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C Support

Selena: Hello, Beruka.

Beruka: Selena? What do you need?

Selena: I don't need anything, Beruka, but... We are both retainers to Lady Camilla. I want to know which of us is stronger. We should duel sometime to find out.

Beruka: I do not especially want to fight for no reason. If Lady Camilla commanded it... But no, I do not want to fight just to satisfy your curiosity.

Selena: Ooooor...could it be that you're afraid of losing to me? Hmmmm?

Beruka: There is no need to put up a false front of confidence.

Selena: Wh-what? What do you mean by that?

Beruka: I know that you are a skilled fighter... But I believe that you are—emotionally— quite fragile. You're too concerned with how you rate compared to others. You're constantly trying to prove you're the best.

Selena: Th-that's not true.

Beruka: If you were suddenly proven wrong, I don't think you could handle the disappointment.

Selena: Hrm. As long as we're analyzing, how about you? Aren't you just like me?

Beruka: We aren't alike at all. I've never sought out the approval of my peers the way you do.

Selena: I meant that you appear strong but are actually quite fragile. You won't ever do anything unless there's some outside motivation, right? Either there's enough money, or duty requires that you act. If you never do anything for yourself, what is it that makes you...you?

Beruka: You may be correct. Maybe I am a fragile person, as well...

B Support

Selena: Beruka... I'm... I'm sorry about the other day. I hope that my words didn't get to you. I think I got a little carried away and spoke more harshly than I should have.

Beruka: I'd like to apologize too... I'm sorry for calling you a fragile person. Although, you were correct when you said we are similar in that way.

Selena: There's no need to apologize—I think you were also right. But I'm going to embrace it. I'm going to continue to challenge people. I'll keep proving to myself, over and over, that I am number one, until I accept it!

Beruka: That's a good idea. Keep challenging yourself.

Selena: You should do it too! Dive into your duties with conviction!

Beruka: I don't know... If I dive in too hard, won't my work consume me?

Selena: But if you like what you do, that'd be OK! If your work is also your passion, you'll enjoy every minute of it! Plus, it's fun to get completely engrossed in something you love.

Beruka: Heh. I can try...

Selena: That's all I can suggest! I'll help you however I am able. You're my friend, after all!

Beruka: Yeah... Thank you.

A Support

Selena: Ahhh! Beruka! You're late!

Beruka: Your message was very vague—I had to be sure it actually came from you.

Selena: Well, you got here eventually, at least. Anyway, I had a question for you! What do you normally do when you come into town?

Beruka: Purchase new weapons...or poisons. Sometimes a new anatomy book to help me find new ways to kill people.

Selena: You what? No, never mind. Your brain must be a scary place. Anyway, I wanted to take you shopping with me today!

Beruka: All right. What are we going to buy?

Selena: Some matching accessories! One for me, one for you, and one for Lady Camilla!

Beruka: Accessories? Are you serious?

Selena: Think about it. We realized how similar we are, and we both value Lady Camilla. It's a sign from the gods that we need accessories as a symbol of the connection.

Beruka: The gods must not be very busy...

Selena: Oh, shhh! You know what I mean. Don't ruin this moment! I just meant...we're friends.

Beruka: I get it. OK, let's go find something.

Selena: Are you sure?

Beruka: Of course. After thinking about it... There are functional uses for accessories. Necklaces for strangling, or earrings that double as small blades.

Selena: Seriously, you've got a twisted way of thinking.

Beruka: I'm sorry. I'll use them as they are intended.

Selena: That's all I ask. Anyway! I think we should buy a matching set of accessories. That way, if we're ever separated, we'll have them to remember each other with!

Beruka: If we're ever separated... Are you already planning for our deaths?

Selena: No! Not at all! I just mean...there are so many reasons that we could become separated. The world is a strange place, sometimes...

Beruka: I suppose you're right. I doubt I would wear a matching item if you were gone, though. I'd keep it somewhere safe and then break it out when we next met. I suspect you'd be mad if I lost it. There'd be something lonely about wearing it while the matching one is absent.

Selena: *sniff* *sniff*

Beruka: Selena, are those tears? Why are you crying?

Selena: Because of what you just said! I didn't think you could express that feeling so well.

Beruka: Thank you. I think. Regardless, what sort of accessories should we get? We should really decide soon, too—it isn't great that we've left Lady Camilla alone.

Selena: Oh hell, you're right! Let's choose quickly... How about a necklace? Then we would just need to settle on a design... Oh! Rings could be great. And instead of one style, how about different colors? A purple one would be absolutely perfect for Lady Camilla. We should check several places before we make a decision, though...

Beruka: Um, all right... This could take some time. But maybe it's OK to enjoy myself once in a while...