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C Support

Nina: Eheheheheheh. I can't wait for this play! Two male leads? De-lish! Sign me up! I can see it now: Their hidden feelings for each other ripening, their eyes meeting... They realize that they're all alone... And then it happens! Ohohoho. Perfect! I just hope I can get some good seats...

Shiro: Wh-wh-wh-whooooaaaa! Watch out!

Nina: I can't wait! This is gonna be better than— YOWIE!

Shiro: I'm so sorry! Are you all right? Oh, hey! It's you! How's it going, Nina?

Nina: Sh-Shiro?! Man, what is wrong with you?! Watch where you're going next time!

Shiro: Aw, gimme a break! I just got distracted by that shiny coin over there. I'm sorry. And you didn't look like you were paying that much attention either.

Nina: W-well, er—

Shiro: Come to think of it, you were walking pretty quickly, too. Headed somewhere?

Nina: AH! I almost forgot! I don't have time for this! I need to get to the play!

Shiro: Huh? The play? Oh! You mean that one they're doing in the town plaza? That sounded pretty neat, actually. Mind if I tag along? Ah man, this is gonna be great!

Nina: What? No! I'm going by myself!

Shiro: Aww, what's it matter? C'mon, it'll be more fun to see it with someone else! It's a comedy about two buddies learning to grow up, right? One's tight laced and serious, and the other's a wacky free spirit? What a hoot! Look, it even says it'll be a "romp" right there on the flyer! Who doesn't love a good romp with a friend?

Nina: I just told you! I don't want—

Shiro: Perfect! Let's go! We gotta hurry if we're gonna get some seats though, yeah?

Nina: H-hey! Hold your horses! But I wanted to see it alone! Shirooooooo!

B Support

Nina: *sigh* That play the other day was fun, but I didn't get to fantasize much at all! That big ol' boor kept hooting and guffawing the whole time! He has no taste for the finer things in life. Like men. Plural men.

Shiro: Hey, Nina! Wasn't that play we went to the greatest?

Nina: S-speak of the devil! Mr. Loud-Snorting- Hooting-Guffaw-Man himself!

Shiro: Whuh? Was I laughing too loud for you? Huh. You're more sensitive than I'd thought! Haha.

Nina: Yeesh. You could at least sound a bit more apologetic about it!

Shiro: Hahaha. Sorry, sorry. You're right. I was just surprised you didn't have fun. I mean, the second they lifted the curtain, you started grinning and giggling.

Nina: Wh-what? I did?

Shiro: Yeah! Haha. You kept saying stuff like "Get closer!" and "Great line!" I think you kept telling them to "kith," too, but I don't really know what you meant... You did say "kith," right? But they were already friends...

Nina: I-I see... Ah...I'm sorry if I was a little too loud...

Shiro: Oh, no worries. I didn't pay it much mind at all. I had tons of fun! Especially when the fight scene started! I was on the edge of my seat.

Nina: Hm. Yeah, that was pretty good. The choreography was great. But I don't think I'd say it was the best scene. That scene on the cliffside, where they have to prove their friendship, though... Woo! Wow-ee! Talk about drama!

Shiro: Yeah, that wasn't half-bad either!

Nina: Just thinking about it now is giving me shivers... Accused of being a traitor, he confesses to his friend he doesn't know what to do... He can betray the country that falsely accused him or he can save it... And his friend says he'll support him no matter what! And then there's the dance-off at the end to win the fifty-thousand-gold prize! So much physical contact...eheheh. I'm certain they were in love!

Shiro: Uh...love? I didn't get that vibe at all.

Nina: I know it! When they held hands on the beach...something awoke in them! "But how can you love one such as me?" "Let the sea wash your troubles away..."

Shiro: N-Nina? I don't think I remember that scene... Are you all right?

Nina: O-oh! Sorry! I think I got carried away again.

Shiro: That's OK...I'm just not sure what you're going on about... I thought it was just a pretty simple buddy play. Hmm. But maybe you're right... I'll just have to think about it some more!

Nina: A-ah, no, haha, you shouldn't do that! I'm just being silly! In fact, it'd be best if you forgot this whole conversation! N-now, if you'll just excuse me...

