Bertram (Cipher)

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Bertram - Series 12

Bertram: Black General of the Sorcerous Blade
Class Paladin (Advanced) Cost 4(3)
Symbol Medallion None Affinities Male Sword Beast None None
Attack 70 Support 10 Range 1
Quote "Turn the ground... ssssoft with blood. Make a graveyard... of thissss place. Bury them all."
Skill 1 Sorcerous Blade: Runesword ACT Once Per Turn [Flip 2 Medallion Bond cards face-down] Until the end of the turn, this unit acquires Tome and range 1-2. Draw 1 card.
Skill 2 Blade of Slaughter CONT This unit's attacks cannot be evaded by enemies who have not Leveled Up.
Card Code B12-041HN Illustrator Setsu