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C Support

Velouria: Mmm... *nom* *nom* *nom*

Nina: Hey, Velouria. What are you eating? Feel like sharing?

Velouria: Hmm? Oh, just some raw meat. Can you believe someone left this on the ground?

Nina: What? Eww. You can't eat something that's been sitting on the ground!

Velouria: I don't see why not. Finders, eaters.

Nina: That's not what I mean. Won't it make you sick to your stomach?

Velouria: No, I think it will fill my belly quite nicely.

Nina: Ugh! Well, don't come crying to me when your stomach is all bloated and pukey.

Velouria: Grr...

Nina: What is it? Are you all right? I told you you were going to be sick!

Velouria: I'm not sick. I'm just disappointed that there isn't more raw meat.

Nina: Oh. Gah. You're really hard to read, you know that?

Velouria: So?

Nina: So...well...I just think everyone would appreciate it if you were more expressive.

Velouria: Eh.

Nina: I've got a great idea! Why don't the two of us practice together? You'll totally make more friends if you learn how to smile once in a while!

(Velouria leaves)

Nina: Hey, where are you going?

Velouria: Oh, I'm leaving. This doesn't sound like anything I want to deal with.

(Velouria leaves)

Nina: Ugh. What is WITH her? I was just trying to help her out!

B Support

Nina: All right, Velouria. Flex those cheek muscles and smile a little wider.

Velouria: ...

Nina: Hmm, OK. Now then, let's see your angry face.

Velouria: ...

Nina: Ugh. It's like you're not even trying. Those two faces were identical! Can you even express yourself at all?

Velouria: Of course I can. I just don't care to do it on command. And I think this practice session is a waste of time for us both.

Nina: Aw, come on. Don't be like that.

Velouria: Can I just get on with my day now?

Nina: Why won't you take this seriously?

Velouria: I already told you. I don't understand the point.

Nina: The point is that it will help you relate to some of the people around you! Yeesh!

Velouria: But I like things the way they are. People are complicated.

Nina: Well, that's true, but having friends to spend time with is worth the effort.

Velouria: I actually prefer to spend most of my time alone. This is normal among wolfskin.

Nina: If you say so. I guess I just don't get it.

Velouria: I do have one question for you.

Nina: What's that?

Velouria: Why would you go out of your way to try to help me?

Nina: Easy. Because you're my friend. Right?

Velouria: I see. So you would sacrifice your own time and energy for one you consider a friend?

Nina: Uh, of course! Haven't you heard the saying? "That's what friends are for."

Velouria: Clearly I have not. But...thank you. I do understand a selfless act when I see one.

A Support

Nina: Velouria...do you have a moment?

Velouria: Yes?

Nina: I just wanted to apologize for putting you through all that weird facial training. I realized you're happy the way you are, and I shouldn't question that. So if I can't read your expressions, well, that's my problem, not yours.

Velouria: Aw. You're sweet, Nina.

Nina: Wait, what was that? Where was that smile when I was trying to pry one out of you?

Velouria: Like I said...I don't have a problem expressing myself. I just prefer not to do it on command. But after seeing the lengths you've gone on my behalf, this feels natural.

Nina: Well, thank you! I'm glad that the time we spent wasn't a TOTAL waste.

Velouria: On the contrary, I feel as though I've gained some insight into human culture.

Nina: Wait...did your tail just wag?

Velouria: Yes...wolfskin tails tend to wag involuntarily when we are happy.

Nina: Well, you're more expressive than I could have ever imagined. Now I feel foolish!

Velouria: It's not your fault, Nina. We don't normally tell humans about such things. But you're my friend.

Nina: Oh, Velouria! Thanks so much! And sorry again for pushing human standards on you.

Velouria: Please don't fret about it. I do live among humans, so it's helpful to understand.

Nina: Likewise, I'd love to learn more about wolfskin culture.

Velouria: What for? You don't even have a tail.

Nina: Well, sure, but I'm genuinely curious. And I thought it might bring us closer together.

Velouria: I see. Well, I don't see any reason why I can't share a few things with you. I, too, would like to become closer, Nina. So let's start with the ears. When they droop down, I'm sad.

Nina: Fascinating! And what about when you scratch your neck with your hind leg?

Velouria: I have literally never done that.