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C Support

Midori: Where did Shigure wander off to? I doubt I will find him out here in the hills... But he was nowhere to be found at camp.

Shigure: *singing*

Midori: Hmm? Is that him? Why is he sitting out in the middle of nowhere on that tree stump? And who are all those people surroun— HUH?! Th-those aren't people at all... They're forest animals! Rabbits, squirrels...even bears! How can they all be sitting there so quietly?

Shigure: I think that's enough for today. How did you all enjoy it?

Midori: Are you...trying to talk with them?

Shigure: Ah! Who's there?! Wait! No! Don't go!

Midori: The animals are sprinting away... It's all my fault, isn't it? I'm sorry.

Shigure: They were just startled, Midori. Frankly, I was too! But don't worry about it. They can't help being a little shy. So tell me, what are you doing all the way out here?

Midori: Looking for you of course! Growing up in different lands prevented us from getting to know each other. I thought we could spend the afternoon together! What do you say?

Shigure: O-oh, I see... I don't know what to say. I'm really not the most interesting person around... You might have a better time talking with someone more outgoing.

Midori: Th-that's not true!

Shigure: Please, you shouldn't feel obligated to be my friend just because we're related. And to be honest, I'm not in the most social mood right now. Please, excuse me...

(Shigure leaves)

Midori: Shigure, don't go! What a meanie...

B Support

Midori: Where has Shigure disappeared to today? Maybe he went to that clearing to spend time with his animal friends. Ha! I was right. Hello, Shigure!

Shigure: Midori?! What are you doing out here? Ah! No! Don't go!

Midori: Those animals sure are fast. *sniff* I'm sorry for scaring them off again.

Shigure: N-no, don't worry about that. They aren't used to other people being around here. It's easy to startle them.

Midori: O-oh... I've never seen anyone get along with animals the way you do. We have the same mother and father, but I didn't inherit that skill.

Shigure: Why were you looking for me again? Did you need something?

Midori: Well, yeah. We're siblings, and I still just want to be your friend.

Shigure: I understand. Listen, I'm sorry for being cold to you the other day. The truth is, it makes me happy that you care so much. I'm your brother, and I don't want to let you down.

Midori: Really? You mean it? Can I stay here with you, then? Oh! Maybe you could call back those animal friends of yours!

Shigure: Honestly, I don't think they would be comfortable around you.

Midori: Th-they won't? Why not? They all seem to love you so much though. If I tried really hard, maybe they could grow to like me too. Is there any tip or trick to win their favor?

Shigure: Hmm, I'm not sure if this will help, but... Animals are highly attuned to the feelings of people around them. Most likely, they detected something in you that drove them off.

Midori: Like animosity? Why would I feel that about a bunch of cute animals?

Shigure: They can sense what you were thinking. Were you sizing them up to figure out which one might make a tasty dinner? Even just for a moment?

Midori: No! Don't be so rude!

Shigure: Of course not, I'm sorry. That's just the biggest reason I could think of for them to run away. I appreciate how sincere you are about befriending them. I'll try to think of what can be done to make them feel safe around you. There has to be a way to help out my adorable sister.

Midori: I hope so! Thank you, Shigure!

A Support

Midori: Sh-Shigure, there you are...

Shigure: What's wrong, Midori? You look upset.

Midori: Well, I've been thinking about the animals from the other day...

Shigure: Oh, did you want to go pay them a visit? I was just about to head in that direction, if you want to come along. Are you ready to prove that you don't mean them any harm?

Midori: Yeah, about that... I've been reflecting on my own. When I saw how close you were them, I couldn't help but feel jealous. It was frustrating to know that you wanted to spend time with them and not me. In that moment, I just wanted all the animals to run far away. That's why they don't like me... Because they could tell I was mad...

Shigure: Midori, I'm glad you thought about this and talked to me.

Midori: The point is, I'm never going back out there again.

Shigure: Don't say that. You should absolutely go back. By opening up, you've changed, and the animals will be able to tell. I think they'll be more welcoming.

Midori: Huh? I don't know about that.

Shigure: Well I do. You didn't have to admit to feeling jealous, but you did anyway. That tells me that you've got a good soul. They'll be able to see that, too. Look! There's a rabbit hopping this way.

Midori: Wah! What am I supposed to do?!

Shigure: Just calm down... Relax, and take a breath. Quiet your mind and be peaceful... Just think about how much you want to be friends with the furry critter.

Midori: O-OK... Ah! Look! He's letting me pet him! He isn't running away or anything!

Shigure: See? I told you things would be fine.

Midori: You were right! Thank goodness!

Shigure: Now everyone is getting along, including us siblings. Let's wander to the clearing... I bet your new friends will be waiting there.

Midori: OK! Thanks, Shigure!