Chapter 1: Home in Ruins (Story)

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Start of Chapter

Darios: Looks like we've come out beyond the castle walls...

Rowan: How could we let this happen?

Lianna: We shouldn't have left her behind.

Darios: Don't let her sacrifice be in vain. You have to think carefully about what you'll do next. Your mother wanted you to have that shield, right? You need to take it to the temple!

Lianna: Mother knew what to do. Without her...

Rowan: We're worse than helpless.

Monster: Grrrrrrrr...

Darios: There's no time for tears--ready your blades! We're doomed if we don't fight!

Battle (First Half)


Darios: Just focus on making it out of town for now! Make for the exit!

Lianna: I think that's the way out, over there!

Main Mission: Defeat the gate keeper

Rowan: The market gates are closed! We're blocked off.

Lianna: You have to defeat the monster in your way, if you want to open that gate.

(Beating the gate keeper)

Rowan: The gate's open! Let's go!

Main Mission: Defeat the monsters in the plaza

Lianna: We can get to the exit through this plaza, but there might be a little problem...

Rowan: If those monsters are the problem, we'll just have to take 'em all out!

Darios: Take some vulneraries. Don't be shy about using them.

(More monsters appear)

Lianna: How are there still so many monsters?!

Sub mission: Defeat the monster and save the villager

Villager: Aaaaaaaah! Monsters!

Lianna Wait! Someone is still in there! We have to help!

Darios: Either defeat the enemies in the plaza, or help the stranded villager... Choose.

(saving the villager)

Villager: Thank you! Please, take this as a sign of my gratitude!


(Rowan charges purple monster, but gets knocked back, landing on of Lianna)

Lianna: Geez... We're not twins in the weight department!

Rowan: Hurtful, sis... Uh-oh!

(Darios turns to them, but is preoccupied)

(Masked Marth appears to saves the twins)

Darios: Thanks for the help. And you are?

Masked Marth: Marth. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Battle (Second Half)

(Masked Marth joins the battle)

Rowan: Marth...? Just WHO are you anyway?

Masked Marth No time to chat. Break through and go!

Main Mission: Defeat Monsters Blocking the Gate

(If Rowan is Lord)

Rowan: Double damn... This is gonna be rough.

(If Lianna is Lord)


Darios: Focus on one at a time. Don't take your eyes off it!

(After defeat of monster)

Rowan: You get in my way, and I'll step over your corpse.

Masked Marth: I think you'll be safe now. I must take my eave of you.

(Masked Marth leaves)

Rowan: We're nearly there...

(entering escape point)

Lianna: What happened to Marth...?

Rowan: He got out first, right? Where'd he go?