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This page covers English Fire Emblem names and titles mentioned in official/licensed English media, but beyond the context of the original Japanese-only games they come from. This includes cameos or references in an English Fire Emblem game to a Japanese-only title.

For the purposes of this site, these names are treated as non-canonical and non-official because they often differ between media and some are later overruled--for example in a remake or re-release--in favour of a different name. However, some people might find these names useful, as some are as "official" as you can get, while others are just plain amusing.

Main Definitions

NOJ: Nintendo of Japan name. From the official site, in-game and/or the game code.
Fan: Fan name. Derived by English Fire Emblem fans. There are other fan names besides the one listed; the fan names listed here are the ones commonly used on this site.
Official: From the North American (NA) or European (EU) version (English language option) of the character/location's debut game.

Non-canonical Sources


Note: "Reliability" measures the chance of the names from the source accurately reflecting the names in a possible re-release. However, even for the highest scoring source, this chance is still fairly low (unless Nintendo of Europe have their say!).

The first two sources pre-date the first official English Fire Emblem by many years, so it's unlikely the localisers had any forward-planning when it came to naming. Many of the names here differ from the ones used in the official English version of Shadow Dragon.

Source Description Year Reliability
Nintendo Power Nintendo Power, the official Nintendo magazine in North America. 1996
Anime The Mystery of the Emblem original video animation (OVA). 1998 ★★
SSBM Super Smash Bros. Melee, a Nintendo-developed fighting game. 2001 ★★★★★
Official Site The official English Fire Emblem site. 2003 ★★★★
Blazing Sword The first Fire Emblem officially released in English. 2003 9★
SSBB Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the sequel to Melee. 2008 ★★★
Awakening The 13th and latest Fire Emblem title. 2013 10★

Nintendo Power

Nintendo Power, the official Nintendo magazine in North America, wrote an infamous article on Genealogy of the Holy War, located here. The article itself acknowledged Nintendo of America, at the time, had no plans for an English release. So even if Nintendo of America agreed with the names, it's unlikely they gave them serious thought.

While most of the names in the article never appeared again, the name Serlis is later reused on the official site, although it is later axed in favour of Seliph in Fire Emblem Awakening.

NOJ/Fan Nintend Power Official (NA/EU)
Dragon of Darkness and Sword of Light The Lightning Sword and Dark Dragons -
Marth Marus Marth
Hardin Hardaine Hardin
Mediuth Medious Medeus
Mystery of the Emblem Secret of the Crest -
Genealogy of the Holy War The Descent of Jihad -
Siglud/Sigurd Zigludo -
Celice Serlis -

Fire Emblem Anime

The Mystery of the Emblem original video animation (OVA) closely followed the story of Book 1, but it lasted for two episodes before being cancelled. By some stroke of luck, the OVA was officially released in English, but not published by Nintendo. There were two versions of the OVA--one dubbed with English voices and the other retaining the original Japanese voices, but with English subtitles. Curiously, some of the names differ between the dub and sub.

Note: Only names written in text (for example in the subtitles, credits or the packaging) are included in this chart.

NOJ/Fan Dub Sub Official (NA/EU)
Marth Mars Mars Marth
Sheeda Shida Sheida Caeda/Shiida
Jeigan Jeigan Jaigan Jagen
Abel Abel Able Abel
Barts Barts ? Barst
?/Cornelius Cornelias Cornelius Cornelius
Dohga/Doga Doga Dohga Draug
Elice/Ellis Elis ? Elice
Garnef Garnev Garnef Gharnef
Gazak Gazak ? Gazzak
Gohdon/Gordon Gordon Gordon Gordin
Kain Kain Cain Cain
?/Leeza Lisa ? Liza
?/Mostyn Mostin ? (King Talys)
Oguma Ogma Oguma Ogma
Himan Haiman Hyman Hyman/Reynard
Jurian/Julian Julian Julian Julian
Rena Lena Lena Lena
Nabarl/Navarre Navarre Navahl Navarre/Nabarl
? Peket Bect (Anime only?)
Jiol ? Zion Jiol
Anri Anri Anri Anri
Mediuth Medius Medius Medeus
Falchion Falcion Falcion Falchion
Akaneia Akanea Akanea Archanea/Akaneia
Aritia Aritia Aritia Altea
Durhua Durhua Durhua Dolhr/Doluna
Khadein Khadin Khadin Khadein
Gra ? Gra Gra
Talis ? Talis Talys

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee, a Nintendo-developed fighting game that stars Marth and Roy. It was released before the first official Fire Emblem release and the popularity of Marth and Roy is said to have influenced Nintendo's decision to release the Fire Emblem series overseas. In terms of the names, there are no complaints here really, besides Pherae being called Pharae, Dolhr/Doluna as Dolua without the N, and Archanea/Akaneia as Akanea without the I in this game.

The "Sword of Seals" referenced in Melee is the name of item, although it's also the name of the game in the Japanese version.

