Bonus Teams (Awakening)

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Shadow Dragon

Name Event Quote
Prince Marth Greeting I am Marth, prince of Altea.
Challenge I will prevail!
Recruitment Let us fight together!
Caeda Greeting Tell me: do you believe in love?
Challenge You'd turn your sword on me?
Recruitment I knew you were a fine person.
Ogma Greeting I am a mercenary of Talys.
Challenge I knew we'd have to settle this.
Recruitment I'll help in whatever way I can.
Navarre Greeting I answer to the clink of coin.
Challenge Will you weep tears or blood?
Recruitment My sword is yours.
Merric Greeting My name's Merric. I'm a mage.
Challenge Wait... Why are we fighting?!
Recruitment Mine is the ultimate magic!
Nyna Greeting I am Princess Nyna of Archanea.
Challenge You are certain we must fight?
Recruitment Destiny brought us together.
Linde Greeting I'm Pontifex Miloah's daughter.
Challenge Try me, then!
Recruitment I will fight with you.
Minerva Greeting I am Minerva of Macedon.
Challenge Then you leave me no choice.
Recruitment My gratitude.
Tiki Greeting I am last of the divine dragons.
Challenge No... Stop... Come no closer...
Recruitment Promise? I hate being alone...
Gharnef Greeting 'Tis I, Gharnef.
Challenge That's what you think!
Recruitment Ha! I shall lend you my power.


Name Event Quote
Alm Greeting The Zofians need protection!
Challenge You leave me with no choice.
Recruitment Our cause needs folk like you!
Celica Greeting Do you and I have business?
Challenge Couldn't we talk this through?
Recruitment I'll find some way to help you.
Clair Greeting I am Clair, a knight of Zofia.
Challenge I'll not be tricked again!
Recruitment Yes, take me with you.
Valbar Greeting Just call me "the armor."
Challenge Attack!
Recruitment Careful. I'm hard to get rid of!
Clive Greeting I'm Clive, a Zofian knight.
Challenge You'll not cut my plans short!
Recruitment We need a strong leader.
Boey Greeting The name's Boey. I wield magic.
Challenge I'm not as green as you think!
Recruitment You're lucky to have me.
Luthier Greeting My sister needs me...
Challenge Looking to test my magic?
Recruitment You want me? You've got me.
Nomah Greeting I am Nomah, a bishop of Mila.
Challenge Let the goddess take you, then!
Recruitment Mila shall guide us both, then.
Mycen Greeting I renounced the world long ago.
Challenge This path holds only sadness...
Recruitment Fate has spoken, I suppose...
Deen Greeting Don't make me hurt you, pup.
Challenge You'll feel the kiss of my sword.
Recruitment All right. Twist my arm.

Mystery of the Emblem

Name Event Quote
King Marth Greeting I am Marth, king of Altea.
Challenge I will fight until my body breaks!
Recruitment Let us fight together!
Katarina Greeting Please, call me Katarina.
Challenge So, we stand as enemies...
Recruitment Ah! Really? I'll do my best...
Catria Greeting I am Catria of the Whitewings.
Challenge Very well! Here I come!
Recruitment I'll fight my hardest for you!
Norne Greeting I'll save the curtsies for later.
Challenge I always get the job done!
Recruitment You reckon I'll be useful?
Etzel Greeting My name is Etzel. I know magic.
Challenge Just what I need...
Recruitment All right. You seem trustworthy.
Horace Greeting Once, I called myself a knight.
Challenge Then ready your weapon.
Recruitment You...would claim this life?
Malice Greeting My sword doesn't come cheap.
Challenge Heh. What are you waiting for?
Recruitment I'll try to stand your company.
Athena Greeting Ve are a voman. Vun voman!
Challenge Vat? You have death vish?
Recruitment Very vell. Our strength is yours!
Legion Greeting What needs do yous have of us?
Challenge Uwee hee! A fights it is, then!
Recruitment Yesss! The Legion is yourses!
Hardin Greeting Begone, you pismires.
Challenge Come to the slaughter, varlets!
Recruitment I'll tolerate this farce...for now.

