Side Story: I'll Tiki-Tiki You (For Reals)

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When Side Story is available, the player will receive a Topic from Tiki in Contacts. It goes as follows:

Tiki: Big brother! There's something I want to ask you to do. Could you come to the Bloom Palace?

Tiki: Tmsfe-sticker 21.png

If the player waits too long to do the Side Story, the player will receive the following Topic in Contacts. It goes as follows:


Bloom Palace

Tiki: Ah, you came, big brother! There's someone I want you to check up on... Would you listen to my request?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • Yes.
  • No.

If the player chooses "no":

>The player gets the option to perform Unity.

If the player chooses "yes":

The side story has been accepted.

Itsuki: Sure.

Tiki: Thanks. I can't go outside, after all... Um, the person I want you to go check on is "TikiIsMyWaifu." Their shortened name is "Tiki=Waifu"...

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • That's an odd name...
  • You got married?

If the player chooses option 1:


If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: You got married?

Tiki: N-No! That's just a username! Like a nickname! Th-That's all! This person composes songs with the Uta-loid program "Tiki" and is referred to online as a god.

Itsuki: That's amazing.

Tiki: But you know, it seems they haven't been making any songs lately. I was looking forward to Tiki=Waifu's songs too, so I'm worried that they suddenly stopped composing...

Itsuki: Got it. So, I need to go look for this Waifu person.

Tiki: Yup! Thanks, big brother! I'm counting on you! I've heard rumors that Tiki=Waifu uses a laptop with a "Tiki" sticker on it, and composes at the same cafe every time.

Itsuki: A cafe, huh? Okay, I'll keep an eye out.

As the player walks toward the exit of Fortuna Office, the player receives a Topic from Tiki. It goes as follows:

Tiki: The person using a laptop with a "Tiki" sticker is Tiki=Waifu.

Tiki: Tiki=Waifu is usually at the cafe...

Tiki: {{Tmsfe-sticker-21}

Cafe Seiren

Itsuki: A laptop with a "Tiki" sticker on it... Hmm... I don't see one...

Uta-loid Lover: Seriously, dude! I'm totally serious! That had to have been Tiki=Waifu!

Itsuki: Hm? Those people over there...

The screen goes black and then transitions to Itsuki sitting in a table behind two students talking.

Bored High-Schooler: That's impossible, though. How can someone just disappear into thin air?

Chrom's Voice: Itsuki...

Itsuki: Yeah, I heard...

Uta-loid Lover: I saw it with my own eyes, man! Tiki=Waifu was walking around the 106 all sleepy-eyed. Then all of the sudden... poof without a trace. I bet it's that "spirited away" thing!

Bored High-Schooler: Yeah yeah, all right already. *Sigh* I wonder if Tiki=Waifu retired... I was a big fan too.

Itsuki: What do you think, Chrom?

Chrom's Voice: I can't say for sure yet. However, the 106... being spirited away... Those points concern me.

Itsuki: Let's look into it. There is an Idolasphere there and all...

Itsuki gets up from the table and sends a Topic to Tiki.

Itsuki: Tiki, do you have a moment?

Tiki: Did you find Tiki=Waifu?

Itsuki: No, but someone saw Tiki=Waifu disappear near the 106.

Tiki: You don't think...

Itsuki: Yeah. The Idolasphere might be involved. I'm worried, so I'm going to check out the 106.

Itsuki: I'll contact you if anything changes, so wait for me, okay?

Tiki: Oh...

Itsuki: ?

Tiki: No, it's nothing! Be careful!

Tiki: Tmsfe-sticker 20.png

Idolasphere 106

Itsuki: How is it, Chrom? Feel anything?

Chrom: Hrmm... It's faint, but I do sense a human's Performa. ...Hm? What is that...?

Itsuki: What's wrong?

Chrom: I don't know, but I sense another presence, too... a powerful one. What in...?

Itsuki: We'd better be on guard then. Let's go, Chrom.

