.

Itsuki: Is it over?

Gharnef's Voice: Hahahahaha! Commendable. You have defeated me. And at last, the Opera of Shadows is finally complete!

Itsuki: What!?

Gharnef's Voice: By the sacrifice of both Marth's soul and my own, the Shadow Dragon shall live again... Ahah... Heh heh heh hah hah hah hah!

The cinematic ends as an earthquake occurs throughout the screen.

Touma: Wh-What the---

Tsubasa: Aaaah! It's sh-shaking---

Itsuki: Rgh!

Chrom: The entire... Idolasphere is shaking!

Tharja: ...Damn him. The old man sacrificed his own soul to deliver the Hero-King to the Shadow Dragon...

Kiria: No... How could this happen...!?

The earthquake starts to subsides.

Tsubasa: I-Is it calming down...?

A heart beat is heard throughout the Idolasphere.

Mamori: Do you... hear that?

Yashiro: A heartbeat...

Tharja: The heartbeat of... the Shadow Dragon itself...?

Eleonora: This is bad... It's like the part of the movie when aliens attack, and the President's about to use the nukes...

Touma: More like a camping vacation that got interrupted by a serial killer with a machete...

The screen goes black for a second.

Kiria: Marth's soul was stolen, meaning no Opera of Light... And the dragon lives... Everything that can go wrong, has.

Tsubasa: Itsuki, what are we going to do? At this rate, the world will--- E-Everyone will---

The player is giving two options on how to respond:

  • We have to calm down!
  • Let's return to the Bloom Palace.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: We have to calm down!

Tsubasa: I-I want to, but... b-but I don't know how we can fix this..!

Itsuki: Then just a take deep breath first. We won't get anywhere at all if we panic.

Kiria: He's right. Just take slow breaths, and try to calm down.

Tsubasa: O-Okay... Haaah... Phew... Haaah... Phew... I, um... I think that helped...

Kiria: We should go back to the Bloom Palace first. There's nothing left for us here.

Itsuki: Sounds good.

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: Let's return to the Bloom Palace.

Tsubasa: But...

Itsuki: I hate to say it, but... I don't think there's anything more we can do here.

Tsubasa: Yeah... you're right...

Bloom Palace

Tiki: Wh-What happened, big brother? it felt like the Shadow Dragon's power just got even stronger...

Itsuki: I'm sorry, Tiki. The hero's soul we needed to perform the Opera of Light... it was stolen from us.

Tiki: ...Huh? Huuuuuuh!?

Itsuki: Just stay calm. I'll explain everything.

The screen goes blank for a second.

Tiki: Gharnef took... the Hero-King's soul... And that's why the Shadow Dragon's life force got stronger...

Touma: What the hell can we do...? We can't just sit on our asses and let this dragon come back to life!

Tiki: You can't perform the Opera of Light without the Hero-King's soul... but it's... gone...

Tiki: ...

Itsuki: ...Did you think of anything?

Tiki: ...There is... one way.

Itsuki: Huh?

Tiki: The Shadow Dragon has the Hero-King's soul right now, right? So, um... if we get close enough to the Shadow Dragon, the Opera of Light might still work.

Kiria: Of course...! That might just work.

Tiki: B-But it's--- It's too dangerous! Just... never mind, okay? Pretend I never said anything!

Itsuki: I appreciate it, Tiki... but if there's even a chance it'll work, I'm willing to bet everything on it.

Tiki: ...

Itsuki: Well? What do you think, guys?

The screen goes blank for a second.'

Yashiro: I concur. It seems that's our only remaining chance at stopping the Shadow Dragon.

Touma: Yeah. If we still have an option, we gotta take it. We're not sitting around waiting for the world to end.

Kiria: I think he's right, too.

Eleonora: O-Of course I"m in! This is the third-act twist!

Mamori: M-Me too! I'll do my best... I want to protect everyone in this world!

Tsubasa: ...I'm in, too. A dragon that can destroy the world... It's pretty scary. But with everyone---with you, Itsuki---I can still fight! Because... I've overcome so much already with all of you!

