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C Support

Subaki: Oh, great... Why'd it have to be you they assigned to this job?

Setsuna: I don't understand...

Subaki: You were selected to help train the new recruits, right? I understand why I was chosen, but I have no idea why they would pick you.

Setsuna: Why was I chosen...

Subaki: Yes, that is what I'm asking you.

Setsuna: Oh. I have no idea. It's an important job, though. We should be sure to do it right...

Subaki: I never thought I'd hear you say something like that. Anyway, we should figure out how best to divide the work between us. I think I'll handle figuring it out, though. You might get distracted...

Setsuna: Thank you, Subaki...

Subaki: Hmmm... How about you handle the archery training... You're exceptional with a bow and arrow, after all.

Setsuna: I can do that...

Subaki: And... No, that's it. I'll take care of all the rest. It's probably better that way.

Setsuna: OK... Do your best, Subaki.

Subaki: You too, Setsuna.

B Support

Subaki: Setsuna, why did you break away from the group back there?

Setsuna: Um, back where?

Subaki: In the valley, where the recruits were practicing marching. They were marching in perfect unison when you suddenly broke off in another direction.

Setsuna: Oh. That's because I saw some wild strawberries and mushrooms... See how tasty they look? Would you like a few?

Subaki: N-no, I think I'm good for now. But listen, you can't just go off and do things like that. You're a teacher. The new recruits are trying to learn from you, so you can't display bad habits. You could accidentally teach them to fall into traps, like you do.

Setsuna: I am quite good at that...

Subaki: *sigh* This time, nothing bad happened, but it may not always be that way. You have to take good care of your recruits.

Setsuna: I'm sure my recruits will appreciate the food I found, though.

Subaki: Setsuna, you're leading them. You need to demonstrate leadership behavior. Good leadership behavior!

Setsuna: You're saying I'm a leader?

Subaki: Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

Setsuna: Thank you so much for the compliment, Subaki. No one has ever called me a leader.

Subaki: I'm... *sigh* I'm not complimenting you, Setsuna. I'm saying you need to display leadership skills. It's our job to train these recruits. We have to work together. I'm counting on you.

Setsuna: OK... I'll do my best...

A Support

Setsuna: Hello, Subaki...

Subaki: Ah, Setsuna. Do you need something?

Setsuna: Have you got a moment?

Subaki: I do. In fact, I had something I wanted to talk with you about, as well.

Setsuna: Oh. Well, you can go first.

Subaki: Go ahead. You sought me out, so yours may be more important.

Setsuna: OK... I was thinking that maybe I should resign as an instructor for the recruits.

Subaki: Excuse me? Why would you do that?

Setsuna: Because, despite you telling me to focus, I drifted off into the mountains again. I saw some rare plants and went to get them, so I caused more trouble for you.

Subaki: Oh, yeah. Well, what I had to say actually relates to that. One of the recruits told me the other day that he really looks up to you.

Setsuna: Really? But why...

Subaki: He's really impressed with how observant you are. No one knew that plant was there. He said that marching with you makes a dreary task exciting and interesting. Somehow, he's learning things from your little detours during marches.

Setsuna: I'm glad that it's helping...

Subaki: Hearing what he had to say, I realized I needed to reconsider what I said to you. I now think it's good that they have someone like you to look up to. I apologize for being so hard on you. So, knowing that... Will you give training another shot? I'll help you however I can!

Setsuna: OK. I'll try again. I'm happy that they are learning from me. I'll do my best to be a good example...

Subaki: Perfect! That's the spirit! I'll see you bright and early tomorrow.

S Support

Setsuna: Hey, Subaki...

Subaki: Ah, there you are, Setsuna! I've noticed you working hard to train the recruits! I'm only hearing positive things.

Setsuna: Really? I'm glad that's happening...

Subaki: Anyway, did you need something?

Setsuna: Yes... I was talking with some of the recruits earlier today... They said something to me that really struck me.

Subaki: Oh, really? Was it about your training? Something they find really helpful?

Setsuna: No, it wasn't related to training...

Subaki: Hrm. What was it about, then?

Setsuna: They said that you and I make a really good team. Also, we apparently look good together...

Subaki: I... Excuse me?

Setsuna: And after they said it I paid a bit more attention... I think they're right... And I realized that I really do like you.

Subaki: Setsuna...

Setsuna: And that's all I had to say. See you later...

(Setsuna leaves)

Subaki: Hang on; you're leaving? Where are you going?!

Setsuna: Home, of course. I'm all done talking...

Subaki: But...this conversation isn't over, I think. After what you said, don't you need to hear how I feel about you, too?

Setsuna: Nope. You don't have to like me as well, or anything like that. I just wanted you to know how I felt.

Subaki: Oh, Setsuna... You really can miss the obvious sometimes, you know that? Of course I like you as well.

Setsuna: Oh...

Subaki: I'll admit, at first that wasn't true at all. But eventually I realized I was pushing you to improve because I cared that you did. I cared about you. Knowing that you feel the same, it just seems so perfect for us to be together. What do you say?

Setsuna: Yes, of course... I'm happy...

Subaki: Me, too! You know the recruits are really going to gossip now...

Setsuna: I don't care... As long as we're together...