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C Support

Selkie: Velouria! Veloooouriaaaaaa!

Velouria: Ugh...

Selkie: Velouria? How did you not hear me calling you?!

Velouria: I did hear you. I chose not to answer.

Selkie: You were ignoring me?! How come?

Velouria: Because I know what you were going to ask. All you ever want to do is play.

Selkie: You don't like playing?! Playing is great!

Velouria: Not the way you do it. You play too rough. You always want to jump from high cliffs or swing from vines... But I don't like those kinds of games.

Selkie: But you WOULD if you'd just try them! I'll show you how fun they are!

Velouria: You're wrong. You and I are nothing alike.

Selkie: Says you! Look at all the things we have in common! We both have big, furry ears, we've got bushy tails...all kinds of stuff!

Velouria: That makes as much sense as saying we're alike because we have eyes and noses. Don't lump wolves in with foxes, please.

Selkie: Oh, good point! That's another thing! I'm a kitsune, and you're a wolfskin! We can both transform!

Velouria: So?

Selkie: We would have so much fun playing together in our animal forms, I bet!

Velouria: You would lose that bet. Even as a wolf, I much prefer being alone. Besides, Daddy is the only transforming friend I need.

Selkie: Awww, don't say that!

Velouria: Now if you'll excuse me...

(Velouria leaves)

Selkie: Booooo... This sucks! There's gotta be SOMETHING I can do to convince her!

B Support

Selkie: Velouria! VELOOOOOOOURIAAAAA! Come out and play with me!

Velouria: Hmph...

Selkie: Dang! She's still giving me the silent treatment! ARRRRGHHHHH!

Velouria: Could you please be quiet? I'm busy.

Selkie: You are? But...you're just staring at the ground.

Velouria: I'm looking for furballs that might have been left behind. My hope is to find a fluffy one, with lots of things snared in it. But there's been no such luck so far.

Selkie: You know what would be more fun than poking around some moldy old furballs? Rolling down a hill! I just did it for the sixth time today! The louder you yell, the faster you go, and the dizzier you get! It's true!

Velouria: Hmm. No. That's not as captivating as searching for furballs. The time slips away as I poke through all the nooks and crannies...

Selkie: *sigh* Well, if your mind's made up, I'm not gonna force you. Guess I'll just go home...

Velouria: Oh...! Selkie. Don't move.

Selkie: Huh?

Velouria: No, turn back around! Let me see your tail again.

Selkie: Sure, but... What's wrong with it?

Velouria: It's...it's... It's covered in furballs!

Selkie: It is? Whoops.

Velouria: Not only that, but damp twigs...decaying leaves...even pebbles and stones! Your tail is a treasure trove, Selkie!

Selkie: Uhmm...really? All that junk must have got caught in it when I was rolling down the hill.

Velouria: Selkie...would you mind letting me groom your tail? And I'll need the location of this hill you say you rolled down.

Selkie: Sure, OK... Wait! Are you saying you wanna go hill- rolling with me?!

Velouria: Absolutely. If there are treasures like these to be had, I'll play whatever game you want.

Selkie: Yippeeee! We're gonna have so much fun! Thanks, Velouria!

Velouria: Never mind that now. We have to hurry to that hill! Take me there this instant!!

Selkie: OK! Just follow me!

A Support

Selkie: Wasn't rolling down the hill AMAZING, Velouria?! Let's do it again! And again!

Velouria: ...It was more fun than I expected, I'll give you that.

Selkie: Yesss! Score one for Selkie!

Velouria: My favorite part, though, was afterward. There were so many little stones and dead bugs in my tail, waiting to be picked out!

Selkie: Haha! That part was...OK. But does this mean we can keep playing together?

Velouria: It's very important that we do.

Selkie: Heehee! Hoorayyyy!

Velouria: You're such a ball of energy that you must have lots of other friends, though. Why was it so important that you play with me in particular?

Selkie: Because none of my other friends can transform like us! You and me are the only girls around who aren't human. No one else really GETS it, you know?

Velouria: I feel like that sometimes, too. Thank you for not giving up on me, Selkie, and asking me to play so often.

Selkie: Aww, it was no big deal! When you say it like that, it makes me sound like some kinda hero... Aaah!

Velouria: What's wrong?

Selkie: I just noticed something else we have in common! That streak in your hair! It's a different color than the rest!

Velouria: Oh, yes. This tuft is the same color as my mommy's hair.

Selkie: I HAVE THAT TOO! We're so alike!

Velouria: As far as that goes, at least. What a strange coincidence.

Selkie: Yeah, it's really cool! It proves we were destined to be friends.

Velouria: Heehee, maybe so. Let's swear on our hair that we'll be friends forever, OK?

Selkie: Totally! I swear up and down that you, Velouria, will always be my best friend!