Travant (Cipher)

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Travant - Series 15

Travant: King of Thracia
Class Dragonmaster ({{{class_type}}}) Cost 5
Symbol None None Affinities None None None None None
Attack 50 Support 30 Range 1
Quote Standard: "All that I desire is to make Thracia whole again. The verdant northern soils would be the perfect cure for the famine and poverty that plague us."
R+ Variant: "Why, I daresay this is the long-awaited end of Leonster's famous Lanceritter! Thracia's destiny lies before us at long last, ours for the taking!"
Skill 1 {{{skill1}}}
Skill 2 {{{skill2}}}
Skill 3 {{{skill3}}}
Card Code {{{card_code}}} Illustrator Standard: Yoneko
R+ Variant: Tomohide Takaya
Travant: Ambitious Ruler
Class Dracoknight ({{{class_type}}}) Cost 1
Symbol None None Affinities None None None None None
Attack 40 Support 30 Range 1
Quote "You can rest assured. We'll deliver on your expectations."
Skill 1 {{{skill1}}}
Skill 2 {{{skill2}}}
Support Skill Attack Support Flying Emblem SUPP You may choose one ally that is not the attacking unit, and move it.
Card Code {{{card_code}}} Illustrator Yoneko