Genealogy of the Holy War (1st Gen.)

Name Event Quote
Sigurd Greeting I am a knight of Grannvale.
Challenge War is such an ugly thing...
Recruitment I need allies of your caliber.
Arden Greeting I'm strong and reliable, but...
Challenge ...Don't call me "lumbering"!
Recruitment *Sigh* It's not easy being me.
Quan Greeting I am Quan of Leonster.
Challenge Oh, so you want a hard lesson?
Recruitment I would be honored to help.
Ethlyn Greeting I'm Ethlyn, wife to Quan.
Challenge I feared it might come to this.
Recruitment My staff is yours.
Ayra Greeting I'm the keenest blade in Isaach.
Challenge Woe be to all who cross me!
Recruitment Then count my blade as yours.
Deirdre Greeting 'Tis good to see a friendly face.
Challenge Oh no... What should I do?
Recruitment Thank you.
Jamke Greeting Easy. I mean you no harm.
Challenge Stop! I don't want to hurt you!
Recruitment You make an impassioned case.
Raquesis Greeting Was there something you need?
Challenge Come no closer, you swine!
Recruitment You'll help me find my brother?
Lewyn Greeting I'm just a wayward troubadour.
Challenge Lovely...
Recruitment Where are the fetching women?
Arvis Greeting I wonder what makes you tick...
Challenge You miserable fool...
Recruitment Very courageous of you.

Genealogy of the Holy War (2nd Gen.)

Name Event Quote
Seliph Greeting I command the liberation army.
Challenge I must be strong like Father!
Recruitment As the gods will it.
Julia Greeting Huh? Who are you?
Challenge I'll neither cower nor flee!
Recruitment I shall accompany you.
Larcei Greeting I'm Larcei—and this, my sword.
Challenge I will never run again!
Recruitment Take me with you!
Ulster Greeting I'm Ulster. I hail from Tirnanog.
Challenge I hope our strength suffices...
Recruitment Allow me to join you.
Arthur Greeting I can spare a few moments.
Challenge Ah! A challenge it is, then.
Recruitment All right. I'll join you for a spell.
Fee Greeting My name's Fee.
Challenge Are you tough? I hope so!
Recruitment Partners it is, then!
Ced Greeting I am Ced, of the Magi.
Challenge I'm far tougher than I look!
Recruitment Together, we are unbreakable!
Ares Greeting I am the black knight Ares.
Challenge Mystletainn thirsts for blood...
Recruitment ...Just for a while, then.
Altena Greeting I am Altena, daughter of Quan.
Challenge Spare me your ravings!
Recruitment Gladly would I join your ranks.
Julius Greeting All Loptyr's power is mine!
Challenge You don't scare me, maggot.
Recruitment Hm... I'll consider it.

Thracia 776

Name Event Quote
Leif Greeting I'm Leif. I come from Leonster.
Challenge I swear I will defeat you!
Recruitment I never turn away a comrade.
Nanna Greeting I'm Raquesis's daughter.
Challenge Have you gone mad?!
Recruitment My strength is appealing, huh?
Finn Greeting I am Finn, a knight of Leonster.
Challenge I accept your challenge!
Recruitment You seek an alliance?
Eyvel Greeting I am Eyvel, mistress of Fiana.
Challenge In the name of the Freeblades!
Recruitment Then I shall join you.
Dagdar Greeting I be Dagdar of Mt. Violdrake!
Challenge Come at me, one and all!
Recruitment Aye. Come to Dagdar!
Mareeta Greeting I honor my mother, Eyvel!
Challenge I won't lose to the likes of you!
Recruitment Please, take me along, too!
Salem Greeting I was once a Loptyrian priest...
Challenge Begone from here!
Recruitment Do we seek the same thing?
Olwen Greeting My name is Olwen.
Challenge What compels you to do this?!
Recruitment Might I accompany you?
Saias Greeting Good day. I am Saias.
Challenge You have no hope against me.
Recruitment I shall never abandon you.
Raydrik Greeting Heh. Run along, children.
Challenge You won't leave here alive!
Recruitment Perhaps I could be convinced...

