Innate Abilities (Three Hopes)

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Innate Abilities are secret Abilities that characters can learn by mastering a certain class, usually one you might not put them in. These abilities do not appear when viewing the class tree.

With the exception of the Gatekeeper, each character has one Innate Ability (Gatekeeper has nearly all of them).

List of Innate Abilities

Icon Name Description Class
Three-hopes-ability126.png Proficient Witstrike Calculates damage for all attacks using the unit's Mag stat. Mortal Savant
Three-hopes-ability126.png Gather Brings nearby enemies in front of the unit before starting regular attack 1. Trickster
Three-hopes-ability126.png Range Master Increases attack range. Dark Knight/Holy Knight
Three-hopes-ability214.png Exalted Breath When using magic to restore the caster's or an ally's HP, the caster's Awakening Gauge is restored proportionally. Holy Knight
Three-hopes-ability088.png Flyswatter Increases both the Awakening and Warrior Gauge fill rates when attacking enemies that have been launched into the air. Falcon Knight
Three-hopes-ability417.png Ironclad Nullifies enemy attacks that would break, penetrate, or otherwise bypass the unit's guard. Great Knight
Three-hopes-ability126.png Inspiring Agility Enables dash attacks for all classes. Great Knight
Three-hopes-ability420.png Heaviest Hitter Causes strong attacks to produce the Stun Gauge at a high rate. Wyvern Lord
Three-hopes-ability126.png Domineer Increases damage dealt to enemies on foot. Wyvern Lord
Three-hopes-ability418.png Sharpshooter Causes critical hits to instantly defeat non-commander units. Bow Knight
Three-hopes-ability076.png Prepared to Die Rapidly restores the Warrior Gauge when HP is at 25% or below and the Warrior Gauge is less than one bar. War Master
Three-hopes-ability126.png Nullify Magic Nullifies enemies' offensive magic. Dark Knight/Dark Bishop/Gremory

Inner Abilities Per Character

Character Innate Ability Class
Shez Range Master Dark Knight
Edelgard Nullify Magic Gremory
Hubert Range Master Dark Knight
Dorothea Exalted Breath Holy Knight
Ferdinand Ironclad Great Knight
Bernadetta Inspiring Agility Great Knight
Caspar Range Master Dark Knight
Petra Flyswatter Falcon Knight
Linhardt Gather Trickster
Monica Gather Trickster
Dimitri Inspiring Agility Great Knight
Dedue Prepared to Die War Master
Felix Nullify Magic Dark Bishop
Mercedes Sharpshooter Bow Knight
Ashe Range Master Dark Knight
Annette Heaviest Hitter Wyvern Lord
Sylvain Nullify Magic Dark Bishop
Ingrid Sharpshooter Bow Knight
Rodrigue Inspiring Agility Great Knight
Claude Heaviest Hitter Wyvern Lord
Lorenz Proficient Witstrike Mortal Savant
Hilda Ironclad Great Knight
Raphael Exalted Breath Holy Knight
Lysithea Proficient Witstrike Mortal Savant
Ignatz Nullify Magic Dark Bishop
Marianne Range Master Holy Knight
Leonie Flyswatter Falcon Knight
Holst Nullify Magic Dark Bishop
Yuri Sharpshooter Bow Knight
Constance Flyswatter Falcon Knight
Balthus Nullify Magic Dark Bishop
Hapi Heaviest Hitter Wyvern Lord
Manuela Gather Trickster
Seteth Range Master Holy Knight
Flayn Nullify Magic Dark Knight
Catherine Exalted Breath Holy Knight
Shamir Gather Trickster
Jeritza Domineer Wyvern Lord
Byleth Exalted Breath Holy Knight
Jeralt Prepared to Die War Master
Rhea Nullify Magic Gremory
Sothis Proficient Witstrike Mortal Savant
Arval Domineer Wyvern Lord
Gatekeeper Proficient Witstrike Mortal Savant
Gatekeeper Gather Trickster
Gatekeeper Range Master Dark Knight
Gatekeeper Range Master Holy Knight
Gatekeeper Exalted Breath Holy Knight
Gatekeeper (Flyswatter) (Falcon Knight)
Gatekeeper Ironclad Great Knight
Gatekeeper Inspiring Agility Great Knight
Gatekeeper Heaviest Hitter Wyvern Lord
Gatekeeper Domineer Wyvern Lord
Gatekeeper Sharpshooter Bow Knight
Gatekeeper Prepared to Die War Master
Gatekeeper Nullify Magic Dark Bishop