Itsuki: ...Then it's settled.

Tiki: Everyone...

Itsuki: We're the only ones who can stop the Shadow Dragon. Let's go.

'The screen goes blank and gameplay resumes.

Fortuna Office

Itsuki: Ms. Maiko, Barry, Ayaha...

Maiko: Well? How'd it go, Itsuki?

Barry: Quit holdin' out on us, and tell us what you found out, you damn boneheads!

Tsubasa: B-Boneheads?

Ayaha: Please... could you tell us what happened?

Itsuki: Things... aren't looking so good...

The screen goes blank for a second.

Ayaha: No... that can't be...

Barry: So there's a dragon runnin' around the place now, and the Opera of Light might not even work...? Holy crap.

The player is giving two options on how to respond:

  • It's not over yet.'
  • Yeah, I know...

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: Yeah, I know...

Tsubasa: Itsuki! We can't give up! There's still more we can do!

Itsuki: Tsubasa...

Tsubasa: I realized something after I became an idol. You can't tell yourself something's impossible before you even try. Trying is how you start making it possible. So... we haven't even gotten started yet. Our battle against the Shadow Dragon is just beginning!

Itsuki: ...You're right. I don't know why I let pessimism take over. Thanks, Tsubasa. You really have gotten stronger.

Tsubasa: Of course! I mean, this whole time, I've been fighting evil Mirages with magic powers and stuff!

Barry: Oh-ho! Damn straight, Tsubasa!

Maiko: *Chuckle* You've really become a reliable part of the team.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: It's not over yet.

Maiko: Itsuki!

Itsuki: There's still something we can do. I don't plan on giving up until the very end.

Tsubasa: Yeah. I learned something after I became an idol. You can't tell yourself something's impossible before you even try. Trying is how you start making it possible. So... we haven't even gotten started yet. Our battle against the Shadow Dragon is just beginning!

Maiko: Tsubasa... *Chuckle* Well... You really have become strong, Tsubasa.

Tsubasa: Of course! I mean, thsi whole time, I've been fighting evil Mirages with magic powers and stuff!

Barry: Oh-ho! Damn straight, Tsubasa!

Maiko: Everyone? There's something I want to say. The Opera of Light, fighting the Shadow Dragon... It's all the same as when you're onstage. You paly every show like it's your last. You put yourself on the line when you perform for an audience. And putting yourself on the line in the fight against the Shadow Dragon is no different. Give it all you've got.

Maiko: Tsubasa.

Tsubasa: Yes, ma'am!

Maiko: You've improved. A lot. But you still have more improvement ahead of you. Aim for the top. Never stop trying.

Tsubasa: Understood!

Maiko: Touma.

Touma: Yeah?

Maiko: You go overboard sometimes, but you've got a quick wit and quicker reflexes. Don't hesitate to use your strengths.

Touma: Of course! I'm going all in.

Maiko: Kiria!

Kiria: ...

Maiko: You're more experienced both in the industry, and as a Master. Support the team. Guide them when they need you.

Kiria: ...Goes without saying.

Maiko: Ellie!

Eleonora: Yes!

Maiko: ...You do say some strange things, but nobody can deny your inner radiance. Trust in yourself, and fight your way.

Eleonora: I'll debate that first part first later, but I got the second part. I'll show everyone what Hollywood's all about!

Maiko: Mamori!

Mamori: Yes!

Maiko: You have an incredible drive to protect others, and keep everyone smiling. Remember not to overwork yourself.

Mamori: Hee hee... Thank you. I'll do my best!

Maiko: Yashiro!

Yashiro: ...

'Maiko: You haven't been with us long, but you've definitely changed. I want you to show everyone all you've learned.

Yashiro: Acknowledged.

Maiko: And... Itsuki.

Itsuki: Yes.

Maiko: All this time, you've been the center of the group. You weren't anything special at first, but you drew others toward you. You became the rock of your group. I know you might still be wondering what it is you truly want. What you want to become. But ther'es no doubt that all of us at Fortuna only came this far thanks to you. This may be the final battle. So... give em a show to remember.

