Chapter 20: Clash at the World Tree (Story)

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Start of chapter

Tiki: The Chaos Dragon went that way!

Caeda: That's toward the World Tree. Why would he head there?

Tiki: The spirit of the Divine Dragon sleeps there. He must want to destroy it.

Rowan: We can't let him keep doing whatever he pleases!

Lianna: We have to go after him--to protect the world...and to avenge Darios!

Oboro: We've got a big problem, everyone! Outrealm Portals have opened all over Aytolis. Fiends are surging out of them!

Rowan: We can't drag our feet! Let's head straight for the World Tree!

(Scene transition to World Tree)

Robin: That's... Yeah, that's a lot of enemies. I can't see a winning move...

Lianna: We've dragged you all into a doomed fight. I'm sorry...

Navarre: You're taking too much credit.

Caeda: Navarre's right. We may have joined out of a sense of duty...

Marth: But we've all chosen to stand here with you. It was our decision.

Corrin: Besides, so long as you don't give up, there's no way we can lose. No matter how bad things may seem, don't lose heart!

Hinoka: Never forget that we're with you! We'll use all our power to clear the path before you!

Camilla: After all, we still have to thank that dragon for all the trouble he's caused.

Rowan: We can't possibly lose with so many friends believing in us... Let's move together and take the Chaos Dragon down!

Lianna: He won't know what hit him!



Marth: The sheer size of the enemy forces... The Chaos Dragon isn't making this easy.

Chrom: Then neither shall we. Everyone, ready yourselves for battle!

(Enemy Reinforcements)

Caeda: Everyone, be careful! The enemy has sent reinforcements!

Frederick: We should take control of the forts to stop their reinforcements.

Main Mission: Blocked by Branches

Corrin: The branches are blocking our path. We can't get by...

Robin: Perhaps we can clear the way using the Dragon Vein!

Lissa: Yeah! Great idea, Robin! Let's take the fort that has a Dragon Vein!

(Approaching a wall)

Caeda: It's no use. Not even our best winged steeds could fly over this.

Hinoka: We'll have to use the Dragon Vein. Let's go and take that fort!

(Clearing the branches)

Cordelia: The branches disappeared! Now we can get through!

Chrom: Let's press on. We don't have time to drag our feet here!

Main Mission: Seize a Fort

Lianna: We can't get through without the fort. Let's take it and open the gate!

(Seizing a fort)

Rowan: OK, the path is clear. Everyone, move forward!

Main Mission: Dispelling the Darkness

Ryoma: All that remains is to secure the final fort. If only it weren't so dark...

Xander: The mages casting that wall of darkness must be around here somewhere.

Marth: Let's hunt them down, take them out, and get rid of that wall!

(Engaging a mage)

Mage: Heheh... The Chaos Dragon's power is amazing! You're nothing by comparison!

Tiki: There's one of the mages who's casting that annoying spell. Get him!

(Defeating all mages)

Robin: That should be the last of the mages.

Corrin: We did it! The wall of darkness has disappeared!

Main Mission: Shadow Heroes

Sakura: The enemies... They're changing shape... It's us! They look like us!

(Engaging shadows)

Cordelia: The impostors are practiced in their originals' fighting styles. Be careful!

Leo: I didn't expect it to be so hard to take up arms against such familiar faces.

(Defeating a shadow)

Corrin: So long as we follow our hearts, we will not be fooled by those impostors!

(Mages attack with lightning)

Caeda: Be on guard. A cornered enemy is a dangerous one.

(Defeating a second shadow)

Robin: Remember--they're just impostors. Stay on your guard, and focus on the mage!

(Defeating all three shadows)

Caeda: Though they resemble us closely, their strength pales in comparison to ours.

Hinoka: That's that. All the impostors are down.

Camilla: Now all that's left is to show those mages the true meaning of pain.

Chrom: Right. Let's focus our efforts and end this!

Marth: We cannot waste this change. Break through and show them our strength!

Main Mission: Leader's Shadow

(If Rowan is your chosen lord)


(If Lianna is your chosen lord)

Lianna: Wh-what?! Another me? What's going on?

Rowan: Sis has an impostor? One of her is more than enough!

(Shadow lord defeated)

Lianna: We've made it this far... The Chaos Dragon should be just ahead...

Rowan: We made a promise to Darios. We have to defeat the Chaos Dragon!

Sub Mission: Lightning Sages

Tiki: Ack! We've gotta stop that lightning magic right away!

Robin: That magic... We need to put a stop to it before it causes too much damage!

(Encountering a Sage)

Mage: Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm gonna watch you all burn to ash!

Xander: They're the ones calling the lightning! Get them!

(Defeating both Sages)

Robin: Good! We don't have to worry about that lightning anymore.

Sub Mission: Outrealm Portals

Takumi: Enemy reinforcements?! Outrealm Portals must have appeared!

Corrin: At this rate, we'll soon be overtaken... We must hurry and close the portals!

(Closing all portals)

Corrin: The Outrealm Portals are disappearing! We can relax for the moment.

Movie: The Space between Worlds

(Velezark roars, and creates numerous Outrealm Portals before transporting himself and the heroes to another realm)