Chapter 3: The Next Generation

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Chapter 3: The Next Generation

Fortuna Office

>Itsuki, Mamori, and Barry are seen in Fortuna Office.

Barry: Mamori, did you make sure you didn't forget anything?

Mamori: Oh, yes, I have everything.. but I hope you remembered to bring your phone charger this time, Uncle Barry.

Barry: Ohhh nooo! Gah, I'm so dumb! Guess I forgot to bring it today too!

Mamori: *Sigh* Not again. I don't need mine for the rest of the day... Here, you can borrow it.

Barry: Oh, thank you, Mamori! You truly are a real live 3D angel from the heavens!

Mamori: An angel? I don't know about that.

>Maiko walks up to the three.

Maiko: Mamori, isn't it time for you to head back to the studio? Ayaha's waiting for you.

Mamori: Oh, I almost forgot!

Itsuki: Come on, Itsuki, send her off with a good word.

Itsuki: Good luck with the recording. I'll see you later.

Mamori: Thank you. I'll do my best! Goodbye then.

>Mamori walks away.

Maiko: Did you take that girl's charger again?

Barry: You don't have to say it like that!

Maiko: Can you believe him, Itsuki? Barry keeps "forgetting" his charger on purpose so he can borrow Mamori's.

Barry: Wh-What's wrong about that!? I'm the founding member of the Mamori Minamoto unofficial fan club!

Itsuki: I'm pretty sure a fan club doesn't really have anything to do with this...

Barry: That pure innocence, that heartwarming smile, and that cuteness that just makes you want to protect her...! Mamori is too good--too pure--for this world, and her unofficial fan club will shield her from the world's corruption!

Itsuki: ...

Maiko: Itsuki, do you know Mamorin...? As in, "Microwavin' with Mamorin"?

Itsuki: Oh, I just heard about that recently. It's the show that Mamori's on, right?

Maiko: Mhm. It's really doing fantastic in the ratings.

Barry: It's all thanks to Mamori. She's the most popular child star on the air!

Maiko: As you can see, she's getting a lot of fans like... this. What I'd LIKE to do is use her popularity to give her a chance to sing, but...

Itsuki: Now that you mention it... I remember Mamori saying that she wanted to work jobs in which she can sing.

Maiko: She's a good girl and a hard worker. She does like the job she has... but I'd like to get her some singing gigs.

Barry: Mamori makes a great hostess, but she really loves to sing... I can't wait to see her shine onstage as a singer! Which is why, as the head of the unofficial fan club, I swear I'll find something I can do to help her!

>Barry walks off.

Maiko: Barry... kinda gets even crazier than usual it comes to anything involving Mamori.

Itsuki: Yeah, I noticed...

Maiko: You'd never believe he used to be that incredible guitarist... You know, he even used to be a Mirage Master.

Itsuki: Wh- Really!?

Maiko: Yes. But during a battle with a powerful Mirage, he ended up sacrificing all the power he had... And he lost his Mirage. Barry felt responsible, and he fell into an awful depression... That was about when he quit the band. And then... well, a lot has happened in between, but now he's ended up our instructor.

Itsuki: I never knew Barry had a past like that... So... since Mamori works with this company, does that mean she's a Mirage Master too?

Maiko: Mamori's not a Master. She has the potential to be one, however.

Itsuki: Potential? Then does she also know about the Mirages?

Maiko: No. I haven't told her anything yet. She does have the aptitude... but I don't know if I want someone that young mixed into this fight. So, Itsuki... if the worst happens, I want you to be there for her. Okay?

Itsuki: Understood.

Maiko: Oh... it's about time I head out, too. See you later, Itsuki.

A few days later...

>The scene is still Fortuna Office. Itsuki is seen on his phone, and Tsubasa and Eleonora are talking together.

Eleonora: Hey, Tsubasa, have you heard? Sounds like our feature issue of "Nan-No" is selling pretty well.

Tsubasa: O-Oh, no... Now I'm getting all nervous thinking about how many people actually saw me in it...

Eleonora: What're you so anxious for...? You're in show business. The whole point is to get everyone's eyes on you.

>Mamori comes rushing into the office.

Mamori: E-Everyone! You have to listen!

Eleonora: Wha-!?

Tsubasa: Mamori?

Eleonora: What's gotten into you all of a sudden?

>Itsuki walks over to the three girls.

Mamori: L-Live on TV! Special feature! I've been chosen to be on "Serenade"! It's been my dream to get to perform on it!

Itsuki: Uh... "Serenade"?

Mamori: "Soulful Serenade"! Um, most people just call it "Serenade." It's an hour-long show on Daitou TV for traditional Japanese ballads, but they want to do a special two-hour show. Oh, "Serenade" is so amazing! All my favorite artists are going to be performing!

Itsuki: So... you're saying you'll get to perform in this show you really like?

Mamori: Yes! And Uncle Barry was the one who recommended me to the producers!