Itsuki: Yes, ma'am.

Barry: Guys... I'll be cheerin' you on too. Never stop rockin', and give it all the passion you got in your soul.

Ayaha: Itsuki, Tsubasa, everyone---I can't do much for you from here... but please, come back safe.

Itsuki: ...Thank you. Let's go everyone! To the Shadow Dragon... to the Cosmic Egg!

Tsubasa: Yeah!

The player will receive the following Topic:

Tiki: I can't even begin to imagine what the Idolasphere of Cosmic Egg's going to look like.

Tiki: Tmsfe-sticker 21.png

Tiki: But I'm sure you guys can do it. Good luck. Remember I'm there to help if you need to perform Unity!

Cosmic Egg: Idolasphere Dolhr

>A cinematic of the inside of the Idolasphere appears on the screen as Itsuki enters.

Tsubasa: Ngh... Wh-What is this...? I can sense something... really bad. It's... scary...

Itsuki: Tsubasa...

Tsubasa: I'm--- I'm okay...

Chrom: Well, that's an ominous aura. It might be even more powerful than we figured it would be...

Caeda: Yes... Gharnef... what have you done...?

Itsuki: Let's hurry, everyone... We need to complete the Opera of Light and summon the Divine Dragon.

First Stage

Garrick: YOU! I'll never forget how yeh damn kids humiliated me! I only lost to you cause'a that gutless Gojuin! That ain't anywhere close to what I can really do! And now I got myself revived, time to show yeh... the real power of the Shadow Dragon! Gwahahaha! C'MON, TRY ME!

>After the battle ends:

Mamori & Draug:

Draug: Master. It would appear that the final battle is but moments away.

Mamori: Yes... I'm starting to get a little nervous about it... Mr. Draug... I may still be just an inexperienced Master, but... I want to thank you for fighting alongside me, and staying with me through all this.

Draug: It is I who should be thanking you. If not for you, my life might have ended when I fell under the enemy's spell a second time. You saved me from that fate. Whatever I may do, I will never be able to repay this debt... But I ask that you allow me to fight at your side until the very end.

Mamori: Thank you... Let's do our best, then, until it's all over!

Touma & Cain:

Cain: The final battle is at hand... Touma, prepare yourself! Our ultimate nemesis will be a dire foe indeed!

Touma: Heh! Don't worry, Cain, I'm already hyped and ready!

Cain: Ah---of course. That's just the kind of person you are. Touma... despite our hardships, I... I have enjoyed our time together.

Touma: ...Yeah. Thanks, man. It's been fun for me, too.

Cain: ...Hah. This cheerless atmosphere does nto suit us. Let us ride on... No hesitation. No surrender. To the very end.

Touma: Yeah, that's right. We charge our enemies head-on, no stopping. Let's do this, Cain!

Cain: Indeed!

Second Stage

Aversa: So you've finally arrived. Look at this magnificent body, won't you...? Thanks to the Shadow Dragon, I can take flight once again. I did warn you, didn't I? In the end, we will be the ones elft standing. Every drop of Performa in this world... is MINE to devour!

.After the battle ends:

Tsubasa and Caeda:

Caeda: Tsubasa, your song... Your attitude toward music, and all the emotion that you put into your singing...

Tsubasa: Wh-What's all this stuff about?

Caeda: Ah, I'm sorry. I just was remembering the first time you sang---to express your feelings to Ayaha... All of this was new to me, at the time. But... your song changed me. Before, I feel as though all I knew was fighting...

Tsubasa: Caeda...

Caeda: And I believe it was you who helped me change. So... thank you, Tsubasa.

Tsubasa: Well, you were always there to save me when I was in trouble... so... I want to thank you, too.

Eleonora and Virion:

Virion: Ellie, it looks as though our grand saga is finally drawing to a glorious denouement. However... one regret remains. My girl, you are still as boisterous as ever! It seems I have failed in teaching you true etiquette.

