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C Support

Keaton: Hey! If it isn't Beruka!

Beruka: Keaton.

Keaton: You seem bored. I know something that'll put a grin on your face, though! Look! Over there! That snake just swallowed a mouse whole! Pretty neat, huh?

Beruka: ...

Keaton: And over here's a crab shell that a rat died in! Just look at that corpse! I haven't smelled such a magnificent odor in ages!

Beruka: ...

Keaton: OK, I get it. You're difficult to impress. You've got finer tastes than most, yeah?

Beruka: ...

Keaton: Nothing? Not even a "yes" or a "no"?

Beruka: No.

Keaton: Grrr. What's your problem?!

Beruka: You're being too friendly.

Keaton: What? What's wrong with that?! Being friendly is good! Besides, it's not like I'm bothering anybody with it.

Beruka: Wrong. You are bothering me. Now leave.

Keaton: Haha, I get it. You're joking. Good one, Miss Assassin Lady!

Beruka: ...

(Beruka leaves)

Keaton: Beruka? Hey! Wait up! I've got more treasures to show you!

B Support

Keaton: Beruka!

Beruka: Bother.

Keaton: Huh?! I haven't even said anything!

Beruka: You don't need to. Your very face is aggravating.

Keaton: Yeesh! Can't you at least try to be civil?

Beruka: No.

Keaton: Man, you're grumpy. Why is that? Was it something you ate? Something you eat every day, perhaps?

Beruka: Yes.

Keaton: Whoa, really?!

Beruka: No.

Keaton: Well then what is it? Why are you such a jerk?

Beruka: We have lived different lives. That is all.

Keaton: OK. So how have you lived, then?

Beruka: I killed to earn money. I spent money to survive. I survived to kill again.

Keaton: Well, that's not so different from me!

Beruka: What?

Keaton: I live off my prey too, after all.

Beruka: I killed people. Not game.

Keaton: Same here. Lots of 'em. Especially human hunters. Nobody poaches MY people.

Beruka: Still. We are different.

Keaton: How so? I don't see it.

Beruka: I have lived my life alone. Without a single family member or friend. As I understand it, you did not.

Keaton: Yeah, I guess you got me there. But on the other hand, you're not alone anymore, right?

Beruka: ...

(Beruka leaves)

Keaton: Hey, Beruka! Where are you going?

A Support

Keaton: Oh! A Beruka sighting!

Beruka: Keaton.

Keaton: Um...not going to say anything mean to me today?

Beruka: Why do you want to talk to me all the time?

Keaton: I dunno. Maybe I just keep running into you?

Beruka: Heh.

Keaton: Whoa! Your mouth CAN do that! Guess I owe Avatar some gold.

Beruka: You've no business with me, and yet you still seek me out. To talk. This place is strange. I'd never met people like this before I came here.

Keaton: Really?

Beruka: Yes. And there are so many of you. All so...friendly.

Keaton: Yeah, I guess this place attracts a lot of friendly types.

Beruka: I don't understand it. How do people talk to each other? How do they know what expressions to make or what to talk about?

Keaton: You're thinking too much! You just gotta go with the flow when you talk to someone!

Beruka: Heh. You have a point. It's not as though you ever say anything interesting, and yet the others like you.

Keaton: Hey! I have lots of deep thoughts! I could say interesting stuff all the time! I just choose not to.

Beruka: I don't think I will ever get used to this sort of environment. But...it is nice.

Keaton: Soooo does this mean I can keep talking to you whenever I want?

Beruka: ...Yes. I think I would be all right with that, Keaton. But do try to talk about something of substance next time.

Keaton: Haha, I will! I promise.

Beruka: Good. I...look forward to it.

S Support

Keaton: Hey, Beruka! How are things?

Beruka: Good. I have sustained no wounds of late. You seem happy as well, Keaton.

Keaton: You betcha! I just ate!

Beruka: Haha. You have such a simple soul, wolfskin.

Keaton: I sure hope that's a compliment... Um, anyway, there's something I'd like to give you.

Beruka: Oh? What is it?

Keaton: I know this is sort of sudden, but please, don't freak out. Here. Will you take it?

Beruka: A...ring?

Keaton: Yep! I think it matches your outfit perfectly!

Beruka: It's pink.

Keaton: Yeah...don't you like it?

Beruka: No. And I am confused. What are your intentions in giving me this ring?

Keaton: Why else would a man give a woman a ring? I mean, if you want me to say it, I guess I can... I'd like to have your hand in marriage, Beruka! I want to spend forever and ever and ever with you!

Beruka: ...

Keaton: Do you not want to?

Beruka: You want to marry me?

Keaton: Yeah. How many times do I have to say it?

Beruka: Even knowing what I am? Knowing that I would kill anyone, if ordered?

Keaton: Yeah, I know.

Beruka: Even if the target is someone I know. Even if it's someone I'm close to. Someone I love.

Keaton: Gotcha. Loud and clear. I'm not too worried about it.

Beruka: But—

Keaton: Beruka, I love you. Whatever you're worried will happen doesn't matter to me. The only thing that matters to me is that we're together.

Beruka: Keaton...

Keaton: I want to spend my life with you. I don't care about anything else. We'll deal with the future as it comes.

Beruka: ...

Keaton: So...will you marry me?

Beruka: ...Yes. I will.

Keaton: Awoooooo! Thank you, Beruka. You've made me the happiest person alive! ... Oh. Wait. Were you saying you'd kill me if you were ordered to? Because that would be awkward! Uh...Beruka? Hey, Beruka! You didn't mean that, right? Right?!