Itsuki: ... Barry did?

Mamori: He said he was friends with someone on the show. Apparently his friend watches "Microwavin' with Mamorin," too!

Itsuki: That's great that you get to be on such a big show... Congratulations, Mamori.

Mamori: Thank you! Oh, I'm so excited! I have to go to rehearsal now. I'll do my best!

>Mamori walks away. Some time has passed by; Itsuki, Tsubasa, Kiria, Touma, and Maiko are in the office, waiting for Serenade to start.

Tsubasa: Ohh... When is "Serenade" starting? I hope Mamori's not too nervous...

Maiko: Barry's with her, so she should be fine. I'm sure she's relaxed and enjoying being on the show. Putting that side... Itsuki.

Itsuki: Yes?

Maiko: There's... actually something that we were able to find out during that whole Horinozawa incident. Apparently he started acting differently when he took a job from Daiba TV to shoot some promotional photos.

Tsubasa: Daiba TV... That's where I had my audition...

Itsuki: So that network was involved in both cases: Tsubasa's audition, and the incident with Mr. Horinozawa... That's a little suspicious. Do you think Daiba TV is involved in some way...?

Kiria: Seems plausible. I think there's a good chance the one behind all this is someone within the company.

Maiko: You think so too, huh? I don't want to jump to conclusions... but we don't exactly have any other leads.

Tsubasa: Why would it be a bad thing?

Maiko: People go in and out of those stations all the time.

Tsubasa: Oh, right... That is true...

Maiko: Then again, we may have our winning ticket here. I'll just have to make sure all our numbers line up first. Well, there's still some time until Mamori's show starts, so I think I'll go out for a bit.

>Maiko leaves the office and gameplay is resumed.

>The player will receive a new Topic from Maiko:

Maiko: Currently working hard!

Maiko: Tmsfe-sticker 03.png

Maiko: I should be able to make it back before Mamori's part starts... but just in case could you record it for me?

>Itsuki moves away from the door and an event occurs.

Yashiro: So... this is it.

Itsuki: Huh? Y-Yashiro!?

Kiria: What exactly are you doing here...?

Yashiro: Hm. No sign of her.

The screen transitions to Yashiro appearing on the screen.

Yashiro: Where's Tiki?

Itsuki: Tiki!? Ah---you mean... the Uta-loid Tiki...?

Yashiro: No. Not the Uta-loid Tiki---the Mirage Tiki. I know Fortuna is hiding her here somewhere.

Itsuki: ... What do you want with her?

Yashiro: It's not your concern, and I doubt you'd understand. Explaining myself to the incompetent is a luxury I do not have.

Itsuki: I'm not going to take someone to see my friend if they won't tell me their intentions.

Yashiro: "Friend," is it...? Ludicrous. Hand over Tiki. That is my one demand.

Itsuki: Sorry, but I can't do that.

Yashiro: I see... Then I hardly need waste any more time on you. There...

>The screen transitions to Yashiro approaching the blue door.

Itsuki: Stop!

Bloom Palace

Yashiro: Tiki, where are you? I must speak with you.

Itsuki: ...What do you plan on doing to Tiki!?

Yashiro: I warn you: do not try to stop me. I can't afford to waste any more of my time on your delusions. If you mean to stand in my way, you shall suffer the consequences.

>A battle initiates.

Itsuki: Yashiro's a Mirage Master too!?

Yashiro: ... You will stand down.

Itsuki: No... I refuse to!

>When a Session is performed on Yashiro:

Yashiro: You understand the basics... but you are no match for me.

>When Yashiro wipes the party:

Yashiro: Do you simply not understand the difference in our strength? Hand Tiki over. Immediately.

>The screen fades back into Bloom Palace where the four are kneeling on the ground.

Itsuki: Guh... Everyone all right...?

Tsubasa: S-Somehow...

Touma: H-He's tough...

Yashiro: Hm. Insufficient, even with Kurono.

Kiria: Guh...

>Yashiro walks away and heads toward Tiki's spot.

Yashiro: It's been five years... I've finally found you, Tiki...

Tiki: Who... Who are you? How do you know who I am?

Yashiro: It's me---Yashiro Tsurugi. ...You don't recognize me? We met that day... five years ago!

Tiki: I-I'm sorry... I... don't remember... anything.

Yashiro: Nngh...

Itsuki: Stop it, Yashiro! You're scaring her!

Tiki: Big brother!

>Yashiro walks away from Tiki.

Itsuki: ...!

Yashiro: So... Tiki truly has lost all her memories?

Itsuki: Y-Yeah...

Yashiro: ... I see... Then... I supposed it was all for nothing.

Itsuki: For nothing? What do you mean?

Yashiro: ...

>Yashiro leaves the area.

Tiki: It sounded like... that person knew who I was. But I don't know him...

Itsuki: How did he know about Tiki...?

Tiki: ...

Kiria: He was involved in the disappearance five years ago as well. Although I'm not too clear on the details...