Eleonora: Wha-!? Mind your own business! I never even wanted to become some kind of fancy "lady"! I just want to be a famous actress!

Virion: Yes, I know. And I hope that one day, you shall become the Hollywood star of your dreams, and find the fame you deserve.

Eleonora: Thanks. And... I guess if you're that set on it, I could be a little more classy when I'm not on the silver screen... when the time comes.

Third Stage

Gangrel: Gyahahaha! If it isn't the pups, here to grovel to the king of mad dogs! Don't you love all the stolen Performa in the air? Really makes the place feel cozy. I could get used to this! I find it's always better to be on the side doing the taking. Much more... entertaining! Now... I think you're due a little payback for that shameless little display earlier. It's a long way down, pups! But don't worry... You won't live to hear the crunch when you get the ground! Gyahahaha!

After the battle ends:

Tharja: Kiria... now that I think about it, we've been together for a while now...

Kiria: True. It's been five years since I first met you. Hard to believe that it's already been that long.

Tharja: Heh heh... Back then, I couldn't stand you. You were just an uppity little kid acting all tough and untouchable. But... I think respect your serious attitude when it came to singing, at least. Points for effort. And now, I guess... I'm glad fate threw us together. I really am. Heh... probably sounds strange coming from me, right...?

Kiria: ...Tharja. We might have ended up butting heads a lot... But even after everything, I'm glad to have met you. Just a little further, and it's all over... I'm counting on you.

Tharja: Heh heh heh... Well if you put it like that... sure.

Fourth Stage

Statue: In the heavens rest a grand theater---the stage of the gods. Ye bearers of an ancient power, lost to a distant world---may ye open the path to the celestial stage... However, thou will remain beyond judgement until thou prove thy worth to the two statues opposing.

At the statue to the left:

Voiceless words echo within the minds of Itsuki and the others...

Statue: In the heavens rest a grand theater---the stage of the gods. Ye bearers of an ancient power, lost to a distant world---may ye open the path to the celestial stage... Thou shalt be judged on thy ability to portray and express. I shalt judge why power of "dramatics"... Since time immemorial, the art of dramatics allowed the child of man to become one with the divine... Dost thou hold the gift, or dost thou not...? ...

>The camera goes over Yashiro, Touma and Eleonora.

Statue: That will suffice. I shall acknowledge your abilities. Thou shouldst now ascend to thy next judgement.

>At the statue to the right:

>Voiceless words echo within the minds of Itsuki and the others...

Statue: In the heavens rests a grand theater---the stage of the gods. Ye bearers of an ancient power, lost to a distant world---may ye open the path to the celestial stage... Thou shalt be judged on thy ability of euphony and lyric... I shall judge whether thou holds the power of "song"... Since time immemorial, the art of song allowed the child of man to bring praise to the divine and send their prayers... Dost thou hold the gift, or dost thou not...? ..

>The camera goes over Kiria, Tsubasa, and Mamori.

Statue: That will suffice. I shall acknowledge your abilities. Thou shouldst now ascend to thy next judgement.

>Back at the statue at the center:

>Voiceless words echo within the minds of Itsuki and the others...

Statue: In the heavens rests a grand theater---the stage of the gods. Ye bearers of an ancient power, lost to a distant world---may ye open the path to the celestial stage... Ye blessed with the talent of song, Ye blessed with the talent of dramatics, this will be thy final judgement. Art thou worthy of calling upon the divine...? Dost thou hold the divine within...? ...

>The camera goes over Itsuki.

Itsuki: ...

Statue: ...That will suffice. Thou hast proven thy talent to the two opposing statues. Thou belongest neither to dance nor to song, yet that is wherein thy talent lies...

>The screen goes white and a sparkling object appears on the floor.

Statue: Now, go. Ascend thee the hallowed stage.

