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C Support

Felicia: All right. The tea leaves, the water, and the cups are all on the tray... Now I juuuuust need to watch my feet and walk straight forward... OK, here I go! One step... Two steps... You can do this, Felicia... Three steps... Four steps... Come on... If I just keep it up, I might even get all the way across the— KYAAAAAHHHHHHH! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!

Xander: Felicia! Are you hurt?

Felicia: Lord Xander?! What are you doing here? This is my secret practice spot!

Xander: Practice spot? Sorry, I just happened to be passing by. What is it that you're practicing here?

Felicia: Um, carrying tea.

Xander: Oh? Hm, it must be more difficult than I'd imagined. May I ask why you were looking at your feet?

Felicia: I thought that if I walked while looking at the ground, then I wouldn't trip and fall. But when I do that I just crash into the things I can't see in front of me.

Xander: Ah, so you end up spilling the tea anyway.

Felicia: Exactly.

Xander: Heh. What an intriguing person you are.

Felicia: H-hey! Please don't laugh!

Xander: *ahem* Yes, of course. I apologize. Well, good day, Felicia. Good luck with your training.

B Support

Felicia: Ugh. That's it! I give up! I'm hopeless at all of this tea stuff. I'm going to try my hand at something new. Something like...knitting! Yes, I bet knitting will be fun. Flora always made it look so easy. Hm, let's see. So I just take the ball of yarn and unravel the thread... *spin spin spin* Wait, this can't be right. Maybe if I— *spin spin spin* Oh. *wiggle* Oh dear. *wiggle wiggle* I can't seem to move my arms.

Felicia: Hello? Hellooo?! Someone! Anyone! Help meeeee!

Xander: Felicia! Are you all right? By the gods, you're all wrapped up in yarn!

Felicia: Lord Xander... Just passing by again, I suppose?

Xander: Yes, and lucky that I was, it seems. Do you require assistance? Well...yes. Would you please unwind all this yarn for me?

Xander: Yes, of course. Hold still for a moment. Hm... Felicia... How did you manage to bind yourself up like this? I don't think most prisoners are kept in bondage as secure as this mess.

Felicia: I'm sorry... Wait a second. I'm going to try to move.

Xander: Wait! Don't move!

Felicia: Huh?!

Xander: If you move, you'll wind up even more entangled than before.

Felicia: Oh, I suppose you're right. I'm sorry.

Xander: It's OK. I'll keep at it until I've gotten you out of there.

Felicia: My deepest apologies, Your Highness. This task does not befit a prince of Nohr...

Xander: It's no trouble. Just don't move, OK? Let's see... This end goes through here, so this one should loop around like so...

A Support

Felicia: All right. Today I'm going to practice cooking! Wait! Lord Xander?! What are you doing here?!

Xander: Ah. It appears I've already been spotted.

Felicia: What do you mean you've been spotted? What are you doing over there?

Xander: I suppose I have no choice but to tell you the truth. I was watching you practice.

Felicia: What? Why?

Xander: I find it...soothing.

Felicia: Soothing? What is that supposed to mean?

Xander: You always look like you're having fun, even when you make a mistake.

Felicia: I don't know if I'd call it "fun." There's a lot of pain involved. I'm pretty clumsy. But even if I weren't, why would it be soothing for you to watch me?

Xander: The title "Lord Xander, Crown Prince of Nohr" follows me everywhere. Even when I am alone, I cannot shed the mantle. Not truly. But when I watch you, here, in your own little world, I forget myself. Maybe you're not having fun, but you aren't burdened by the fate of the kingdom. And it does a crown prince good to see some levity now and then. You're just concerned with being the best maid you can be. As I said, it's soothing.

Felicia: Hm... Would you like to practice with me, Lord Xander?

Xander: Practice...being a maid?

Felicia: Precisely!

Xander: For what purpose?

Felicia: I think it would be even more soothing for you to do this stuff yourself! If you practice something long enough, you'll get completely absorbed in it. And if it's something new to you, you'll forget yourself all the quicker!

Xander: I see... Very well. I consent.

Felicia: Great! Let's begin! Would you please pour some water into this pot over here?

Xander: Like so?

Felicia: Yes, but be careful! I always spill it at this part... Phew, well done. OK, now to chop some vegetables...

S Support

Felicia: Lord Xander! You summoned me?

Xander: Yes, I did. Please, be at ease, Felicia. I did not call you here to reprimand you. I just wanted to thank you for teaching me what it is like to be a maid. It was an experience I will never forget.

Felicia: I'm glad you found it rewarding, milord. If you ever want to escape yourself again, I'd be happy to accommodate you. In fact, we could go practice our tea walks right now, if you'd like!

Xander: No, thank you. Today there is something else I wish to ask of you. Something very important.

Felicia: Something important? In that case, perhaps it would be better if we were to call on some of the others. I'm...a little forgetful. And I have trouble keeping up with things.

Xander: No, it would be difficult with others around. It's best this way, trust me.

Felicia: Yes, milord. As you wish.

Xander: Felicia... I want you to have this.

Felicia: W-wait! Isn't that...?

Xander: Yes. It's a wedding ring.

Felicia: But...why would you give this to me, milord? Should I clean it for you? Oh, unless... Unless you're asking... ?! Is this for me? Are you sure you didn't mean to give this to someone else?

Xander: I am quite sure. When you get to be my age, all anyone talks about is marriage. But I always worried that, should I marry, I'd be unable to make time for my wife. And even if I could, I didn't know if it would be more than just another royal obligation. But since I've grown so close to you... those fears have disappeared. I know that I will never have trouble making time for you, as you are ever on my mind. Felicia... Will you marry me?

Felicia: Yes! Yes, of course!

Xander: Thank you, Felicia. I feel as though you have lit a fire in my heart. And I ask that you, as my queen, bring this same fire to all the people of Nohr. Together, we will inspire them to rise anew from the ashes of the past!

Felicia: Y-yes, sir! I think I can do that! Probably!