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C Support

Nina: *huff* *huff* Whew, I think I made it...

Shigure: Nina? What's wrong? Were you running away from someone?

Nina: Shigure! You surprised me. Yes, I was. From a stranger.

Shigure: What?! Where is the scoundrel? He won't escape me on foot—

Nina: No, no, you misunderstand. He wasn't threatening me. He said he was an artist, and then asked if I was interested in doing some modeling. And I didn't know what to say, so I just screeched something and ran away. Gods, how embarrassing...

Shigure: That's dreadful. I'm sorry to hear you've had a tough afternoon. But to be painted by an artist...does that really sound so bad?

Nina: Well, no, I guess not. It might be sort of fun...but I'd feel so self-conscious about it.

Shigure: I completely understand. It would be very unsettling for one not used to it. We don't like people staring at us for a reason, after all. But I also understand why that fellow wished to capture your image on canvas. I think you'd make a wonderful subject for a painting!

Nina: Oh stop! You're making me blush!

Shigure: Haha! I'm sorry. But would you consider allowing me to paint you? Maybe having a friend behind the easel will reduce your self-consciousness.

Nina: Oh, Shigure. I couldn't possibly ask you to make a portrait of me!

Shigure: I assure you, I want to do it. I'm asking you, remember? And while you're there, I can show you some examples of my work. I've done all sorts of things. Landscapes, still lifes, portraits...

Nina: Portraits? Like...of men?

Shigure: Yes, of course. I've painted pictures of men and women, young and old.

Nina: Um...OK. I'll model for you.

Shigure: Really? Splendid! Although, why the sudden change of heart?

Nina: Sorry, that's for me alone to know. Now, tell me more about some of these portraits... And about your relationships with your male models...

B Support

Nina: Grrrrrrr...

Shigure: Nina? You look a bit stiff. Is there any chance you could loosen up a bit?

Nina: This is so impossible! I thought models were just supposed to sit! Why do I have to worry about what my face looks like? Ughhhh. My cheeks hurt!

Shigure: I-I never realized it was that difficult. No one's complained before... I'm not sure if this will help, but try to understand why I need you to stick it out. You don't want to look like you're about to cry in your portrait, do you? This could last for the rest of your life. You wouldn't want it to be ruined.

Nina: I-I can't help it! This whole thing just makes me so nervous!

Shigure: *sigh* So what do you suppose we do? Hm... Perhaps a song would help.

Nina: A song?

Shigure: Yes. My mother's special song—I'm sure you've heard it before—it's quite calming. Here, let's try it. Just close your eyes, and breathe deeply... You are the ocean's gray waves ♪ Destined to seek life beyond the shore...

Nina: Oh, my. Your voice is incredible, Shigure! I feel so at peace. Heeheehee.

Shigure: Perfect! Now THAT'S the expression I was looking for.

Nina: Huh? R-really?

Shigure: Really. You have a beautiful and unique little smile, Nina. It's mischievous, quizzical, and most of all, adorable. If only I could get it on canvas... Hm... If I kept singing while I painted, would it help you hold that expression?

Nina: Oh, no, you don't have to do that! That sounds like way too much to ask. I think singing as much as you did was more than enough! Thank you, though. I'll do my best to hold my face juuuust so! Heehee.

Shigure: Splendid! I'm almost done, so I just need you to hang in there a little bit longer.

Nina: Alrighty! (Just focus on his paintings, Nina. Oooh, what's this one?) (Why hello there, Mr. Banker! You should meet...Mr. Mercenary over there. Yes!) ("Oh, Mr. Mercenary, what strong hands you have!" Oohoohoohoo!) ("And what fine trousers YOU have on! But are they a bit torn...there?")

Shigure: A-ah... Hm. Something about her smile just now... Hm. It's probably nothing.

A Support

Shigure: Nina! Perfect! I was looking for you. I wasn't sure if I thanked you properly for modeling for me. So... Thank you, Nina. Speaking of which, I just put the finishing touches on your portrait. Would you like to see it?

Nina: Oh boy, I can't wait! And no worries, Shigure. It was my pleasure. Allllll mine. You had so many...attractive portraits for me to look at while I sat. Teeheehee.

Shigure: Ah...Nina?

Nina: I'm sorry—what were we talking about? Oh! Right! My portrait! Gimme, gimme!

Shigure: Very well. I am proud to present to you: Maiden with the Mischievous Smile.

