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C Support

Rhajat: Heh heh... This should be enough...

Mitama: Rhajat? Why are you carrying so much food? Have you started working in the kitchen?

Rhajat: Of course not. I just need all this food for...certain reasons. Muhahaha...

Mitama: Eating rice all day / Makes you bloated and weary / What are you thinking?

Rhajat: Heh. Don't worry, I'm not going to eat all of this at once. I'm going to lock myself in my room for a month to work in peace. This will need to sustain me the entire time.

Mitama: Ooh...a secret project! What is it? Go and shut the door / Work hard for a week or two / Build a treasure chest!

Rhajat: What are you talking about?

Mitama: Oh, nothing. It's just that I wish I could do the same... Steal away to my chambers for hours on end, working on projects... I'd just sleep and write poetry... *sigh* You must keep a journal of this secret project!

Rhajat: I see... I'll tell you what. Next time we meet, I'll have a surprise for you.

Mitama: Truly? What is it?

Rhajat: Well, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, would it? Let's just say it would be helpful if you were going to spend lots of time alone.

Mitama: Then I shall await it eagerly.

Rhajat: As you should. Heh heh...

B Support

Rhajat: Mitama...I have something for you.

Mitama: Ah! I've been anxiously awaiting this moment. Will you show me now?

Rhajat: Yes. Feast your eyes!

Mitama: I...I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Your charms are charming / But what magic do they hold? / Cast a spell on me...

Rhajat: Ah! Let me explain. This amulet blocks all external sound. It helps you focus.

Mitama: Are you being serious? If I had one of these, I could write poetry nonstop! No one would ever bother me!

Rhajat: Precisely. And now you have one. Now, this charm repels all insects. So you can hide out in damp, dark places without bugs crawling on you. And here's a charm to make light without fire, and another that generates heat.

Mitama: Are...are all of these for me? They're all so incredibly useful!

Rhajat: Yes, you may have them all.

Mitama: Truly?! I'm so happy now / A flower blooms in my heart / Thank you, dearest friend.

Rhajat: You...consider me a friend?

Mitama: Of course! You've given me such a generous gift. And we just seemed to connect—even the very first time we met.

Rhajat: Well, thank you. I've never met anyone like you. Most people don't understand why I like to be alone...

Mitama: Ah, yes. I learned to appreciate solitude from a very early age in my Deeprealm. There are times when I feel I could go a hundred years alone... Then again, having met someone like you... I'm thankful I won't have to.

Rhajat: I agree. We should talk more often. I'm going to be busy working on a new charm for a while... but I'll be sure to come find you when it's ready.

Mitama: I wait breathlessly / For another divine charm / Magic in the air!

Rhajat: Haha! I like that poem. Did you just make that up?

Mitama: Yes...I suppose I did. Sometimes they just come to me naturally...

A Support

Mitama: Rhajat! I've been looking for you for so long... Have you been locked in your room working?

Rhajat: Heh. Yep.

Mitama: Well, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful charms. They work like...like things that work really well! Alone in the dark / I call on my special charm / And think of you, friend!

Rhajat: You certainly have a way with words. And I'm glad to hear that they've been useful for you.

Mitama: Indeed! Anyway, I have a little something for you this time. It's the least I can do.

Rhajat: A pillow?

Mitama: Yes. Let me explain. I crafted this pillow by hand, using the finest cotton and cloth available. It is stuffed with goose feathers. I think you will find it most pleasant.

Rhajat: Well, it sounds lovely...but why a pillow?

Mitama: Think of it as a gift of dreams. More peaceful slumber leads to more vivid and inspiring dreams. I wish for you to have the most creative and satisfying dreams ever, Rhajat.

Rhajat: That's...amazingly thoughtful of you! I can't wait to try it out!

Mitama: Well, you've given me the gift of magic. This was the closest thing to magic that I could give you. I can't wait to see what kinds of dreams will come true for you.

Rhajat: And I can't wait to see what kinds of dreams we can realize together.

Mitama: The power of friends / Stronger than steel, stone, or fire / Making dreams come true.

Rhajat: Let me try one of those... Magic spells and charms / I curse and bless whom I please / Join me, Mitama!

Mitama: Not bad...