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C Support

Nina: Hmm... Where did Shigure wander off to? He probably didn't walk to the hill or fields, but I couldn't find him at camp. Oh my gods! I bet he's probably hanging out with a gorgeous man somewhere. Ugh, I have to find him!

Shigure: *singing*

Nina: Ah, there he is! Why is he just sitting on that tree stump? I guess I was wrong about the beautiful man. But who are those people he's with? There sure are a lot of them. Wait, WHAT?! Th-those aren't people! They're a whole bunch of forest animals! Rabbits, squirrels...even bears? What in the name of the gods is going on? Wow. They're all sitting there so quietly.

Shigure: I think that's enough for one day. How did you all like it?

Nina: Don't even tell me that he's trying to have a conversation with a bunch of animals.

Shigure: Ahh! Who's there? Oh no! Come back!

Nina: Ack! The animals are all running away. Oops, sorry, Shigure. I didn't mean to frighten them. It's all my fault.

Shigure: You just startled them, Nina. And you startled me too! But don't worry about it. They can't help being a little bit shy. So tell me, what are you doing all the way out here?

Nina: I came here looking for you, silly. Since we grew up apart, I feel like we never really got to know each other. I was wondering if you wanted to spend some time together and talk! Come on, Big Brother! Please?!

Shigure: Oh, really? I don't know what to say. I don't think I'm the most interesting person around. You might be better off trying to make friends with people who are more outgoing.

Nina: But you're my brother! I just want some sibling bonding time!

Shigure: Please, don't feel obligated to try and be my friend, just because of that. Honestly, I'm not in the most social mood right now. If you'll excuse me.

(Shigure leaves)

Nina: H-hey! Wait up! Jeez, he's already gone. Shigure sure does keep his guard up.

B Support

Nina: I wonder where Shigure ran off to today? I wish he was hanging out with a bunch of cute guys... But I bet he's in that clearing again. Surrounded by all of his animal friends like last time. Yep! I was right. Hi, Shigure!

Shigure: Nina?! What are you doing out here? Ah! Oh no! Wait!

Nina: Oopsy! I scared them all off again. Wow, they're running really fast. Sorry about that.

Shigure: Oh, don't worry about it. They aren't used to other people being around here. They just startle easily.

Nina: Ohhh, I gotcha. It's amazing that you were able to tame a bunch of wild animals, Shigure. I could never do something like that. Admittedly I'd rather tame a pack of handsome men, but still.

Shigure: Why were you looking for me again? Did you need something?

Nina: Yeah, I wanted to talk. It's too bad that I can't spy on you now that we're together. Err, I mean I'm sad that we haven't gotten to talk that much. I'd really like to know you better.

Shigure: Oh, I see. Well sure, we can hang out if you really want to. I appreciate that you want to get to know who I am. Listen, I'm sorry for being rude the other day. The last thing I want to do is let you down.

Nina: Really? So I can stick around and hang out with you? Can you try and get the animals from earlier to come back?

Shigure: The animals... Ah, well. I don't think they'll want to come back while you're here.

Nina: Why not? They seem to like you a lot. Maybe I can tame them too if I work extra hard. Is there some kind of secret to it?

Shigure: It's not about taming them... Hmm... I'm not sure if this will help, but... Animals are highly sensitive to the feelings of people around them. Most likely, they detected something in you that drove them off. They were fine until you got here, so I think it was definitely related to you, Nina.

Nina: To me? But I wasn't thinking anything bad about them at all!

Shigure: Are you sure? Were you sizing them up to figure out which one might make a tasty dinner? Even just for a moment?

Nina: Shigure, the thought never crossed my mind. I just wanted to play with them. There's nothing else to do around here...

Shigure: Of course, I'm sorry. That's just the biggest reason I could think of for them to run away. I appreciate how sincere you are about befriending them. I'll try to think of what you could do to make them feel more safe around you. I'm happy to help out my adorable sister.

Nina: Really?! You will? That's so exciting!

A Support

Nina: Hey, Shigure...

Shigure: What's the matter, Nina? You look pretty unhappy today.

Nina: Well... I wanted to ask about the animals that you play with...

Shigure: Oh? Did you go to visit them while I was out and about? I'm just about to head out now, if you want to come along. Do you think you're ready to prove that you don't mean them any harm?

Nina: I've been thinking a lot about what you said the other day... You're probably right about them sensing something with me.

Shigure: What do you mean? Were you feeling some strong emotion when you arrived?

Nina: I-I was feeling jealous of the animals. You were so friendly with them, and you wouldn't give me the time of day! At that moment, I just wanted them to go away so I could talk to you. That's why they thought I was their enemy. I feel like such a bully...

Shigure: Nina, I'm glad that you thought about this and talked to me.

Nina: Yeah. But I don't think I'm gonna go with you to the clearing anymore.

Shigure: Don't say that! I think you should definitely go back. You've opened up, and the animals will be able to tell you've changed. Now that you don't feel jealous, they'll look at you differently.

Nina: Huh? I'm not sure...

Shigure: I am. You didn't have to tell me you were feeling jealous, but you did anyway. That tells me that you've got a good soul inside of you. They'll be able to tell, too. Look! There's a rabbit coming this way!

Nina: Eek!! What do I do, Shigure?!

Shigure: Just calm down... Relax—take a breath. Quiet your mind, and be peaceful... Just think about how you want to be friends with the furry critter.

Nina: O-OK, I'll try... AAH!! Look! Look! I'm petting him. It's working, Shigure! He's not running away or anything. Awww, he's such a cute little guy...

Shigure: See? I told you it would all be fine.

Nina: Thank the gods! This is amazing!

Shigure: Now you can meet all the other animals! I think you will get along with everyone. Let's wander to the clearing in the woods. I bet your new friends will be waiting there.

Nina: Thanks, Shigure! You're the best big brother in the whole wide world.