(Nina leaves)

Shiro: H-hey, wait! ...Nina? Huh. Wonder what that was all about?

A Support

Shiro: Heya, Nina.

Nina: GAH! Shiro?!

Shiro: Why'd you take off so suddenly the other day? I thought we were having a pretty good conversation about that play...

Nina: N-no reason. Didn't I tell you to forget everything I said anyways?

Shiro: Well, yeah, you did. But I was worried I said something to offend you...

Nina: Huh? No, you didn't do anything. I was just embarrassed. 'Cause...y'know...I started saying all that weird stuff.

Shiro: Weird stuff? I don't remember that.

Nina: You know, about the two leads being secretly in love...?

Shiro: Ohhhh. That stuff.

Nina: I'm just so dumb sometimes. I didn't mean to say all that out loud... I mean, it's really embarrassing, and I know the play wasn't really romantic... I'm sure you thought I was crazy...

Shiro: Hm? No, I didn't mind it at all.

Nina: Huh?

Shiro: I mean, you had fun, right? And you felt it was pretty moving? Everyone who watched it was bound to get something different out of it. No big deal. I'm sure the actors would have loved to have heard you liked it so much!

Nina: Huh. That was a way more thoughtful reply than I'd ever have expected from you.

Shiro: Yeah, every now and then, right? Haha!

Nina: Teehee. Maybe it'd be fun to go to another play sometime.

Shiro: That'd be great! I think they're putting on another play next week. Something about a melancholy prince whose father was murdered and usurped.

Nina: Huh? I don't know. That sounds a little too dark for me... Although...oooooh. Hehehehe.

Shiro: Huh?

Nina: Maybe if the prince and this "usurper" got to know each other... And the prince becomes tortured by his budding feelings... Unsure of the right course to take—duty on the one hand, love on the other! Ohohoho! Why did I never think of this before?!

Shiro: Haha! So you'll come with me then? Perfect!

Nina: Oh boy, will I ever!

S Support

Shiro: Thanks for inviting me to that play, Nina. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

Nina: Heehee. No problem! It's nice being able to go to things like this with someone else. Most of the time I'm too embarrassed because of...you know. The muttering stuff.

Shiro: I'm glad you had fun! And maybe sometime you could tell me what you were imagining. I catch snippets of what you're saying, but I'd love to hear the whole thing!

Nina: O-oh.

Shiro: I don't think it's a bad thing. I'm sure you come up with some great stories. And I think it's pretty neat how engrossed you get in what you're watching. You've got an amazing imagination. I'm jealous!

Nina: I don't know if it's really all that praiseworthy... Fantasizing is just what I really like to do! More than just about anything else.

Shiro: Haha. Really? I didn't realize it was so important to you.

Nina: Oh yeah! I'd die if I couldn't fantasize about...y'know...anymore! It's...important to me.

Shiro: Hmm...I see.

Nina: Shiro? You OK?

Shiro: Say, can I ask you something? Am I important to you, Nina?

Nina: Wh-what?! Where did that come from?!

Shiro: I just...I realized lately that you're very important to me. I've come to treasure our time together more than anything else. I can't say I understand your hobbies, but you always seem to have so much fun. And I think you've got about the best smile in the world! You're charming, Nina. And... I like you.

Nina: Shiro... I don't know what to say...

Shiro: Not interested? It's OK if you aren't. I just thought it was time I told you.

Nina: No, that's not it! I was just surprised, is all. I never expected it from you. But, now that you've come out and said it... I guess I gotta admit, I like you too!

Shiro: Really?

Nina: Mhm! You've got a big heart, and you've been so understanding with me. Not to mention, you're easy on the eyes. Just oozing with masculinity! Teehee. If you'll have me, I'll gladly be your girlfriend.

Shiro: Woohoo! This might be the best day of my entire life! Oh, hey, maybe we should see another play for our first date together! There's one playing next week about two guys waiting a long time for someone else! I hear it's almost all about them and their relationship! You'd love it!

Nina: Sounds great to me, mister boyfriend!