Stat Descriptions (Awakening)

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Stats Description
LV Shows how seasoned a unit is in his or her current class.
EXP Experience gained in battle. At 100, the unit gains a level.
HP Current/max health. The unit is defeated when this reaches 0.
Str Strength. Affects damage the unit deals with physical attacks.
Mag Magic. Affects damage the unit deals with magical attacks.
Skill Skill. Affects hit rate and the frequency of critical hits.
Spd Speed. Affects Avo. Unit strikes twice if 5 higher than opponent.
Lck Luck. Has various effects. Lowers risk of enemy criticals.
Def Defense. Reduces damage from physical attacks.
Res Resistance. Reduces damage from magical attacks.
Atk Attack. The power of physical or magical attacks.
Hit Hit Rate. Affects the odds attacks will connect.
Crit Critical Rate. Affects the odds of getting a critical hit.
Avo Avoid Rate. Affects the unit's odds of evading attacks.
Movement13.png Movement. Determines how many spaces a unit can move.
Rating The sum of the unit's key stats.
Weaknesses The unit is weak against weapons with these icons.
(Unused) Range. The unit's attack range.
Family relations Description
Husband/Wife Marriage partner or life companion.
Father Biological father.
Mother Biological mother.
Child Child from the future.
Weapon level icon Description
Sword Sword. Strong against axes. Weak against lances.
Lance Lance. Strong against swords. Weak against axes.
Axe Axe. Strong against lances. Weak against swords.
Bow Bow. Can be used to attack distant enemies.
Tome Tome. Can be used to attack adjacent and distant enemies.
Staff Staff. Used primarily for healing.
Stone Dragonstone. Lets a manakete fight in dragon form.
Stone Beaststone. Lets a taguel fight in beast form.
Claw Claws. Used by monsters.
Breath Breath. Grima's weapon.