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C Support

Silas: What was that?! Is someone firing on our position?! Is this an enemy attack? Where are their archers firing from?! Huh? You there, in the hole...are you Setsuna? The Hoshidan archer?!

(Silas leaves)

Setsuna: Yep...it's me.

(Setsuna leaves)

Silas: What are you doing down there?! Oh! Are you taking cover from the ambush?

(Silas leaves)

Setsuna: No...I fell into a pit. I'll probably starve to death if I don't get out.

(Setsuna leaves)

Silas: Well, we can't have that. Take my hand!

Silas: There, I've got you.

Setsuna: Thanks...

Silas: Keep your wits about you, though. We've definitely blundered into an enemy trap. They were firing on me only moments ago. Their snipers could be anywhere...

Setsuna: Oh! That was me.

Silas: It was...you?

Setsuna: I was trying to get you to look, so I fired an arrow...

Silas: That seems a bit irresponsible... What would you have done if it hit me?

Setsuna: Oh, it's OK. That pit over there is a hunting snare. So you can relax. There's no enemy troops around...

Silas: You fell into a hunting snare? You're an odd duck, Setsuna.

Setsuna: I'm odd? What a nice thing to say... Thanks.

Silas: Er...what? Anyway, please take care, Setsuna.

B Support

Silas: Setsuna...

Setsuna: You look mad... Did someone spoil your breakfast?

Silas: No. We had just routed an enemy force and were headed back to camp... When suddenly, there came an arrow at us from behind. We braced for an attack, thinking that some of their number had survived... But it was just you again.

Setsuna: Yeah, I remember. I sorta had to, because I fell into a pit again.

Silas: But, Setsuna, don't you see? You didn't have to do that. A better option would have been to call for help before shooting willy-nilly.

Setsuna: I dunno... I didn't want to say anything...

Silas: I think it's better to say something, though. Imagine the consequences if someone had been hit.

Setsuna: Oh, that's OK. I wasn't shooting for real.

Silas: I don't think I'm getting through to you, Setsuna. It's a simple solution. When you fall into a pit, just call, "Help!" You can do that, can't you?

Setsuna: Hee...heehee...

Silas: Why are you turning red...?

Setsuna: You thought I could do it... It was a nice compliment...

Silas: Oh dear. I'm starting to worry about you... Are you suffering from a head injury?

Setsuna: Aw, stop it... You're making me blush...

Silas: What?! I need to get out of here before I start to doubt my own sanity...

A Support

Silas: Setsuna...I wanted to thank you.

Setsuna: You're welcome. For what?

Silas: For everything. You saved all our lives. This happened after we rode out the other day... We were in high spirits in the wake of our victory, so an ambush caught us unawares. We were so utterly unprepared that we might have been completely annihilated. Just when all seemed lost, arrows came raining down, driving the enemy away. You fired those arrows, didn't you?

Setsuna: Oh, that. Yeah. That was me... I fell in a pit...again...so I was firing arrows for attention...again.

Silas: Oh, is that what happened? I did wonder if it was by design... So it was sheer luck that your mishap ended well for us.

Setsuna: Heehee...

Silas: Wh-why are you so happy about this?

Setsuna: Because I'm embarrassed. You called it a mishap...

Silas: ... Well, the fact of the matter is, whatever the reason, you saved us. So I'm grateful. It was an impressive display of archery.

Setsuna: ...

Silas: What's wrong? You still seem cross.

Setsuna: If you want to thank me...give me a real compliment.

Silas: But I...did? I just thanked you, and then praised your skill with a bow.

Setsuna: Then say it louder.

Silas: Thank you, Setsuna! Truly, you do more by accident than most archers do on purpose!

Setsuna: Wow...you really mean it...

S Support

Silas: Thank you for seeing me, Setsuna.

Setsuna: Why'd you want me all the way out here?

Silas: I'll say it plainly: Setsuna, I came to ask for your hand in marriage.

(Setsuna leaves)

Silas: Uh—! Setsuna! What happened? Where did you go?!

Setsuna: I'm still here...

Silas: Another pitfall? Unbelievable... Whose idea was it to dig a hole here? Here, give me your hand. Are you all right?

Setsuna: Thanks, Silas...

Silas: Where were we...oh, right. So? Do you have an answer?

Setsuna: Remind me what we were talking about...?

Silas: I-I was saying... I'm requesting your hand in marriage. I even brought a ring for the occasion!

Setsuna: Why do you want to marry me?

Silas: You need me to explain...? Err, well... I'll admit, my first impression of you wasn't overwhelmingly positive... But somewhere along the way, I found myself captivated by your unique charms. To go even one day without them would be intolerably dull... You might say I'm hooked on you, Setsuna.

Setsuna: ... OK. I'll take the ring.

Silas: Good. I'm pleased to hear it. We both come from high families within our respective kingdoms. And that may pose a few difficulties for us...

Setsuna: It'll all work out somehow.

Silas: Oh? What makes you think so?

Setsuna: I'm not sure. I just get that feeling.

(Setsuna leaves)

Silas: Hmmmm...if that's what you say, then that's what I'll believe. What the—she's disappeared again! Setsuna! Speak to me!

Silas: An arrow?! Th-that was too close for comfort!

Setsuna: Over here...

Silas: You fell into a pit AGAIN?!

Setsuna: Yeah...get used to it. You're gonna have to deal with this a lot if we get married... Is that still OK with you?

Silas: You think that worries me? I'm past the point of being able to live without you. No matter how many pits you find to fall down, I'll be there to give you a hand out. Even if the whole world were covered in pitfalls!

Setsuna: ... Aww. Thanks, Silas...