The player will receive the following Topic from Tiki:

Tiki: Big brother! It's weak, but I sense Performa up above!

Tiki: I don't feel the presence of any Mirages nearby, so they might be alone in a large area...

Tiki: Hrgh, if only I could also...


Girl with Headphones: ...Oh, good. A person. Um, excuse me... but where am I?

Itsuki: That laptop... Would you happen to be TikiIsMyWaifu?

Tiki=Waifu: Yes. What about it?

Itsuki: I didn't think you were a girl... There was the phrase "my waifu" in the name, so I assumed...

Tiki=Waifu: Tiki is still my waifu. My love transcends gender and dimensions.

Itsuki: G-Gotcha...

Tiki=Waifu: So... I heard a voice. It seemed like it was calling to me... And when I came to, I was in this weird place...

Itsuki told her where the exit was...

Itsuki: You can get to a safe place from here.

Tiki=Waifu: A safe place? So you're saying where we are now isn't safe?

Itsuki: Y-Yeah.

Tiki=Waifu: Ahh, so this place was dangerous after all.

Itsuki: I can guide you there if you're nervous about going alone.

Tiki=Waifu: That won't be necessary. I made it here, so it's only natural I can make it back.

Itsuki: R-Right.

Tiki=Waifu: Thank you for saving me, Nameless Kind Person. I'll be taking off then.

Tiki=Waifu leaves the area.

Itsuki: She seemed like quite an eccentric girl. ...Hm? Chrom?

Chrom: On our way here, I thought I sensed an odd presence. ...Maybe it was just my imagination.

Itsuki sends a Topic to Tiki:

Itsuki: I've safely rescued Tiki=Waifu.

Itsuki: Tiki?

Itsuki: You there, Tiki?

Itsuki: I wonder what's up with Tiki... I guess we should head back to the Bloom Palace and check on her.

Bloom Palace

As Itsuki approaches Tiki with her back facing the screen.

Tiki: Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmm! Hrah! No, that's not it...

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • What's the matter, Tiki?
  • I'll wait and see what happens...

If the player chooses option 1:


If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: (I'll wait and see what happens...)

Tiki: Hrrrah! Carnaaage... Form! It's not working...

Tiki turns around to see Itsuki standing behind her.

Tiki: Aah! Um! Big brother! Th-This isn't--- It's not what--- This is--- I-It's not what it looks like! Wehhhhhhhh...!

The screen goes black for a second before it focuses on Tiki and Itsuki.

Itsuki: So what in the world were you doing?

Tiki: Um, you promise not to laugh?

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • I won't.
  • Snrk.

If the player chooses option 1:


If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: Snrk.

Tiki: Geez! Stupid big brother! I hate you!

Itsuki: Sorry... I was just joking.

Tiki: Grrr!

Itsuki: So, what were you up to?

Tiki: ...Um, I was practicing taking on a Carnage Form.

Itsuki: What would you do that for?

Tiki: I thought that if I could take a Carnage Form like everyone else, I could fight by your side... and save Tiki=Waifu too. Listening to her songs cheers me up so much. I wanted to repay her somehow...

Itsuki: Tiki...

The screen goes black for a second before transitioning to Tiki on the screen.

Tiki: You know, I want to fight alongside you guys... I want to be a real companion for you and the team.

The player is given two options on how to respond:

  • We already fight that way.
  • We ARE companions already.
  • What're you saying?

If the player chooses option 1:


If the player chooses option 3:


If the player chooses option 2:

Itsuki: Tiki... we're already companions though.

Tiki: Huh?

Itsuki: There are only things that only I can do, but the same is true with you, Tiki. I think true companions are those who can complement each other.

Tiki: You mean it? Am I really being useful for you and everyone else?

Itsuki: Of course. You're fighting a battle for us here.

Tiki: Mm-hm.

Itsuki: It's fine that you don't take on a Carnage Form.

Tiki: I see... You're right. Okay, I'll keep doing my best at what only I can do! Thanks, big brother!

Job complete!