Side Stories: Eleonora Yumizuru

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Side Story title Objectives Area found How to unlock Rewards Notes
Read, Chat, Fall in Love Eleonora has a role in a new TV drama that involves the character falling in love but Eleonora doesn't know how it feels to be in love. She asks Itsuki to go on a date to help nail down her character. After going to various places, Eleonora realizes she hasn't been training but then realizes her own natural feeling, she gains a new Performa. Classroom Film Set Stage Rank 3 Door of Affection, One-Sided Love Script/Walkthrough
Princess of Horror The drama from the first side story has been changed into a horror genre but Eleonora isn't able to handle horror films so she seeks Itsuki for help. She is finally able to overcome the horror flicks by defeating 6 of a certain Mirage. Classroom Film Set Stage Rank 7 - Chapter 4 Intermission Door of Purging, Horror Hunter Angel, Crazy Circus* Script/Walkthrough
  • Level recommended : 40
  • Crazy Circus : requires Touma Side Story 3 cleared too
Blast Away Hollywood Ellie is conflicted about going to Hollywood so she takes Itsuki along to quiz him on how well he remembers what they did. In the end, he helps her decide to go to Hollywood. Classroom Film Set Stage Rank 10 - Chapter 4 Intermission Door of Departure, Arrow of Destiny Script/Walkthrough