Berwick Saga Starting Items

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This content was originally provided by Othin.


Note: Mercenaries and guest characters will not trade away their starting items until permanently recruited, with the exception of consumable items.

Name Horse Inventory
Reese Sinon Stallion* Rapier, Perseid, Bag (Shortsword ×2)
Ward Sinon Stallion* Knight Sword, Longspear, Kiteshield, Bag
Leon Sinon Stallion* Iron Spear, Buckler
Adel Sinon Stallion* Iron Spear, Pilum
Sherlock Sinon Stallion* Iron Bow, Bronze Arrow, Bag (Bronze Arrow ×3)
Elbert Sinon Stallion* Longsword, Aspis
Christine Sinon Stallion* Iron Crossbow, Iron Arrow, Bag (Vulnerary ×4)
Dean Iron Axe, Bag, Vulnerary
Izerna Heal, Vulnerary
Volo Shamshir
Axel Iron Axe
Sylvis Composite Bow, Steel Arrow+, Bag
Ruby Shortsword, Javelin
Arthur Longsword, Buckler
Czene Dagger, Bag
Kramer Longsword, Bag
Faye Cutlass, Bag, Vulnerary
Derrick Imperial Axe, Imperial L. Shield+
Clifford Tough Horse Killer Spear, Mithril Sword, Paladin Shield
Faramir Cutlass+, Composite Bow, Steel Arrow
Esteban Bronze Bow, Stone Arrow
Aegina Airblade, Bag
Sherpa Brymranger
Saphira Soothe
Owen Nosferatu+, Physic, Escape, Detoxify, Pacify
Daoud Iron Axe
Larentia Euthyphro, Lady Shield
Thaddy Dagger, Bag
Marcel Verian Sword, Verian L. Shield
Enid Lady Sword
Perceval Dire Thunder
Burroughs Bronze Ballista, Standard Bolt
Alvina Liga Courser Fauchard, Verutum, Paladin Shield, Bag
Paramythis Ishs Courser Holy Sword, Mend
Lynette Pallas Serenia, Serenia Bow, Killer Arrow
  • * Lost after completing Map 1: "A Reason to Fight."
  • Replaced by regular Nosferatu upon being permanently recruited.
  • Replenished to full MP at the start of every chapter. If it was completely used up, it is replaced by a new Soothe orb as long as Saphira has inventory space.