Itsuki: What?

Kiria: His father, Chikaomi Tsurugi... disappeared onstage. That trauma might be why he only fights alone... Are our strengths... really that far apart? How humiliating. I thought I'd be evenly matched against Yashiro... but I didn't stand a chance. If I only were stronger...

Itsuki: We just have to do it our way. We'll get stronger together, Kiria, and we'll win next time.

Kiria: Yeah... Guess you're right. There's no point getting depressed over it.

>Eleonora runs over to the group.

Eleonora: I finally found you guys! Something awful's happened! The "Serenade" studio is being attacked by Mirages!

Touma: What the hell!? Itsuki, what do we do?

Itsuki: ... Let's head back to the office.

Fortuna Office 2

>A large man is shown on screen in a sinister area looking like a rockstar playing a guitar. Then the screen shows Barry playing in front of an audience that looks dazed.

Maiko: The Internet already got ahold of this broadcast, and it's spreading fast. The recording studio for "Serenade" was Daitou TV...

Itsuki: So a Mirage incident occured somewhere other than Daiba TV...

Maiko: Yeah. Looks like we probably shouldn't focus on them after all.

Tsubasa: ...Huh!? That person playing the guitar onstage... Isn't that Barry...?

Itsuki: Yeah. There's no mistaking it...

Touma: Barry's not a Master anymore... so he must have not been able to stop the Mirage, and it took him over.

Itsuki: This isn't good... Wait, that means that Mamori's also---

Maiko: She's in danger... She's still at the "Serenade" studio.

Itsuki: I'm worried about them. Let's head to the TV station!

Touma: Sounds like a plan!

Eleonora: I'm going too.

Itsuki: You too, Ellie?

Eleonora: I'm a Master as well. Or did you forget?

Itsuki: Oh, right... You are...

Eleonora: Wha--- Don't tell me you ACTUALLY forgot!? Anyway, if our friend's in danger, we save them, even if it means punching out the president---THAT's Hollywood! And who knows? Maybe Virion and I will get to show you some flashy sharpshooting archery, too.

Itsuki: I'll be counting on it.

Eleonora: All right, onward to Daitou TV! We're rescuing Mamori!

>Eleonora joined the team.

>The player will receive the following Topic from Tiki:

Tiki: I feel something really bad and... heavy... Yeah, it feels really heavy.

Tiki: I think this is all coming from that place you were all looking at on TV. I think it's called Daitou TV Station?

Tiki: It's going to be your first time going there, right? Make sure to be careful.

Daitou TV Station

>The stage is shown with an empty audience and stage. Then Mamori shows up walking toward the group.

Itsuki: Mamori!

Mamori: Oh, Itsuki...

Eleonora: Thank goodness... You're all right.

Mamori: There was a... big... shadowy monster that attacked me, but Uncle Barry shielded me and---

Eleonora: Where is he now?

Mamori: Over there...

>The camera spans to the stage and then an Idolasphere entrance to the left.

Mamori: You're going to go save him, right...? Can I come with you...?

Itsuki: Wait for us back at the office. Don't worry, we'll get Barry back safe.

Mamori: Okay...

>The player will receive the following Topic from Touma:

Touma: no doubt about it, ms. maiko. looks like the station was just attacked

Touma: we found mamori! can you send someone to pick her up? we're heading into the illusory daitou tv station

Touma: Tmsfe-sticker 13.png

Illusory Daitou TV

>Upon entering the Idolasphere:

Eleonora: First, we need to find Barry.

Virion: Ah, my cue! The time has come for me to grace the stage... My noble flair and fury alike are yours to command.

Eleonora: I'll be counting on you, partner! Now let's show them how it's done in Hollywood.

>Gameplay is resumed.

>Inside "W" door

Mirage: Are you the new assistant directors!? Come on, ADs, let's get to work! Chop chop! The real show is starting soon! First job: get the stage nice and ready. Turn on all 4 of the lanterns outside! Report to me when you finish! Then we'll go to the set inside and I'll give you your next assignment.

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • I-I understannd!
  • Sorry, I'm in a hurry...

If the player chooses option 1:

Mirage: All riiight, Good answer, good answer. I'm expecting good things!

Itsuki: (I guess he'll lead us inside if we finish our tasks... It seems simple enough. We might as well humor him.)

If the player chooses option 2:

Mirage: Huh? What are you trying to pull? If you want to go to the next set, you'll have to get this place ready first!

Itsuki: (I guess he'll lead us inside if we finish our tasks... It seems simple enough. We might as well humor him.)

>When Itsuki finishes lighting all the lanterns:

Mirage: Seems like you finished! All right, on to the next set! Don't be late!

>It seems that a path leading to the next area has opened.

Mirage: I'll be on the floor above! Don't get lost now!

>On 2F

Mirage: All right, you're here! Your next task is to help another AD! The AD's waiting close to the small room to the north, so go get your new instructions!

