Limstella (Cipher)

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Limstella: Genesis
Class Sage ({{{class_type}}}) Cost 4
Symbol None None Affinities None None None None None
Attack 60 Support 50 Range 1-2
Quote "I’ve come for your quintessence. All for the sake of my master."
Skill 1 {{{skill1}}}
Skill 2 {{{skill2}}}
Support Skill
Attack / Defence Support
"Life Drain" Destroy one allied non-Main Character unit, except for the unit currently battling.
Card Code {{{card_code}}} Illustrator cuboon
Comment Nergal's greatest Morph yet, Limstella bears a terrifying 50 Support. However, she comes not to assist your Main Character, but to take the quintessence of their comrades. Make sure to either keep your field with expendable cards, or keep only one other card deployed. A devastating card for both sides when supported.