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C Support

Niles: Well, well, Beruka.

Beruka: ...

Niles: Still haven't given up the assassin trade, I see.

Beruka: What do you want?

Niles: Been visiting Nohr, have we? A slum wouldn't be my first choice of vacation destination, but different strokes.

Beruka: You followed me?

Niles: People forget, what with all the thieving and killing I do, that I'm a skilled tracker. I was behind you every step of the way. I must say, it was a very pleasant view. Now, you and I both know that slum is a prime source for contracts. If you're planning to kill someone, I advise you come clean to me about it right now.

Beruka: Strange. If you're so skilled at tracking, then you should already know my business there.

Niles: W-well, I...

Beruka: Just admit it. You tried to follow me, but my trail went cold. That wasn't an accident.

Niles: You—!

Beruka: I'm not your average mark, Niles. I have a sixth sense for the street.

Niles: Tch...

Beruka: But rest easy. I wasn't doing anything I shouldn't have been. So you can stop toying with me.

B Support

Niles: I saw you in that slum again.

Beruka: Still following me, hm?

Niles: And still you gave me the slip. So I'm here to admit defeat. You're too slippery for me to catch in the act. Instead, I'll just ask you straight out: What were you doing there?

Beruka: Why do you care?

Niles: I serve Lord Leo, so his interests are my interests. If you're doing anything that could hinder the war effort, it has to stop.

Beruka: I can't figure you out, Niles.

Niles: And what do you mean by that?

Beruka: You're like a different person now, next to your days as a bandit in the slums.

Niles: Ngh...

Beruka: I'm no less strange, of course. My parents abandoned me before I could learn their names or faces. I survived by working as a killer for hire. I think I changed, though, when I came here.

Niles: If you've really changed, why won't you tell me what you were doing back there? I won't stop dogging you until I hear it for myself.

Beruka: For you, the slums are a painful memory you want to put behind you. ...For me, they're something else.

Niles: What does THAT mean?

Beruka: Wouldn't you like to know.

Niles: Rrgh...

A Support

Beruka: Come out, Niles. I know you're there.

Niles: Hmph... And here I thought I finally got one over on you.

Beruka: I let you follow me this time. I'm tired of getting the third degree.

Niles: Is this what passes for a graveyard around here?

Beruka: Yes. My mother was buried here.

Niles: The same mother who ditched you when you were a baby?

Beruka: Yes. An old associate of mine mentioned to me he knew where her gravesite was. I felt nothing at first. "What use do I have for the grave of the woman who abandoned me?" I thought. But when I took the time to visit, I felt overwhelmed by strange emotions.

Niles: ... So that's why you keep coming back.

Beruka: There's more, Niles.

Niles: Hm?

Beruka: Mine aren't the only parents buried here. Your mother rests here as well.

Niles: My—?!

Beruka: You never knew what became of her after she disappeared. Well, here she is.

Niles: ...This is news to me.

Beruka: I won't force you. But your mother isn't far, if you want to visit her.

Niles: ... I'll keep it in mind. No promises beyond that. Either way, you're in the clear.

Beruka: But...your mother's grave...

Niles: I never met the woman. I have no interest in doing it now.

S Support

Niles: I did what you suggested, Beruka. I went to visit my mother's grave.

Beruka: Why the change of heart?

Niles: I had to ask her about something, even if I never knew her. She didn't say much, but I think she would have given me her blessing. So I'm in the clear to propose to you. Beruka, will you take this ring?

Beruka: You...want to get engaged?

Niles: I surprised myself with all I said to that gravestone. I told my mother what a good woman you are and how much you mean to me. At the end, I wondered out loud if I should try to spend my life together with you.

Beruka: ...

Niles: If you're not interested, you can say so. I'll just go back to living alone and keeping my distance from most people. Because I can't see myself settling down with anyone else.

Beruka: ... I accept.

Niles: Really?

Beruka: I...don't want you to be alone.

Niles: ...Thank you, Beruka. That means a lot to me. Now, shall we take a trip to the slums? We can finally properly introduce each other to our parents.

Beruka: That sounds nice. I'll lead the way, as usual.