Itsuki: ...He rules with an iron fist...

Mirage: ...You say something, guy?

Itsuki: N-No! Nothing!

>Gameplay is resumed.

>When Itsuki reaches past the door on the north:

Mirage: ...And you all would be...?

Itsuki: The director asked us to come help the AD... Is that you?

Mirage: Oh, much obliged! I need you to adjust the lighting in the cast members' waiting rooms. I was in a rush, and got them wrong... Find out what each cast member wants to figure out how many paper lanterns they want on, and fix them accordingly. After you adjust the lighting, make sure you confirm with each cast member before you come back.

>Obtained (Key Item) Light Essence x2.

Mirage: You can turn the paper lanterns on with these, so good luck! ...First, check with the room right here!

>North Lantern Room

Mirage: Ah... You're the substitute AD? I want to get my makeup done first, so could you make the room a bit brighter?

>After lighting up one paper lantern:

Mirage: Oh... This is the perfect brightness. You did a good job... thank you.

>West Lantern Room

Mirage: Hey! You're the substitute AD? It's so bright I just can't relax, bruh! Make it a little darker for me!

>After turning off one paper lantern:

Mirage: You are a total bruh, bruh. Peace!

>South Lantern Room

Mirage: Ah, you're the substitute AD< right? Could you bring some light over to the Master in the room deeper inside? That person likes his room bright... but I don't need it to be THAT bright.

>After turning off one paper lantern:

Mirage: This brightness is enough for me to feel comfortable in. I'm satisfied.

>East Lantern Room

Mirage: Hmm, you're the substitute AD, right? Don't you think this room is somewhat dark? This is bad... you should know. Yo know, some call me the Master. You'll have to make this room brighter for me, or else...

>After turning on three paper lanterns:

Mirage: You should know... you finally did it. This is the brightness level that I absolutely need.

Mirage: Hey, you guys! You seem to have finished your task. Thanks--it's a big help! I'll let the director know! Oh, and ask the director about your next task!

>Returning to the director Mirage:

Mirage: Oh, good work! The next task is at the set across the bridge!

>It seems that a path leading to the next area has opened.

Mirage: You probably won't get lost... but don't stop and smell the roses, or you'll be late!

>Crossing the bridge, Itsuki is stopped by a prompt.

Itsuki: (I sense a dangerous presence beyond the bridge... What should I do?) Recommended Level: 27

The player is given two options on how to proceed

  • Proceed
  • Do Not Proceed

If the player chooses option 1:

>The scene walks toward the center.

Touma: Dammit! Where the hell is he?

Eleonora: It looks like we don't really have much choice... Just have to keep moving.

Kiria: Hold it! Something's coming this way!

Itsuki: !

>A flying Mirage hovers over the party.

Mirage: Haaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Itsuki: Careful, everyone! Here it comes!

>Battle initiates.

>After the battle ends:

Itsuki: Looks like... we managed to beat it... Is everyone all right?

The group turns around and Yashiro is shown.

Itsuki: ...Why are you here?

Yashiro: I'm under no obligation to tell you. Besides which, it's hardly your concern.

>Yashiro walks past Itsuki.

Itsuki: Wait! We want to save our friend. If you know something... please tell us!

Yashiro: Again with this "friend" business... If you intend to continue with your little games, you will need to be stronger. As you are now, you are weak. I advise you to train further before you concern yourself with anyone else's welfare.

Itsuki: I... don't think that's right. That can't be the only way to strength... There has to be a way we can all become stronger, together!

Yashiro: ... ...Pathetic.

>Yashiro starts to leave.

Kiria: So. Why now? That was some timing, showing up just after we finished them off.

Yashiro: ...Watch your tone. I don't have much patience for sheep who are helpless without their herd.

Kiria: Having friends doesn't make you a "sheep." But, I can't expect you to understand the difference.

Yashiro: ...You're right. I don't understand. Very well. Keep playing with your so-called friend, and let him drag you down. I imagine it's only fitting.

Kira: Him? What, Itsuki? What do you have against him?

Yashiro: ...

>Yashiro leaves.

>Gameplay resumes.

>After crossing the bridge, in next area:

Mirage: Oh, there you are! Where've you been? We've hit a snag--big trouble, big problem! We had a singer lined up. All squared away. Set to sing a certain song for us. But now? Canceled. No replacements! No understudies! Too last minute...! I think some of you kids might have the chops for it. I want one of you to fill in! Could you give it a shot? Now the song, right... the main theme for "Dia Witch Iroha"!

Eleonora: What!? After all that running around, you want us to sing some anime song!?

Touma: You can't be serious... We gotta sing here?

The player is given three options on how to respond:

  • An anime theme?
  • Who knows this song...?
  • This is too much.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: Not a traditional ballad... but an anime song...?

Touma: Daitou TV always sticks to their show schedules, even in emergencies. But really, man? Anime? HERE? ...What do we do? When it comes to singing, I'd hand it off to Kiria or Tsubasa, but...