Binding Blade

Name Event Quote
Roy Greeting I am Marquess Pherae's son.
Challenge I'll pick up that gauntlet!
Recruitment Very well. You've convinced me.
Lilina Greeting I'm Lilina of Ostia.
Challenge Watch over me, Father.
Recruitment I've decided to join you!
Wolt Greeting Call me Wolt. I'm from Pherae.
Challenge Heh. Just try me!
Recruitment I'm hoping to learn a lot.
Shanna Greeting What? Do you need something?
Challenge All right. You asked for it!
Recruitment I guess that makes us a team.
Lugh Greeting I'm from Lycia.
Challenge I won't let you hurt the others!
Recruitment Take me with you, please!
Raigh Greeting What are you supposed to be?
Challenge The world lacks not for fools...
Recruitment Maybe I should join you.
Cecilia Greeting I am Cecilia of Etruria.
Challenge I will face this crucial test.
Recruitment Ah. There's an interesting idea.
Sophia Greeting I'm...I'm Sophia.
Challenge Your actions...sadden me...
Recruitment A-all right. Lead the way.
Perceval Greeting They call me Perceval.
Challenge Victory is won with caution.
Recruitment My strength is yours.
Zephiel Greeting Speak your business, worm.
Challenge None stand in my path for long.
Recruitment What? You seek my company?

Fire Emblem (Blazing Sword)

Name Event Quote
Eliwood Greeting I'm a noble of Pherae.
Challenge I've no love for war...
Recruitment Well, I am here to help.
Hector Greeting I'm Marquess Ostia's brother.
Challenge I'll witness your skills firsthand!
Recruitment Well met!
Lyn Greeting I am Lyn, of the Lorca tribe.
Challenge I've got to fight back!
Recruitment You'd let me travel with you?
Florina Greeting It's me... Florina.
Challenge I'm sorry...
Recruitment I think I could be of help!
Matthew Greeting I specialize in acquisitions...
Challenge Whoa! S-stay your arm!
Recruitment I'm going with you!
Serra Greeting I'm Serra. Nice to meet you.
Challenge Ewww! I loathe violence!
Recruitment Wait for me! I'm coming, too!
Karel Greeting I'm Karel. My sword is my life.
Challenge Heh. This is no tea party.
Recruitment Very well. I will join you.
Nino Greeting Um, can I help you?
Challenge I will become worthy... I will.
Recruitment I can travel with you?
Jaffar Greeting I'm no one's killing engine.
Challenge So be it...
Recruitment ...Do not think us "friends."
Nergal Greeting This place... Why am I here?
Challenge Yes! Use all your strength!
Recruitment You cannot alter destiny.

The Sacred Stones

Name Event Quote
Ephraim Greeting I am Ephraim, Prince of Renais.
Challenge I don't pick fights I cannot win.
Recruitment I'd appreciate your help.
Eirika Greeting My name is Eirika.
Challenge We will drive you back!
Recruitment Let's go, then.
Seth Greeting Who goes there?
Challenge Prepare yourself.
Recruitment Then let's be off.
Moulder Greeting May I help you?
Challenge Be reasonable...
Recruitment At last, some happy news.
Lute Greeting I'm a mage! Possibly the best.
Challenge You are simply no match for me.
Recruitment I am superior, after all.
Amelia Greeting I'm Amelia, a soldier of Grado.
Challenge ...I have to fight you?
Recruitment I'll do my best.
Innes Greeting I'm the prince of Frelia.
Challenge Trying to fight me is a mistake.
Recruitment Hm. Very well.
Marisa Greeting What?
Challenge I'll accept a match anytime.
Recruitment I'll fight at your side.
L'Arachel Greeting I serve the powers above!
Challenge We were brought here to win!
Recruitment Clearly, I must accompany you.
Lyon Greeting I am Prince Lyon of Grado.
Challenge I will surely...destroy you...
Recruitment I will always be on your side.

