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Portrait Name Class Description
Berwick reese.jpg Reese Lord

Knight Lord
The young scion of Sinon, and the son of Margrave Bernstol. He leads Sinon's knights to lend support to King Volcens against the Raze Empire. The main character of the game.
Berwick ward.jpg Ward Veteran Knight An old veteran knight of Sinon. The right-hand man to Margrave Bernstol, and an important advisor to Reese on his expedition. He is Christine's father.
Berwick leon.jpg Leon Spear Knight

Lance Knight
A knight of Sinon. He is hot-blooded and a fierce fighter, but he later becomes a mentor to a youth named Jean.
Berwick adel.jpg Adel Spear Knight

Lance Knight
A knight of Sinon. He is calm and modest, in contrast to his partner Leon. He harbors a crush on Lumiere, a local alchemist in Navaron.
Berwick sherlock.jpg Sherlock Horseman

Bow Knight
A horse archer of Sinon. He works tirelessly day and night to hone his skills.
Berwick elbert.jpg Elbert Cavalier

A knight of Sinon. He serves as Ward’s second-in-command and is admired by the younger knights. He is even-tempered and has a chatty, positive disposition.
Berwick chris.jpg Christine Lady Knight

Arrow Knight
A bow knight of Sinon, and Ward’s daughter. She is kindhearted and skilled, but she holds a strong grudge against her father. She and Elbert are often seen together.
Berwick dean.jpg Dean Axefighter

A mercenary who comes to Izerna's aid in Sara Village. He is quiet and reserved, but he harbors strong resentment toward the Raze Empire.
Berwick izerna.jpg Izerna Cleric

A cleric living in Narvia, and the daughter of High Priestess Quescria. She is neat and ladylike, but willing to speak tersely if necessary.
Berwick ouro.jpg Volo Swordfighter A mercenary from Turon renowned for his skill with a blade. He rarely has anything to say, but he won't hesitate to take action when needed.
Berwick axel.jpg Axel Pirate A hardened man of the sea with a nebulous past. He fights to afford treatment for his adopted daughter, Ciel, who was blinded several years ago.
Berwick sylvia.jpg Sylvis Sniper A foreign mercenary who is said to never miss her mark, although tales of her prowess are often exaggerated. She is searching for a man named Weiss.
Berwick ruby.jpg Ruby Chevalière

A fledgling knight who trains every day to become as strong as her father, Clifford. Peppy and headstrong, she yearns to prove that she can be a true knight.
Berwick arthur.jpg Arthur Sword Knight

A young knight from Navaron. Fights as a mercenary to feed his mother and brother. Lately, bad rumors have been circulating regarding his missing father.
Berwick czene.jpg Czene Thief

A cheerful and high-spirited thief descended from nomads. Eager and somewhat pushy, she joins the Sinon Knights as an opportunity to prove her worth.
Berwick kramer.jpg Kramer Mercenary

A mercenary who descends from a long line of farmers. Despite his rustic background, he longs to be a hero like those of legend.
Berwick faye.jpg Faye Myrmidon

A swordfighter from the eastern land of Izmil. Fights as a mercenary to improve her skill with a sword. For many months, she has been seeking revenge against a Dark Master called Chaos.
Berwick derrick.jpg Derrick Armor Knight An ex-Razite soldier whose face is unknown. Rarely speaks, and when he does, his voice is nearly incomprehensible due to being muffled by his armor.
Berwick clifford.jpg Clifford Duke Knight Ruby's father, and a once-famous paladin. After his wife Matilda died, he became an alcoholic and sank into depression. He now fights as a mercenary to pay his bar tabs.
Berwick faramir.jpg Faramir Ranger A swordfighter from the eastern land of Izmil. Rarely speaks about himself, instead focusing on his job as a mercenary. Seems to have some sort of connection to Faye.
Berwick estobar.jpg Esteban Hunter A hunter who left his family to avoid being a burden on them. After working as a bandit, he returns home when he meets the Sinon Knights.
Berwick aegina.jpg Aegina Wind Mage

Wind Sage
The strong-willed princess of Riana who went into hiding when her kingdom was invaded. Despite being a courtly lady unaccustomed to battle, she wants to prove herself and take her revenge on the Empire.
Berwick sherpa.jpg Sherpa Highlander A mercenary from the Highlands helping Aegina escape to Narvia. He's down-to-earth and a bit of a joker, but he dislikes the Kingdom of Veria for some reason.
Berwick saphira.jpg Saphira Acolyte

A young girl working at the abbey in Navaron. Apparently a delinquent who was kicked out of the abbey who now works to provide for her sick grandfather.
Berwick olwen.jpg Owen Bishop

A well-spoken and flirtatious priest who harbors a dark secret. Appears to have some sort of ailment where he tires easily.
Berwick daoud.jpg Daoud Axe Knight