Kiria: ...I don't know that song at all.

Tsubasa: Oh, but I remember Barry making a big deal about the limited-edition box set for this anime! I think...

If the player chooses option 2:

ItsukiWho would know this song...?

Touma: Daitou TV always sticks to their show schedules, even in emergencies. But really, man? Anime? HERE? ...What do we do? When it comes to singing, I'd hand it off to Kiria or Tsubasa, but...

Kiria: ...I don't know that song at all.

Tsubasa: Oh, but I remember Barry making a big deal about the limited-edition box set for this anime! I think...

If the player chooses option 3:


The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • We need to learn it...
  • Now, Touma! Sing!

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: Looks like we've just got to buckle down and learn the song... Let's head back. We've got two professional singers with us... I'm sure we can do this.

Mirage: What? You guys need a meeting first? Fine. Let's take five. But we're on the clock here! Got it!?

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: Now, Touma! Sing! "Dia Witch Iroha" and "Masqueraider" both air on Sunday mornings, right? I'm sure you got this!

Touma: What!? Wait, how do you even know that!? Look, Sundays or not, I've never watched that anime before!

>Everyone tries singing the song.

Mirage: Nope! Good voices. Fine voices. But none of you know the words! Come on, isn't there something you can do?

Itsuki: Looks like we've just got to buckle down and learn the song... Let's head back. We've got two professional singers with us... I'm sure we can do this.

Mirage: What? You guys need a meeting first? Fine. Let's take five. But we're on the clock here! Got it!?

When gameplay resumes, the player will receive the following Topic from Eleonora:

Eleonora: Hey, Barry would probably have CDs and DVDs of "Dia Witch Iroha"!

Eleonora: *Sigh* Why do I have to do all this research on a theme for an anime that I've never watched before?

Eleonora: Tmsfe-sticker 26.png

Uzume Lesson Studio

>Itsuki and the others investigate the practice studio...

Touma: Oh, here it is. Should have figured Barry would have a CD with the main theme! Let's take a listen.

>The screen goes blank and music plays as the group is listening intently to the song.

>Kiria and Tsubasa intently listen to the "Dia Witch Iroha" opening theme...

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Tsubasa, can you do it?
  • Kiria, we need your voice!

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: Tsubasa, can you do it?

Tsubasa: U-Ummm...

Itsuki summarises that Tsubasa can learn it, but memorising the lyrics will take some time.

Itsuki: What about you, Kiria?

Kiria: ...

>Kiria is listening to the opening song of "Dia Witch Iroha" with an expression of rapture...?

Kiria: ...This voice... it's so... adorable...

Itsuki: Uh, Kiria?

Kiria: Huh!? O-Oh, nothing! It's fine.

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: Kiria, we need your voice!

Kiria: ...

>Kiria is listening to the opening song of "Dia Witch Iroha" with an expression of rapture...?

Kiria: ...This voice... it's so... adorable...

Itsuki: Uh, Kiria?

Kiria: Huh!? O-Oh, nothing! It's fine.

Regardless of choice.

>The song stops playing in the background.

Kiria: ... Hey, Itsuki... I'll sing it... Please let me handle this.

>Kiria gains a new Performa: To Iroha from Me.

Touma: All right! Next stop, the Bloom Palace! If Kiria's shining with that kinda Perfoma, we've got nothing to worry about!

The player receives the following new Topic:

Tiki: Now that you have new Performa, all that's left is to perform a Unity! I'll be waiting at the Bloom Palace.

Tiki: Tmsfe-sticker 19.png

Bloom Palace

>Kiria learns a new Radiant Skill: Rainbow Vocals.

Tharja: Heh heh heh... Not bad. I got to see a whole new you, too... That's always fun.

Kiria: Wh-What are you talking about?

Tharja: Heh heh heh heh...

Kiria: Anyway, we can handle that singing request now. Let's head back to Daitou TV Station.

The player receives a new Topic from Kiria:

Kiria: sorry for the wait, everyone. let's head back to Illusory Daitou TV Station.

Kiria: doesn't matter what I sing. Kiria will always be Kiria.

Illusory Daitou TV

>When returning to the director Mirage:

Mirage: Ah! There you are! Been waiting for you guys! Well? Chop chop! Let's hear it!

Kiria: ...Looks like I"m up. Leave it to me.

>Kiria appears with a microphone and begins singing.

Touma: So, what'd ya think?

Mirage: Hm... This might be even better than the singer we originally had planned for the show... Awright, this'll do just fine! You guys go wait in the next room! I'll go on ahead!

>It seems that a path leading to the next area has opened.

Tsubasa: You did it! You're as amazing as ever, Kiria!

Kiria: Phew... Yeah. Not a bad song at all. Okay, let's get going.