>After the lift:

Excellus: Well, now... it's been a while, hasn't it...? Thanks to you, the Shadow Dragon has finally woken up from his little nap. I just can't thank you enough. What a shame that you came here, though. Now you won't be around to witness our lovely little apocalypse. You've blossomed into the quite the little group of heroes! But blossoms can still be plucked---one... by... ONE!

>After the battle ends:

Navarre: Well, Yashiro, it seems your quest of revenge will be shortly coming to an end... We will finish it with our own hands.

Yashiro: Yes...

Yashiro: ...Navarre. I owe you my thanks for fighting alongside me, through everything we've endured.

Navarre: ...Where is this coming from?

Yashiro: It was I who roped you into this mess for my own personal reasons. Selfish reasons.

Navarre: I wasn't exactly some reluctant captive. As your partner, I was able to learn countless new truths. I'd say it's my own good fortune that I met you, Yashiro. So, until it's all over... let us fight as one.

Yashiro: I appreciate it. Now... let's move.

Final Stage

>As the player approaches the glass elevator.

Tharja: I can sense it... something dark and powerful. Just past here.

Kiria: The Shadow Dragon...

Tharja: Heh heh heh... You guessed it.

Itsuki: So... this really will be our last battle.

Chrom: That's right. The real mastermind all this is gone. Now, the only one left... is Medeus himself.

>After going through final elevator:

Itsuki: Is this where Medeus is...?

Tsubasa: What is this...? Some kind of stage?

Tharja: More like an altar than a stage. This must be where the Opera of Shadows took place to summon the Shadow Dragon... That... "Opera" part of the Opera of Shadows. In your world, that's some kind of fancy theater show, isn't it? Could be that's why the altar for this ritual looks so much like a stage.

Kiria: Makes sense... Well, if it is a stage, all the better for us. We can perform the Opera of Light here, too.

Itsuki: Right. The "Opera of Light"... it's our only chance against the Shadow Dragon.

Yashiro: As for the script... the inherited power of the past heroes will provide our words.

Kiria: Yes. We can all fill out the ensemble of the knights, mages, and swordsman. As for "Marth," our leading man...

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Am I really worthy?
  • Would you let me?

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: Would you let me take that part? I don't think I'm some great hero, but all the same... I want to play this role.

Yashio: We can imagine no other. After joining the company, I came to realize something---Fortuna functions with you at its center, as a guiding force. That, Aoi, is why the lead role in the Opera of Light... the great unifier, Marth... belongs to you.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: Am I really worthy?

Yashiro: Whatever do you mean?

Itsuki: I never completed the final trial. Gharnef stopped us, so I was never...accepted. I wasn't named worthy to be a vessel. Can I really take on the role of Marth...?

Yashiro: Marth is the central figure of the Opera of Light. I would imagine you're the only one of us qualified to play him.

Itsuki: ...Huh?

Yashiro: After joining the company, I came to realize something---Fortuna functions with you at its center, as a guiding force.

Itsuki: Me...?

Yashiro: ...

Itsuki: But... But how can I play the lead...? I don't think I have the right to play the most important part...

Yashiro: It's not a matter of having the right. The heroes of the past are not our concern. Right now, we choose you as our hero.

Regardless of what option the player chose:

Tsubasa: I-I think so too! You're the only one who can play Marth! When I chose to become an idol, and when we had to fight against all those Mirages... No, even since we were little, you've always been there to help me! Itsuki... to me, you're a real hero!

Itsuki: Tsubasa...

Touma: She's got the right idea. You're basically the one who brought everyone together. You'll make a great Marth. You were always leading the charge, no matter what... And, I mean, it was thanks to you that I could change, too.

Itsuki: Touma...

Kiria: I think you're the one for the part, too. You can afford to be a little more confident. After all, you're the one who holds us together---all of Fortuna.

Itsuki: Kiria...

Eleonora: You'd better give us a good performance, or I might just snag the lead role for myself!

Mamori: I think that you should be the lead, too. I'll be playing a knight that swears their loyalty... and I want to swear it to you!

Kiria: So. No objections, then. What do you think, Itsuki?

Itsuki: You guys...

