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Hegemon Edelgard - Series 21

Hegemon Edelgard: At the End of the Ideals She Served
Class Hegemon Husk (Unique) Cost 7
Symbol Crest of the Goddess None Affinities Female Fang Monster None None
Attack 80 Support 0 Range 1-3
Quote "My progress cannot be stopped. The war's end will spell destruction for one of us. There can only be one ruler of the world..."
Skill 1 Wilted Flower AUTO When this unit's attack is evaded, your opponent chooses 2 cards from their hand, and sends them to the Retreat Area.
Skill 2 Crest Power Gods-Burning Hegemon HAND ACT [ Flip 1 Bond ] If you have 7 or more Bond cards, stack this card on top of an allied "Edelgard" to Level Up her.
Card Code B21-047HN Illustrator Kōji