Path of Radiance

Name Event Quote
Ike Greeting I'm from the Greil Mercenaries.
Challenge Nice knowing you!
Recruitment Seems we should fight together.
Elincia Greeting I'm heir to the Crimean throne.
Challenge I'll face this challenge unafraid!
Recruitment I'll join you on the battle lines.
Titania Greeting I colead the Greil Mercenaries.
Challenge I will meet your challenge.
Recruitment Let's fight this together.
Soren Greeting Do you need something?
Challenge Violence isn't the best solution.
Recruitment Fine... But I belong elsewhere.
Mist Greeting I'm Mist. Ike's sister.
Challenge I'd rather not come to blows...
Recruitment Let's go teach those bad guys!
Mia Greeting I'm Mia, a Crimean mercenary.
Challenge That settles it, then!
Recruitment Right. You don't mind, do you?
Zihark Greeting I'm from the Toha vigilantes.
Challenge I dislike such contests.
Recruitment I will join your group.
Lucia Greeting I'm Lucia, a knight of Crimea.
Challenge The time for battle is upon us!
Recruitment Of course. I'd be honored.
Geoffrey Greeting I'm Geoffrey, a Crimean knight.
Challenge Glory to Crimea!
Recruitment All right. Count me in.
Ashnard Greeting Who are you, dog?
Challenge Don't disappoint me!
Recruitment The things I'm willing to do...

Radiant Dawn

Name Event Quote
Micaiah Greeting I'm one of the Dawn Brigade.
Challenge The goddess judges all equally.
Recruitment All right. Let's go.
Sothe Greeting I'm Sothe of the Dawn Brigade.
Challenge I'll give you a fight.
Recruitment What a strange twist of chance.
Edward Greeting I'm part of the Dawn Brigade.
Challenge Don't you look down on me!
Recruitment Sure. I'll go with you.
Leonardo Greeting What could you possibly want?
Challenge We're totally outclassed...
Recruitment I'll do what I can.
Brom Greeting Who are you?
Challenge You dang fools...
Recruitment I could lend ya a hand.
Nephenee Greeting What? Why are you staring?
Challenge I reckon you should clear out.
Recruitment But I'm just a country girl...
Sigrun Greeting You address the Holy Guard!
Challenge We will engage you now!
Recruitment I will not leave your side.
Sanaki Greeting I am Sanaki, apostle of Begnion.
Challenge I will not give up.
Recruitment I shall fight with you.
Sephiran Greeting I am a man without a past.
Challenge You insist on a fight?
Recruitment But...I know only despair...
Black Knight Greeting I'm one of Daein's Four Riders.
Challenge Have at me and learn your folly.
Recruitment I shall be your shield.


Name Event Quote
Camus Greeting I am Camus of Grust.
Challenge You are mere dust in my cloak.
Recruitment This could prove interesting...
Travant Greeting I am Travant.
Challenge I show no mercy to the defiant!
Recruitment I'll deliver on your expectations.
Ishtar Greeting I am goddess of lightning itself!
Challenge No words will suffice, I see.
Recruitment You desire I fight with you?
Narcian Greeting I'll not honor you with my name.
Challenge I am always right! No one else!
Recruitment Are you certain? Heh heh...
Ursula Greeting I'm not like the other filth.
Challenge Tell me... Are you afraid to die?
Recruitment An alliance? Hard to fathom...
Lloyd Greeting I am son of Brendan Reed.
Challenge The Fang has sentenced you.
Recruitment Uh, you want me to join you?
Linus Greeting My father leads the Black Fang.
Challenge I'll kill you for sure!
Recruitment Fight...with you?!
Selena Greeting I am a general in Grado's army.
Challenge Make your peace now...
Recruitment My heart still belongs to Grado.
Petrine Greeting Dog's breath! Who are you?
Challenge Here to provide entertainment?
Recruitment All right, I'm coming.
Oliver Greeting I am committed only to beauty.
Challenge Come now, come to daddy!
Recruitment I stand with the beautiful.