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{{{name}}}: {{{title}}}
Class {{{class}}} ({{{class_type}}}) Cost {{{cost}}}
Symbol None None Affinities None None None None None
Attack {{{attack}}} Support {{{support}}} Range {{{range}}}
Quote {{{quote}}}
Skill {{{skill}}}
Support Skill {{{supportskill}}}
Card Code {{{card_code}}} Illustrator {{{illustrator}}}
Comment {{{comment}}}

Template usage

|image = Card Image
|name = Name of Character
|title = Character's Title
|class = Character's Class
|class_type = Base, Advanced, Master, Overclass, Fixed, Beginner, Intermediate, or Unique
|cost = Deployment Cost (Class Change Cost in parentheses, if applicable)
|symbol = Card Symbol
|symbol2 = 2nd Card Symbol (if applicable)
|affinity = Gender
|affinity2 = Weapon
|affinity3 = Other Affinity (if applicable)
|affinity4 = 2nd Other Affinity (if applicable)
|affinity5 = 3rd Other Affinity (if applicable)
|attack = Attack
|support = Support
|range = Range
|card_code = Card Code
|illustrator = Illustrator
|quote = Character's Quote
|skill = Card Skill
|supportskill = Card Support Skill
|comment = Additional Comments