Manfroy (Cipher)

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Manfroy - Series 19

Manfroy: Archbishop of the Loptr Church
Class Dark Bishop (Unique) Cost 5(4)
Symbol Holy War Flag None Affinities Male Tome None None None
Attack 60 Support 0 Range 1-2
Quote "Everything that I have done has served but one grand vision - a vision that is now fulfilled. Now, darkness eternal shall engulf this world!"
Skill 1 "Yield yourself to the dark." ACT Once Per Turn Choose 1 non-Main Character enemy, and play them face-down in your opponent's Bond Area.
Skill 2 Jormungand CONT If your opponent has 8 or more Bond cards, this unit gains +30 attack.
Card Code B19-095HN Illustrator Kazuhiro Taneda