The player receives a new Topic from Tsubasa:

Tsubasa: oh my gosh, Kiria...

that's so cute

Tsubasa: Tmsfe-sticker 12.png

Tsubasa: and I got to listen to her sing from right next to her! how lucky am I? *v*

>At new area:

Mirage: Oh, it's you guys... Hey, all that stuff before about subbing in? How's about we just pretend that never happened. Our guest musician's performance got extended, and we can't squeeze in the anime song... and the script got changed. Please deliver these new scripts to the tall guys standing outside that door, to the east, west, and north. Now, book it!

Itsuki: "Book it"? Do you want me to make an appointment with them, or---

Mirage: We gotta start shooting before the writer changes his mind, otherwise he'll change the script again! It's a race against time!

>Obtained (Key Item) Fixed Script x3.

>When handing in a Fixed Script to one of the Cavalier NPCs:

Mirage: Huh, a replacement script? ...I understand.

>Handed over a Fixed Script.

>After handing over all three Fixed Scripts:

Voice: Hey, you guys!

Itsuki: (That voice... The director...? Where is he...?)

Mirage: Looks like you passed out the scripts! Fine job, fine job! Come back for now!

Itsuki: (I guess I should go back for now, like he said.)

>Returning to the director:

Mirage: Great job! Here's a prize for all your hard work! You can listen to that big guy's live show. I don't know what it is, but his techniques are really something.

>It seems that a path leading to the next area has opened.

Mirage: It's not every decade you get to see a superstar! Go for it! Oh, but don't cause any trouble for the performer! Phew... Okay. Who's hungry?

The player will receive a new Topic:

Maiko: Just a little further everyone.

Please, save Barry!

Maiko: {{Tmsfe-sticker-16}

>At new area:

Itsuki: (I sense a dangerous presence beyond the bridge... What should I do?) Recommended Level: 31

The player is given two options on how to proceed:

  • Proceed
  • Do Not Proceed

If the player chooses the first option:

>The party runs into the center area.

Itsuki: There he is! Barry!

Eleonora: Ugh, this sound...

Kiria: Ngh, it's strong... That's a lot of negative energy coming from him.

>A Mirage appears behind Barry.

Chrom: Itsuki, that Mirage has to be the one controlling Barry.

Itsuki: IF we can somehow separate them...

Mamori: Uncle Barry!

Itsuki: Mamori!? What are you doing here!? You shouldn't have come! It's too dangerous here---you need to go back to the office!

Mamori: No, I will not be going back! U-Uncle Barry's in trouble! I can't just sit still and do nothing!

Itsuki: Mamori...

Mamori: What's happened to Uncle Barry!? Why is he playing the guitar with that monster!?

Kiria: Barry's being controlled.

Mamori: Uncle Barry... He was... always by my side, cheering me on... and he was there for me whenever I was sad... And he even saved me from that monster earlier... He always protects me! So... this time, I'm going to be the one to help Uncle Barry...!

Itsuki: ...

Mamori: Uncle Barry, you have to snap out of it! Please... go back to how you really are!

Barry: ...

Mamori: Uncle Barry...! Can't you... Can't you hear me...!?

Barry: Ma...mori...

Mamori: Uncle Barry!

Mirage: Do not listen...! You need only the axe in your hands...! Heed them not! Harden your heart! Yield to none! Withstand! Withstand! WITHSTAND!

Barry: Mamori... All I... wanted... was to hear... you... sing... Your... song...

Itsuki: Barry's regaining consciousness...!

Chrom: The man's got guts... He's fighting off the Mirage's control with sheer force of willpower...! If we can give him one last push, he might be able to break out of the Mirage's grasp!

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Mamori, you need to sing!
  • One good push...

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: Mamori, you need to sing! That's what Barry wants, more than anything else! Your song might be able to help him break free!

Mamori: Me, sing...? Okay... I'll do it!

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: One good push...

Eleonora: It's Mamori! Barry just wants to hear her voice--I'm sure of it! He might be able to break free if he can just hear you sing!

Mamori: Me, sing...? Okay... I'll do it!

>Mamori steps forward and begins singing.

Eleonora: That creepy aura's starting to fade away...!

Kiria: Mamori's song has overcome the Mirage's influence. I had no idea she had this much power within her...

Barry: Mamori... so this is your song... your heart... I could feel the message of your soul... It made my heart pound, with a fiery eight-beat measure...!

Mirage: Close your ears! Let not your feelings sway you! Deny your heart! Deny! Deny! DENY!

Barry: Shut the hell up! I'm trying to have a moment here! Quit butting in! Even if I can't listen, or I'm out cold, true feelings resonate right here! That's what the metal's about! You ain't anywhere NEAR metal right now! You think you can control Barry goddamn Goodman... with THAT CRAP!?

Chrom: Now's our chance, Itsuki! Break the connection, and sever the Mirage!

>Itsuki and Chrom runs forward and cut the connection.

Mirage: Gaaaaaaaaaah!?

Itsuki: All right, everyone! Let's do this!

>Battle initiates.

