Badge List (Warriors)

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Mighty Warrior
For defeating 1,000 or more enemies in a single battle.
Awoken Power
For defeating 500 or more enemies at once using Awakening.
King of Combat
For defeating 100,000 or more enemies in total.
Midas Touch
For collecting more than 1,000,000 gold in total.
Armed and Dangerous
For collecting 1,000 or more weapons.
Treasure Trove
For collecting 100 or more rare materials.
Healing Hands
For healing allies 100 or more times
Mega Medic
For healing three or more allies at once.
Critical Mass
For performing 500 or more Critical Hits or Critical Rushes.
Underdog Overload
For defeating 10 or more enemies while at a disadvantage.
For dashing over 6.2 miles (10 km) on flying characters.
Marathon Mates
For dashing over 12.4 miles (20 km) while in Pair Up.
Twin Heroes
For finishing Story Mode.
Legendary Lunatic
For finishing Story Mode on Lunatic difficulty.
Art Aficionado
For completing all illustrations.
Make the Convoy Cry
For collecting the maximum possible amount of one type of material.
Protector of the Kingdom
For reaching Lv. 99 with both Rowan and Lianna.
The Great Uniter
For becoming allies with all characters.
Super Friend
For reaching support level A with all characters.
Blessed Be
For receiving all blessing types.
Fully Awakened
For invoking all Awakening bonuses.
A Gift from Anna
For receiving over 100 amiibo presents.
The Three Pegasus Sisters
For performing a Triangle Attack.
Historic Hero
For clearing all battles in History Mode.
Lord of the Chronicles
For clearing all History Mode battles with an S Rank.
For reaching S Rank in History Mode.
Memories of Crests
For making all types of crests.
Badge Master
For earning all badges.
Beyond the Trials
For finishing Story Mode on Hard difficulty.
For completing one illustration.
Proof of Bonds
For raising the support level of two characters to A or above.
Invisible Ties
For clearing Invisible Ties in History Mode.
The Path Is Yours
For clearing The Path Is Yours in History Mode.
The Dark Pontifex
For clearing The Dark Pontifex in History Mode.
Noble Lady of Caelin
For clearing Noble Lady of Caelin in History Mode.
Together to the End
For clearing Together to the End in History Mode.
For clearing Grief in History Mode.
Land of Gods
For clearing Land of Gods in History Mode.
Cold Reception
For clearing Cold Reception in History Mode.
A Brush in the Teeth
For clearing A Brush in the Teeth in History Mode.
Princess Minerva
For clearing Princess Minerva in History Mode.
Knorda Market
For clearing Knorda Market in History Mode.
Limit Breaker
For reaching Lv. 110.
Extreme Limit Breaker
For reaching Lv. 130.
Ultimate Limit Breaker
For reaching Lv. 150.
Master of Records
For acquiring every badge (including the DLC badges).


Hero of a Hundred Songs
For defeating 100 or more enemies at once with a Warrior Special.
Seeker of Truth
For finding all hidden items in History Mode.