Axe Sergeant
A knight from Alagonne who leads the retreat from the Highland Duchy's capital when the Raze Empire invades. Uses his herculean strength to protect his fellow soldiers.
Berwick larentia.jpg Larentia Wyvern Knight A wyvern knight of Pesil who turned her back on her king after he allied with the Raze Empire. Despite her clear dedication to the Berwick League, she is treated with skepticism by Reese's superiors.
Berwick sedy.jpg Thaddy Burglar An orphan living in the slums of Navaron. He looks after a number of other children who were orphaned by the war.
Berwick marcel.jpg Marcel Guardian A Narvian soldier serving under Lord Vanmilion. A sincere man who fights to protect the people. Rather popular with a certain shopkeeper.
Berwick enid.jpg Enid Fencer

Flame Fencer
The heiress of the Lowland Duchy, and the granddaughter of Duke Roswick of Narvia. Trusted and loved by her people.
Berwick percival.jpg Perceval Thunder Mage

Thunder Sage
A mage from the far north who is searching for his sister. Tutors Enid in magic.
Berwick burroughs.jpg Burroughs Ballistician A member of Narvia’s ballistician corps. Reckless and known for stretching the truth, but always loyal to his friends.
Berwick alvina.jpg Alvina Paladin A paladin of the Duchy of Bornia. She fears for the well-being of Bornia's Duke Reed.
Berwick paramythis.jpg Paramythis Shining Knight The Apostle's guardian, and a seasoned knight specializing in swords and magic. Known by many aliases throughout the world, her actual identity is shrouded in mystery.
Berwick lanette.jpg Spoilers Chosen One The so-called Chosen One of Serenia, a figurehead for the peoples of the southwestern regions of the Berwick League.

Other Characters

Portrait Name Class Description
Mordias.png Mordias IV - The late 33rd king of Veria who was crowned king near the conclusion of the tumultuous Berwick Civil War. He was killed in an ambush by Imperial General Zephyrus two years ago.
Volcens.png Volcens - Mordias IV's son, the 34th king of Veria. He is distrustful and short-tempered, and his efforts to rebuild the Berwick League have not gone smoothly thus far.
Sienna.png Sienna Princess Mordias IV's daughter, and a princess of Veria. Possesses a sharp wit and strong will.
Bernard.png Bernard - The Duke of Diana, and a disinherited prince of Veria. He is the son of Mordias IV's elder half-brother Arles, who lost his claim to the Verian throne during the Berwick Civil War.
Herman.png Herman Nobleman An aristocrat who serves as one of King Volcens's primary advisors. Unusually antagonistic toward Reese and Duke Roswick.
Roswick.png Roswick - The Duke of Narvia, where the Berwick League is currently regrouping. Prudent and understanding, he is sympathetic to Reese.
Bernstol.png Bernstol - The Margrave of Sinon, and Reese's father. Made a name for himself during the Berwick Civil War and became a confidant of the late King Mordias IV.
Vanmilion.png Vanmilion Paladin Duke Roswick's son and heir. Leads Narvia's knights into battle and works one of Reese's new closest allies.
Vester.png Vester Duke Knight The son of Duke Reed of Bornia who rebelled after Bornia sided with the Raze Empire. Confident and strong, but rather tactless.
Lebough.png Lebough - The only archbishop of the Church of Veria who has survived the Raze Empire's invasion. Serves as the de facto head of the Church following the death of the last Apostle.
Kleiman.png Kleiman VI - The current Emperor of the Raze Empire. Though he is a wise and peace-loving man, his empire has entered an era of turbulence and fear since the start of the current war.
Urbanus.png Urbanus IV - The Pope of the Church of Raze. An extremist who longs to destroy all those who do not worship the god Raze. He was responsible for the assassination of Mordias IV's father, Harmell VII.
Faisal.png Faisal - Emperor Kleiman's nephew, and until recently, his only living blood relative. Displeased at losing his status as crown prince after birth of the Emperor's son Manaris.
Zephyrus.png Zephyrus Wyvern Knight One of the highest-ranked generals in the Razite Army. Once a slave, he has worked his way to the upper echelons of the army through his skill and dedication.
Chaos.png Chaos Black Knight One of the Dark Masters, Pope Urbanus's personal knights. Megalomaniacal and cruel, he is disliked and feared even among his peers. He was responsible for crippling Faye's father Cowen while stealing the blades Vritra and Vajra.
Tianna.png Tianna - Lord Vanmilion's subordinate who serves as Reese's secretary. Polite and sympathetic, she is well-acquainted with the citizenry of Navaron.
Almuth.png Almuth - A foreign historian doing research in the temple library in Navaron. Knowledgeable and friendly, albeit rather verbose, he expresses admiration for those who create history.
Theodore.png Theodore Lance Knight A man in the Imperial army who is deeply in love with Minas. This puts him at odds with Barselphon, another man vying for Minas's heart.
Minas.png Minas Lady Knight A woman in the Imperial army whom two men, Theodore and Barselphon, are furiously fighting over.
Berwick-unknown-face.png Lynette Spoilers The daughter of Margrave Bernstol and sister of Reese; she was adopted two years ago after being orphaned by the war. She and Reese are quite attached, corresponding often through letters.