Itsuki: ...I won't doubt myself anymore. I'll take on the role of Marth. I won't let any of you down.

Kiria: That's it, then. All that's left is to perform the Opera of Light.

>The screen goes black and a cinematic shows up.

>After lines are read, an earthquake occurs and a dark dragon silhouette appears. Then Itsuki is taken to the floor.

Touma: Itsuki...! Come on, man, you're the hero! This isn't supposed to happen! You're the one who got us all here, right!? So come on... just wake up!

Yashiro: Aoi...! I named you as my equal, didn't I...!? You CANNOT die here...!

Kiria: Wake up, Itsuki! We're all here thanks to your leadership! If you die here, it's all over...!

Eleonora: C-Come on, Ituski, what're you doing...? Th-There are better places to take a nap than on the ground... y'know...? We gotta finish the opera, slay the dragon, save the world...! It's not a Hollywood ending if the hero dies!

Mamori: Itsuki...! You're the one who helped me through all this... It was because of you that I figured out what I had to do... b-but...

Tsubasa: You're the reason we got this far... You were always there, Itsuki... So please... open your eyes...!

Tsubasa: Itsuki!

>The screen goes over everyone's faces as the last is Tsubasa's with tears. Orbs fly out of the group into the air. It flies into the Shadow Dragon's silhouette and another orb flies out of it and fills Itsuki. Itsuki is then transformed into Marth's outfit.

Tsubasa: Itsuki!

Touma: Itsuki!

Kiria: It's a miracle...

Itsuki: Everyone...

Tiki's Voice: Big brother... you've found the soul of the Hero-King! I'm on my way!

>Tiki shows up with Barry and Maiko.

Itsuki: Tiki? And--- Ms. Maiko? Even Barry...? Why are you all here?

Tiki: To perform the Opera of LIght, you need support from all your bonds.

Itsuki: The support... of our bonds...

Tiki: With everyone here, together... I know we can do it. We can finish the Opera of Light!

Itsuki: All right... now, the Fire Emblem!

>A cinematic shows up on the screen and ends with Tiki turning into a divine dragon.

>After cinematic, battle initiates.

Itsuki: So powerful... but we can't lose!

Tiki: O Divine Dragon of shadow's here... Please, Naga... grant me strength! I'll suppress its power! The rest... is up to you...!

>Itsuki temporarily learned the SP Skill "Divine Dragon's Protection"!

After the player defeats Medeus:

Tiki: Big brother, we've finally corner Medeus! Give this battle everything you've got... Give it your all!

>Itsuki's and his friends' HP and status ailments were healed thanks to Tiki's powers!

>The battle continues.

>After defeating Medeus's second form, the dragon cracks through and the screen turns white.

Itsuki: It's over...

Yashiro: Did we... win...?

Tiki: We... We did it! We beat Medeus...! That was amazing, everyone!

Tsubasa: We did it... Itsuki, we really did it!

Touma: Holy crap! We actually saved the world!

Mamori: We did it!

Eleonora: Of course we on! The heroes always beat the bad guys in the end! I wasn't worried. At all.

Kiria: Looks like we just witnessed the birth of a new legendary hero.

>The camera turns to Itsuki and then the rest of the party looking at him.

Itsuki: I'm not really a hero. We won because we all fought together... and with the soul of the Hero-King.

>The orb leaves Itsuki's chest.

Itsuki: Ah---

Tiki: His soul's going back...

Itsuki: ...Thank you. If it wasn't for you, I would've...

Tiki: Bye... Mar-Mar...

Maiko: All right, I think that's just about enough sappiness for now! I'd say slaying a dragon AND saving the world has earned us a little party. My treat.

Touma: Hell yeah! That's our Ms. Maik--- generous as ever!

>Everyone leaves the area except Tiki and Itsuki.

Tiki: ...Tiki? What's wrong?

Tiki: Oh, um... nothing.

>Itsuki nods and leaves the area as Tiki continues staring into the sky.

Chapter 6: Fire Emblem End!