Materials (Three Hopes)

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Name Buy Sell Rarity Description
Crude Building Material 250 25 2-star Wood and stone with obvious scratches and stains. Adequate for repairing floors and walls.
Basic Building Material 500 50 3-star Typical lumber and stone with broad architectural applications.
Quality Building Material 750 75 4-star Experienced artisans flock to these materials, which are utilized in noble manors and military construction alike.
Lavish Building Material 1000 100 5-star Carefully selected from across Fódlan, these exquisite materials are used to build castles and estates for the nobility's upper crust.
Recruit Training Gear 500 50 3-star All soldiers need equipment to train. Sometimes quantity must come before quality.
Veteran Training Gear 750 75 4-star Bespoke training equipment reserved for officers with their own command, wrought from quality materials.
Elite Training Gear 1000 100 5-star Only the finest warriors and commanders may handle this equipment. Rare and precious materials were used to craft every inch of it.
Beginner Combat Manual 500 50 3-star A parchment that covers the basics of military command. Nothing groundbreaking here, but it's a solid start.
Standard Combat Manual 750 75 4-star An illuminating document that delves into the nitty-gritty of troop management.
Advanced Combat Manual 1000 100 5-star This dense treatise on military ideals nourishes the mind and brims with ideas that can be put into practice.
Apprentice Smithing Set 500 50 3-star These tools have seen plenty of use. Considering the state they're in, they might not see much more.
Artisan Smithing Set 750 75 4-star Tools that a blacksmith can rely on. They're built to last and allow for precise work.
Master Smithing Set 1000 100 5-star Tools wrought of rare and precious metals that can be used to forge any weapon or armour in the world.
Humble Furnishings 500 50 3-star There's a warmth to this roughly hewn wooden furniture—but frankly, it's not worth much.
Basic Furnishings 750 75 4-star An artisan built this furniture. It's one of many similarly produced pieces, but that makes it no less fine.
Luxurious Furnishings 1000 100 5-star Furniture custom-built for nobility by the land's top artisans. The materials alone would fetch a hefty sum.
Sutler's License 500 50 3-star A license to peddle wares to armies. The hurdle to get your paws on one of these is not especially high.
Merchant's License 750 75 4-star You need the backing of a large firm to obtain this license, but with it you can ply your trade across the land.
Purveyor's License 1000 100 5-star Acquiring this license requires a sterling record.It opens doors to Fódlan's finest wares and allows the bearer to contract directly with noble houses.
Squire's Insignia 500 50 3-star A badge worn by many a squire. These are far too commonplace to be considered special.
Knight's Insignia 750 75 4-star An armoured horse is emblazoned on this badge.Wear it, and you'll be the envy of other soldiers.
Hero's Insignia 1000 100 5-star The imposing wyvern on this prized badge commands the respect of everyone on the battlefield.
Storage Bag 500 50 3-star This cloth bag can't hold anything too large, but it's better than nothing.
Storage Chest 750 75 4-star A large wooden chest with plenty of space to store most objects.
Storage Compartment 1000 100 5-star A massive storage container larger than any horse-drawn cart. The riches of Fódlan could fit inside.