Nina: Whoa! This is me?! Are you sure I smile like that? I look a lot cuter in this than I do in the mirror...

Shigure: Haha. I assure you, I tried to paint you accurately to the best of my ability. I told you you had a charming smile. Do you like it?

Nina: I love it! Thank you so much!

Shigure: It was my pleasure. I'm always happy when a painting turns out as well as this one.

Nina: Say...I was wondering...have you painted any others since I was last over?

Shigure: Hm? Oh, yes, I've done a few new ones.

Nina: Really? Would you mind showing them to me? I've become a big fan of your work! (Ehehehehehe.)

Shigure: I'd love to! And, in return, may I ask you to model for me again in the future?

Nina: Absolutely! Now, how about a peek at some of those new pieces. Oooh, have you done any beach scenes lately? Or mayhaps one in the hot spring?

Shigure: N-no. What peculiar locations. I will consider them though, if you'd like... But thank you for obliging me. Something about you seems to whet my imagination.

Nina: What a coincidence! Your paintings really whet my imagination too!

Shigure: Hmmm. I wonder...what should my next portrait of you be... Perhaps one with you astride my pegasus... Or maybe something more somber...?

Nina: (I can't wait to see the new pictures! Heeheehee.) (I can see one now: An intense, rugged woodsman with his axe held high...) (His great big grizzly-bear arms, and his long black locks, and dark, fiery eyes!)

Shigure: I can't paint you on the battlefield, but I'd like to show your courageous side... Maybe one of you committing a burglary at a corrupt estate...

Nina: (Or one of a soldier, with a sexy waxed mustache and golden hair!) (His shirt torn open, pectorals rippling under golden-bronze skin...)

Shigure: Ah, well, whatever the case, I look forward to next time.

Nina: Heheh. You and me both, brother.

S Support

Shigure: Aaaaand done! Perfect. Thank you so much for modeling for me again, Nina.

Nina: Aw, it was nothing! Now, how 'bout you show me some of those new paintings of yours...

Shigure: But of course. Anything for my muse!

Nina: Hmm... Oh, yes. This will do nicely. Just gonna keep that one in the ol' noggin. Oh! There's one of me. And another...and another...and another. Drat. Not too many hunks in this batch...

Shigure: Ah, Nina, I apologize, but could you hold still for a moment?

Nina: Huh? Why? I thought you finished the painting.

Shigure: I did, but...the way you were standing just now... Just one second! I'd like to get a sketch down on paper. It will take no time at all!

Nina: O-OK...

Shigure: Hm...

Nina: ...Is it really that fun to do so many pictures of one model? Wouldn't you prefer to do more paintings of other people?

Shigure: Hm? Why do you ask?

Nina: Well, you've just been doing a lot of me lately. I think a little variety would be good. Maybe some more...masculine subjects would let you stretch your artistic muscles.

Shigure: Ah, I see. No, thanks! I'd very much prefer to continue doing paintings of you. I appreciate your concern, however.

Nina: Oh, don't be silly! There's no way you like me that much!

Shigure: You...are correct. I do not like you, Nina. I love you—and not just as a model.

Nina: Heehee. Ya don't say— W-wait! Come again?!

Shigure: Ah-ah-ah! You mustn't move! I'm not done sketching you yet.

Nina: ...Yes, you are. You never take this long. What's the deal, Shigure?

Shigure: ...I...yes. I finished. I am sorry. I wanted to relish the moment. I imagine this could be the last time I get a chance to draw you. After all, it will be terribly awkward for you to model for a man who is in love with you. No, no, that won't do at all. I'm so sorry, Nina. I should not have said anything. I hope we can still be friends...

Nina: Oh, of all the— You silly goon! Of course I'll still model for you. I'll be your subject for as long as you wish. OK?

Shigure: What? Why?

Nina: I love you too, you dummy! You just didn't give me a chance to say so.

Shigure: Nina... Of course. I apologize. It's just your face...you grimaced when I said... Never mind. It doesn't matter. You have made me unimaginably happy. From here forthwith, you will be my one and only muse!

Nina: Er, let's not get toooo crazy here. I mean, you still want to paint other people too, right? Especially male people? No need to limit yourself to just one model!

Shigure: No! It would feel like a betrayal to my beloved. I will depict no others.

Nina: Hoo, boy. Um, Shigure...maybe we should have a little chat... There are some things I need to tell you...