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This content was originally provided by Othin.


All items must be delivered before the end of Chapter 13. Item locations listed are particularly convenient locations, not necessarily the only times they are available. Upon giving Elsheimer all of the requested items, he will give Reese the shield Forenden, and Clara will become available to store items with her four Bags.

Item Reward Location
Dark Heal 2200 Dropped by Fermat in Ch3 - "The Three Priests"
Sleep 3000 Dropped by enemy Raze Priest in Ch9 - "Bridge Destruction"
Hellworm 2500 Dropped by enemy Raze Priest in Ch4 - "Withdrawal Protection"
Scylla 2400 Dropped by enemy Raze Priest in Ch6 - "Frontline Town"
Black Meteor 3800 Dropped by enemy Raze Priest in Ch4 - "Hero of the Streets"
Wyvern Scale 5000 Dropped by enemy Wyvern in Ch10 - "Endless Dream"
General Shield 3400 Held by Lyarc in Ch5 - "Fortress Defense"
Rapid-Fire Bow 2600 Obtained from destroying Imperial Archer barracks in Ch9 - "Supply Base"
Assassin Dagger 3200 Dropped by enemy Assassin in Ch9 - "Devil of Volvos Valley"
Kali Axe 2500 Dropped by enemy Brigand in Ch3 - "Ponies and Thieves"
Monster Sword Albatross*1 3600 Held by enemy Swordfighter in "The Stolen Sword"
Dark Axe 2400 Dropped by enemy Armor Knight in Ch12 - "The Dark Bishop"
Gull Fork 2800 Dropped by enemy Rogue in Ch10 - "Endless Dream"
Bishop Brace 4000 Dropped by enemy Raze Priest in Ch8 - "Trojan Corps"
Imp. Knight R.Shield 2300 Held by enemy Imperial Knights in Ch8 - "Trojan Corps"
Blood Knife 2000 Dropped by enemy Thief in Ch5 - "Mountain Hunt"
Dark Mace 2800 Held by enemy Raze Monks in "Raze Altar"
Purgatory Brace 4500 Held by Troy in Ch4 - "Withdrawal Protection"

*1 This is the only location where a Monster Sword Albatross can be found before the end of Chapter 13