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C Support

Felicia: Hello? Saizo? May I come in?

Saizo: Who is it? Oh. That Felicia woman. The Nohrian.

Felicia: Yes. I didn't see you at supper tonight, so I brought you a meal.

Saizo: You can take it back with you.

Felicia: What? Wh-why? You have to eat or you'll get sick! Then where will you be in battle?

Saizo: Why, because I skip one meal? Not likely. I won't eat any food you prepare.

Felicia: What?! That's a horrible thing to say!

Saizo: Many people have told me that you're a shockingly bad cook, for a maid. I wouldn't feed what's on that tray to a dog.

Felicia: Urrrgh... That's a horrible thing to say, even for you!

Saizo: Horrible? Not as horrible as the food you expect me to eat. What are you doing as a maid if you can't perform simple household tasks? I don't understand why Avatar keeps you around.

Felicia: Waaaaaaah! You're the worst person I've ever met in my life! You...you... You blackhearted demon!

Saizo: Wh—what's this sudden chill?! Ah...I see now why they keep you in the army... You have an incredible power. Yes, it's finally starting to make sense...

Felicia: That's what convinced you?!

B Support

Saizo: Why do you work as a maid, anyway?

Felicia: To take care of Lord/Lady Avatar and the others, of course.

Saizo: Then you should quit.

Felicia: What?!

Saizo: Do you not realize how valuable your power to manipulate the cold is in battle? You're hopeless at housework. Abandon it to those who can do it competently. Then you can devote your efforts to the war, where you're needed more.

Felicia: B-but I don't want to do that!

Saizo: Why not? It's a much more efficient use of your strengths. Even ninja can't do what you can do. If you'd allow me to train you, you could be a fine warrior. What do you think? Will you leave this work behind and join my ninja?

Felicia: You have to be doing this on purpose... Why do you always pick on me?!

Saizo: Ngh! Argh...! Yes! This is what I mean! These ice powers could be a tremendous asset!

Felicia: Ughhhhhh! Quit bullying me!

(Felicia leaves)

Saizo: Mmph... Felicia! Wait! ... I'll get through to her eventually...

A Support

Saizo: Felicia. I was thinking about your situation, and—

Felicia: Not this again! If you're about to ask me to quit being a maid to train as a ninja, you can save it.

Saizo: What is it that keeps you tied to this work? Blackmail? Extortion? Does someone have some sort of leverage over you, forcing you to be a maid?

Felicia: What a ridiculous conclusion to jump to! Ugh! Saizo, you're the worst!

Saizo: I...I meant no offense...

Felicia: You have some strange ideas about the relationship between master and servant. I think it's more than what you assume it to be. Lord/Lady Avatar and the others have been like a family to me. They put up with me even when I am a teensy bit scatterbrained. They'll keep me in the fold forever because we have an understanding.

Saizo: Hmm. I hadn't considered this. I'll grant that there should be a strong trust between a master and servant. I should try harder to cement that trust with Lord Ryoma... Thank you, Felicia. You've taught me something valuable.

Felicia: No problem! I'm just happy you finally understand!

S Support

Felicia: Knock, knock! Are you there, Saizo?

Saizo: ...

Felicia: You weren't at supper again tonight, so I brought a meal for you.

Saizo: Oh...it's you.

Felicia: Hmmm...someone's cranky today. You're not about to refuse another meal from me, are you?

Saizo: I didn't say that. I'll eat it. How much could it hurt, right...?

Felicia: ...Something's definitely weird with you.

Saizo: *sigh* I'm a bit jealous of your relationship with Lord/Lady Avatar. That's all.

Felicia: Huh?

Saizo: Lord/Lady Avatar is like family to you. Your world revolves around him/her.

Felicia: But isn't Lord Ryoma the center of your world as well?

Saizo: Professionally, yes. But personally... you have been more central to me than anyone.

Felicia: Whaaaat?! Are you... Is this your way of saying you're in love with me?

Saizo: Yes. That was my intent. It seems I've fallen in love with you.

Felicia: But you're always saying awful things about how bad I am at my job...

Saizo: That was before I had gotten to know your true character. Whether you're a maid or a ninja doesn't matter so long as you're with me.

Felicia: Heehee...all right. It seems I've fallen for you too, Saizo.

Saizo: The way you worded that was uncomfortably vague.

Felicia: I said exactly what you did a minute ago!

Saizo: But I was trying to hide my embarrassment.

Felicia: Well, maybe I was too.

Saizo: Whatever. The point is, we'll be together from this point on, right?

Felicia: Heehee... You've got it!