Also, Guinivere was actually called Guinevere which it's also her name from the Japanese version of Binding Blade and The Blazing Blade.

NOJ/Fan SSBM Official (NA/EU)
Marth Marth Marth
Hardin Hardin Hardin
Mediuth Medeus Medeus
Anri Anri Anri
Falchion Falchion Falchion
Akaneia Akanea Archanea/Akaneia
Aritia Altea Altea
Durhua Dolua Dolhr/Doluna
Roy Roy Roy
Guinevere Guinevere Guinivere
Sword of Seals Sword of Seals -
Pherae Pharae Pherae
Ostia Ostia Ostia/Ositia
Lycia Lycia Lycia
Bern Bern Bern/Biran

Blazing Sword

The seventh Fire Emblem title and the first to be released officially in English. It follows the exploits of Eliwood, Hector and Lyn as they bring order to the continent of Elibe, 20 years before the events of Binding Blade. Because it's a prequel, some characters from Binding Blade are referenced in the dialogue or make cameo appearances.

The following names are treated as official names and not cameos, because they appear in the main story and cannot be avoided: Roy, Lilina, Zephiel, Guinivere, Murdock (and all the country names).

Roy and Lilina appear briefly at the very of the game, although this scene was cut from the European version. The term "Demon Dragon" also appears during this segment, although it's later translated as "Mage Dragon" in Shadow Dragon. For reference, the translation patch calls it "Dark Dragon", which may be slightly misleading.

Silesia is referenced in "Royal Palace of Silezha", a bonus track only obtainable in the American version through the Mario Kart Double Dash!! Bonus Disk and in the Japanese version via a special event. It was changed to Silesse in Fire Emblem Awakening.

NOJ/Fan Blazing Sword Official (NA/EU)
Roy Roy Roy
Lilina Lilina Lilina
Fa Fae -
Igrene Igrene -
Sofiya Sophia Sophia
Geese Geese -
Nimue/Niime Niime -
Magic/Demon Dragon Demon Dragon Mage Dragon
Silesia Silezha -

Official Site

The official English Fire Emblem site, located here. Has a lot of textual errors in the Path of Radiance section, possibly from a pre-release version? The Japanese-only titles are mentioned in the History of Fire Emblem mini-section.

The game titles "Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light" and "The Binding Blade" are later reused in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

However, during the release of Shadow Dragon, the European official Nintendo site referred to Dark Dragon and Sword of Light as "Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light" here, removing the unnecessary "s" in "Dragons" to fit with the remake. Then, later, the Iwata Asks for Shadow Dragon referred to Dark Dragon and Sword of Light as just "Shadow Dragon", to completely match the remake's name.

NOJ/Fan Official Site Official (NA/EU)
Dragon of Darkness and Sword of Light Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light -
Marth Marth Marth
Mediuth Medeus Medeus
Aritia Altea Altea
Gaiden Gaiden -
Arum Alm -
Cellica Celica -
Mystery of the Emblem Monshou no Nazo -
Genealogy of the Holy War Seisen no Keifu -
Siglud/Sigurd Sigurd -
Celice Serlis -
Thracia 776 Thracia 776 -
Sword of Seals The Binding Blade -
Roy Roy Roy

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The sequel to Super Smash Bros. Melee. Features some localisation errors in the Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn content, which brings doubt on the communcation between the localisation teams. The European version of Shadow Dragon follows most of the names here to a tee, but apparently this decision was made by Nintendo of Europe's localisation team, independent of the original American team. With one only exception of the Archanean/Akaneian related content in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that was never been reused in either of the versions of Shadow Dragon was Navarre/Nabarl's name as Nabaaru.

Celice and Mila are referenced in the music track "With Mila's Divine Protection (Celica Map 1)".

NOJ/Fan SSBB Official (NA/EU)
Dragon of Darkness and Sword of Light Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light -
Marth Marth Marth
Hardin Hardin Hardin
Mediuth Medeus Medeus
Anri Anri Anri
Sheeda Shiida Caeda/Shiida
Nabarl/Navarre Nabaaru Navarre/Nabarl
Akaneia Akaneia Archanea/Akaneia
Aritia Altea Altea
Durhua Doluna Dolhr/Doluna
Gaiden Gaiden -
Cellica Celica -
Mila Mila -
Mystery of the Emblem Monsho no Nazo -
Sword of Seals The Binding Blade -
Roy Roy Roy
Lilina Lilina Lilina
Rutger Rutoga -
Dieck Deke -


Fire Emblem: Awakening features dozens of references to past titles, thanks to the DLC and SpotPass content, which has a large focus on legacy titles. Many of the names are consistent with those from previous official media. Two notable exception is Silesse, which was known as Silezha in The Blazing Blade and Seliph, which was known as Serlis in the official website for The Blazing Blade; this is a good example that obscure cameos aren't always reliable.

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