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C Support

Beruka: Odin. I need to talk to you.

Odin: What is it?

Beruka: I've heard that you don't just fight with spells—you can create them, too.

Odin: You have heard truly! My skill in crafting spells has no peer among the living! Indeed, my fame (OR INFAMY) in the art is such that I have earned various sobriquets: High King of Hocus, Pontiff of Pocus, Mr. Somatic Component, to name a few... The world is vast, but I can safely say that I am the greatest mage it has ever known.

Beruka: ...Good. I need you to make me a special spell.

Odin: What? A special spell?

Beruka: Yes. A spell to make me...feel things. Like happiness, anger, stuff like that.

Odin: You want a spell to help you experience emotions? Why?

Beruka: Don't want to talk about it.

Odin: I-I see... No matter! Odin Dark can grant this wish! I shall begin preparing straightaway!

Beruka: ...Thanks.

B Support

Odin: Beruka! I have completed the spell you requested! It is called Gefühle Hersteller!

Beruka: Gefühle Hersteller...?

Odin: It makes a most pleasant sensation in the mouth, does it not? Now, sit over there.

Beruka: OK...

Odin: It begins! Gefühle...

Beruka: Hold on. So when you cast this spell, I'll have normal, human emotions?

Odin: Yes! You'll experience the highs, the lows, and the precious in-betweens of feeling!

Beruka: Just like everyone else...

Odin: Yes! Your normalization is at hand! Now... Gefühle Hersteller!

Odin: That should do it! How do you feel? Or rather, do you feel?

Beruka: ... I feel the same. Are you sure it worked?

Odin: A spell by the Jinxinatrix? Of course it worked. However, the effect will be stronger the more you believe in it. So believe hard.

Beruka: I see. Thank you...

Odin: Before you go, I must know: Why did you ask me for this spell? If you'll tell me your story, we can call that payment enough for my services.

Beruka: ... OK... I'll tell you... I was an unwanted child, and my parents threw me out early. My parents gave me nothing—not love, not education, not even a kind word. I think that's why I have trouble feeling things. I had to shut it off when I was little. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life like that, so I came to you for help.

Odin: I see... You used to be an assassin, didn't you? How did you come to that line of work?

Beruka: I lived in a slum. I started by killing people for their food—later I killed for clients.

Odin: Now THAT'S a dark past! I wish I'd thought of it! But just because your story is my payment, you don't need to go embellishing it!

Beruka: Nothing I have said is exaggerated.

Odin: R-right, of c-course... I thank you for sharing your gripping tale, which has gripped me in all the right spots. I hope your new life with Gefühle Hersteller is more fulfilling. Um...farewell!

A Support

Beruka: Odin. We must talk.

Odin: What is it, Beruka? I see a rage that would topple mountains rising in your eyes...

Beruka: The spell I commissioned. It doesn't do anything.

Odin: ... I-is that so?

Beruka: Yes. You were paid for your services, but the spell is worthless. That is...unforgivable.

Odin: Now, now, now, let's be calm! I, uh, see the source of your confusion! The spell is incomplete! I haven't finished casting it yet—that's why there's no effect!

Beruka: It's not...done?

Odin: Right! The other day was a preparation for the real casting. Like, if we were cooking, it'd be like setting the pot to boil! ...No, more like preparing the soup stock! Or perhaps growing the vegetables...

Beruka: I get it. If there's more to do, then get on it. Now.

Odin: O-of course. We'll start immediately! The next step is...praxis!

Beruka: Praxis?

Odin: Correct. I must drill you on expressing your feelings through your face! Emotions are mysterious things. If you can make a happy face, you'll become happier! This process is called "sympathetic magic."

Beruka: Hmm...

Odin: Just look at my face and do what I do. First... "Heart-Lightening Glee!" ...Beruka, look. This is what glee looks like. Try it.

Beruka: ...

Odin: The spell I've put on you will have relaxed your face's ability to make expressions. If you try as hard as you can, you should be able to smile...

Beruka: Like this?

Odin: ...Different from what I was doing, but it will suffice. It's your version of glee... Now, let's move on to the next expression: "Volcanic Rage!"

Beruka: ...Will this do?

Odin: Yes! You're a natural at that one! Try a painful one: "Abysmal Anguish!"

Beruka: Done.

Odin: Yes! It worked even better than I imagined! I was able to read every nuance and mood! Mark this day well, Beruka, for it is the first of your new emotional life! Come back tomorrow, and I shall drill you on emotions both rare and powerful!

Beruka: Thank you, Odin. I do feel like things are going to be different from now on...

S Support

Odin: Beruka, I asked you here because I have one final test for your emotional reactions.

Beruka: What kind of test?

Odin: A test with just one question... Will you marry me?

Beruka: ... This is not what I expected.

Odin: Probably not, but would you consider doing me the honor?

Beruka: Is this because you cast that spell on me? Isn't that...creepy?

Odin: It certainly would be creepy if I proposed after using emotion magic on you, but... Good news! The spell was a complete fake! No magic to it at all! You did it yourself!

Beruka: You're saying this whole thing has been a lie?

Odin: Lie? Perish the thought! Take the thought from its home and murder it in the street! No lie, but a way to crack your shell against the bowl and find the feelings-yolk within! I admit I was trying to trick you at first, but I did genuinely want to help.

Beruka: Why? Why would you care about me?

Odin: It was your story about growing up without love. Stories are important to me, and that was the saddest one I've ever heard. It made me want to help. To undo some of the damage your parents did. But as we spent time together, I began to see the self you've hidden from everyone. You're a compelling, complex person, and I hope to spend my life getting to know you. I talk too much, but let me boil it down: I love you. Please marry me.

Beruka: ... I've never felt so many feelings at once before. It's overwhelming... But, thanks to your lessons, I can tell that I'm feeling... Happy... And...a little embarrassed... There's a lot, and I can't name them all... But I guess the strongest one... is happiness after all...

Odin: That's wonderful! I promise many more happy times in the future if you'll marry me.

Beruka: Yes... I believe you. Thank you, Odin. I will marry you.

Odin: Let the angels set out a celebratory ambrosia buffet! Even as an old hand at emotion-having, this is the happiest I've ever been!