>After defeating Draug:

Mamori: Uncle Barry...!

Barry: Mamori... it was all thanks to you that I got back to normal. I'm... so grateful...

Mamori: Thank goodness...! Did I... really help?

Barry: Of course, Mamori! Your song was wonderful!

Mirage: Guh... It's... not over yet...

Caeda: His spirit is indomitable... He's a knight through and through.

Barry: His name's Draug... and he used to fight by my side, as my partner. Mamori, please... would you save him...? Will you become Draug's Master?

Mamori: Me...? Save him...?

>A light resonates from Mamori.

Mamori: Huh? I'm... glowing...!?

Itsuki: That light... That's Performa!

Mamori: Per...forma...?

Itsuki: If you lend me your strength, Mamori, we'll be able to save Draug!

Barry: This is... Mamori's Performa... It's such a warm light...

Kiria: ...Are you sure you're okay with this?

Barry: ... If Mamori's loaded with this much Performa, she'll be dragged into this fight whether she likes it or not. But if Draug's the one stickin' by her... that'll be enough for me to rest easy. So Mamori... lemme ask you one more time: Will you become Draug's Master?

Mamori: I still don't really understand about Mirages and Masters... but I was glad I could save you, Uncle Barry. I don't want to just be protected... I want to be able to fight alongside everyone and protect them too!

Barry: Good... Draug's a pretty decent guy. I'm sure you two are gonna get along just fine!

Mamori: Mhm!

>The screen transitions to Itsuki and Mamori:

Itsuki: Are you ready, Mamori?

Mamori: Yes... Please go ahead, Itsuki!

Itsuki reaches toward the glowing orb in Mamori's chest and pulls it out toward Draug.

Mamori: ...Aah!

>Draug stands up and transforms into a blue knight.

>Mamori is transformed into a yellow suit of armor after.

Draug: Guh... What... have I been doing...?

Barry: Looks like you're all good now.

Draug: Master...!

Barry: Hey, hold on there, Draug. I ain't your Master anymore.

Draug: What...?

Barry: Draug... I need you to look after Mamori from now on. Awright?

>Draug transforms out of the suit of armor and presents himself in front of Mamori.

Draug: So... you are my new Master...

Barry: Go on, introduce yourself.

Mamori: I-I'm Mamori Minamoto. Um... There's a lot I don't know, a-and I'm stilla child... but I"m pleased to meet you.

Draug: Child or elder, it matters not. It is my honor to make your acquaintance, Mamori Minamoto---my little Master.

Itsuki: I"m sure this is all confusing right now, but don't worry. I'll be there to help you out when you need it.

Mamori: Thank you, Itsuki. I'll be sure to do my best, alongside Mr. Draug!

Draug: It seems I was wracked by madness and sought to cause all of you terrible harm... I am truly sorry. My memories after my separation with Barry are mired in hazed... I can scare imagine how I was in such a state.

Barry: I lost Draug when that Mirage beat me. I'm guessin' that's about when the bad guys screwed around with his head. But, thanks to Mamori, Draug's back to his old self... and soon enough, the station's gonna be fine too! All's well that ends well, right? HAHAHAHAHA!

>Mamori joined the team.

The party is transported out of the Idolasphere.

Hatanaka: Oh... if it isn't Itsuki.

Itsuki: Mr. Hatanaka.

Hatanak: Ah, and everyone else! My, the whole of Fortuna Entertainment is here. What might be the occasion?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • We're supporting Mamori.
  • Investigating the anomaly.

If the player chooses option 1:

Itsuki: Mamori's going to be on one of the Daitou TV shows, so we came for moral support...

Hatanaka: Hmm. Are you sure? Somehow I get the feeling that isn't the whole truth.

Itsuki: Er, I wouldn't---

Hatanaka: You'll find you can't fool me that easily, Itsuki. I think we both know what's going on. I'm guessing you guys came out empty-handed just like me, right?

Itsuki: Empty-handed?

Hatanaka: Oh... That's not why you're here? Originally, I was just here for a meeting... But as I was about to leave, I noticed some commotion in the studio. So, naturally, I thought it must be something to do with the incident before! But, as you can see, there's clearly nothing out of the ordinary going on here...

If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: We came to investigate the anomaly.

Tsubasa: I-Itsuki!?

Itsuki: We saw something strange going on in the studio when we tuned in. We were worried about Mamori since she was here at this station for work, so we decided to investigate.

Hatanaka: I see... Just like me, then. I saw something abnormal was happening on TV and decided to come take a look. I thought... this might have something to do with that incident at the 106. But I came out empty-handed. As you can see, there's clearly nothing out of the ordinary going on here...

Regardless of what option was chosen:

Kiria: Mr. Hatanaka... I don't think you should get too involved in all this. Investigating these strange incidents isn't really your job, is it?

Hatanaka: Hahaha. True enough, true enough. But I was involved in that whole 106 fiasco, you know. You can hardly blame me for wanting to know the truth.

Kiria: Still, it'd be best if you leave the investigation to the police, or even the media.

Hatanaka: I suppose you're right...

Kiria: I'm only saying this out of concern for you.

'Hatanaka:" Thank you, but I understand. I have too much work to take care of! I wouldn't put myself in harm's way. After all, I have a duty to spice up the entertainment industry of Japan! Ah, but I should really be going. Oh, I almost forgot---something did catch my attention. Perhaps you all might be able to use this information.

Itsuki: What is it?

Hatanaka: Apparently Daiba TV just had a huge corporation reorganization recently. They even appointed a new president. But this fellow... Mahiro Tsurumi. He's a bit of a strange one. And I've never come across his name before. They haven't made his background public, either... I asked my contacts if they knew anything about this Mahiro Tsurumi, but none of them heard a thing. Even I can't seem to pull any history on the man. Exactly who could he be?

Itsuki: Daiba TV... But why are you telling us about it?

Hatanaka: Well it's good for us in the business to know who's running these stations, so it's not as if it's irrelevant. Well, until next time.

>Hatanaka leaves.

Tsubasa: U-Um, Itsuki. Isn't Daiba TV...

Itsuki: Yeah. Ms. Maiko said Mr. Horinozawa started acting strange around the time he accepted the job from DTV... A reorganization at the network... Does this have something to do with the Mirage incidents...?

The game transitions into gameplay.

Fortuna Office

Mamori: You have to sit down and rest, Uncle Barry! You're still recovering. You really shouldn't be pushing yourself.

Barry: Thank you, Mamori. And... thanks for saving me, everyone.

Tsubasa: I'm just so glad you're all right, Barry...

Touma: Me too. But now that all that's over and done with, Barry---you know how reckless that was? Geez!

Eleonora: He's right! It's downright stupid to just run in there by yourself when you're not even a Master.

Barry: Yeah, okay, my bad... I just wasn't thinking straight. All I could think about was saving Mamori.

Mamori: W-We shouldn't be too hard on him... Come on, Uncle Barry, just apologize!

Barry: I'm very, very sorry...

Tsubasa: Itsuki, you know... when I heard Mamori's song, my heart started pounding.

Itsuki: Yeah, me too.

Tsubasa: I guess I'd better keep working hard if I don't want Mamori to leave me in the dust.

>Maiko approaches the group.

Maiko: Okay, everyone, that's enough. "Serenade's" almost about to start.

Barry: Bah! I can't believe I almost forgot! All of you sit down, shuddup, and don't even THINK about blinking!

Maiko: That special, live broadcast had to be canceled, but I'm glad they still called you back for a regular show.

Mamori: Mhm! Everyone was so nice... I had a really great time singing there!

Maiko: They told me, "Ms. Shimazaki, you must have seen her potential. I wouldn't expect any less from Fortuna." I heard nothing but good things! With this song and your cooking show, Mamori, your singing gigs will roll in!

'Mamori: I'm so glad! I promise to work my hardest!

>Mamori turns around.

Mamori: Oh... it's about to start!

>The camera turns toward the TV and a cinematic shows a music video by Mamori.

Chapter 3: The Next Generation END


The player receives a Topic from Maiko. It goes as follows:

Maiko: Itsuki! You've been doing great lately... And that's why I've prepared your third mission today!

Maiko: You'll never guess who I got to coach you this time! Go on, guess.

Maiko: Of course, it's a secret until you get there. <3

Maiko: You can start the lesson whenever it's convenient for you, so just head to the Uzume Lesson Studio once you're ready.

Maiko: {{Tmsfe-sticker-16}

Uzume Lesson Studio

>Itsuki and Mamori are inside doing the lesson.

Mamori: Phew...

Barry: Okay! Very nice, Mamori! You're as cute as ever! Your next concert should be perfect with this! Oh, you're such an angel! The audience is just gonna take one look at you and they'll all EXPLODE from the cute!

Mamori: That sounds kind of awful.

Barry: Next! Itsuki, you're up!

Itsuki: Got it!

>The screen transitions to showing Itsuki only.

Itsuki: Ahhh.

Barry: Use your abdominals more! Put some power in that stomach!

Itsuki: Ahhhhhh!

Barry: Nooooo! Abdominal breathing! You gotta remember abdominal breathing! I thought I trained you better than this! You'll never be one of Mamori's backup singers with this crap! All right, we're starting over on your stamina! Gimme a hundred squats and sit-ups---each!

Mamori: Uncle Barry... don't you think you're being a little hard on Itsuki...?

Barry: Not at all! Backup singer or not, it's still a professional job! He's gotta take it seriously!

Itsuki: Thanks, Mamori, but I'll be fine.

Barry: Hmph, that's more like it! Now you got the fire in your eyes! All right! Back to the lesson! Give me three hundred squats and sit-ups each!

Mamori: You're making him do more!?

Intermission END