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C Support

Kana(M): Urrrgh...

Rhajat: What ails you, dragonspawn?

Kana(M): Urrg... Hi, Rhajat.

Rhajat: Your face is twisted in pain. Please tell me you're under a curse. If so, I will break it. I would relish the chance!

Kana(M): Sorry, no. It's my tooth.

Rhajat: Oh. How dull. You have a cavity.

Kana(M): My tooth is throbb—urggh!

Rhajat: Well, dragonspawn, I will take care of your toothache. If you swear to come to me the next time you get cursed. I get so bored here. Here, apply this charm to your cheek. Near to the tooth, yes?

Kana(M): OK, OK... Ooooog! ...... The pain! It's going...away!

Rhajat: An elementary problem. By which I mean basic, not of elements. Now, come to me sometime when you're more interesting...

Kana(M): Wait, Rhajat! Thank you so much! You're a miracle worker.

Rhajat: The sparkle of your eyes right now. Such gladness. How awful.

Kana(M): Awful? Why?

Rhajat: You shouldn't be glad to see the most mundane magic. You should expect TRUE miracles of me. The greatest and darkest of them. But if you're feeling better, I'll take my leave of you.

(Rhajat leaves)

Kana(M): Aw, where are you going in such a hurry, Rhajat? I don't know why she was so disappointed. She really is amazing!

B Support

Kana(M): ......

(Kana(M) leaves)

Rhajat: ......

(Rhajat leaves)

Kana(M): ...Hi.

(Kana(M) leaves)

Rhajat: Stop following me, Kana. I'll put a nasty hex on you if you keep it up. You thought a toothache was bad? Wait until you start coughing frogs.

Kana(M): How'd you know I was following you?

Rhajat: I sensed it one hundred years ago.

Kana(M): Heh? Really? Darn.

Rhajat: Why are you plaguing my existence?

Kana(M): I want to see you do more miracles, like curing cavities. You're amazing!

Rhajat: I said that it was paltry stuff—beneath the dignity of my darkness.

Kana(M): No way. It was neat.

Rhajat: What do you know of this thing you call "neat," Kana? Besides, you already have one much closer to you who is "neat." I mean Avatar, of course.

Kana(M): Huh? Mama?

Rhajat: That's right. There is a woman whose achievements are worth reverence.

Kana(M): Mama is neat, I guess. Wait. Are you fond of Mama?

Rhajat: Fond? Fond isn't even a drop in the bucket of it. I watch her like a goddess walking among us. Her prowess in battle! Her grace under pressure! She is perfection personified!

Kana(M): Mama makes me brush my teeth.

Rhajat: And did you? If you had, maybe you wouldn't have gotten that cavity. You're so fortunate to have her in your life, while I must watch from afar.

Kana(M): You can ask her for advice anytime, you know. Mama's nice. Except when she says it's time for me to go to bed! But if you want me to pass along any questions for Mama, I'm glad to help.

Rhajat: A go-between? Intriguing. Hmm, what question should I put first into the hands of my little courier...?

Kana(M): Is that a smile on your face, Rhajat? Er, and a drop of sweat?

Rhajat: Yes, I'm happy. Deliriously so. A chance to see behind the curtain of Avatar's life? I look forward to our next meeting, dragonspawn. Hee hee hee!

A Support

Kana(M): Rhajat? Hello? You here? I'd swear I saw her come in here. She hasn't chosen a question for me to ask Mama yet!

Rhajat: I am here, Kana. Quite the little bloodhound, aren't you?

Kana(M): I'll follow you anywhere, if I can only see more of your fun miracles.

Rhajat: That's fine. I'm getting used to you. Now, what can I help you with? Have another toothache? Or did someone put a tricky curse on you? I've been looking everywhere for something interesting to do today.

Kana(M): No cavity. No curse. But, uh, Rhajat? I've come to get that question for Mama. But can I ask some things of you?

Rhajat: Things? Yes, ask.

Kana(M): Really? I didn't think you'd agree. I was getting the idea you didn't like me much. Wait, is this a trick?

Rhajat: No, Kana. You see, I've had time to think since our last chat. I admire your mother so much. Why shouldn't I like her dragonspawn?

Kana(M): Oh, sure. I guess.

Rhajat: Did I say something to upset you?

Kana(M): You don't like many people. But you like Mama. And now me. But you wouldn't pay any attention to me at all if I wasn't her son.

Rhajat: Hmm. True. And yet, not. Your candor catches me by surprise. And so...? I think you're unusual enough to hold my interest all on your own. Maybe. Anyway, I'm sorry if I made you feel bad. That wasn't my intention.

Kana(M): Really?

Rhajat: Besides, it isn't all bad that you think it's neat that I can cure a toothache. Some shy away from the dark majesty of Rhajat. You seek me out. I welcome your friendship.

Kana(M): You mean it? We're...we're friends?

Rhajat: Said the spider to the fly. Just kidding. But yes, friends. I can show you my most unsavory spells.

Kana(M): Fun, Rhajat! I knew I'd see some neat miracles if I got to know you!

S Support

Kana(M): Ha ha ha!

Rhajat: What are those sounds coming from you? Like the dirge of a bell—but happy.

Kana(M): I guess I am happy.

Rhajat: And that eerie expression on your face. Are you cursed?

Kana(M): Just smiling.

Rhajat: Whatever could be the cause of this manifestation of mirth?

Kana(M): I like being around you. It's like having a second shadow. I feel so happy! I didn't even know I was laughing. I'll stop if it bugs you.

Rhajat: Oh, no. Don't.

Kana(M): You sure?

Rhajat: I am. I can think of no...nicer...thing than to be your second shadow.

Kana(M): I'll be your other shadow too. If you want, Rhajat.

Rhajat: You're more the sun that helps me cast my own shadow. We're as different as they come. And yet, close.

Kana(M): It's strange because I like shadows. But you don't like light. Right?

Rhajat: You know me too well. Yet maybe it's only the sun of a summer day that I despise. And yes, spit on. But you, Kana, you're something special—like a sun from another world. I'm glad to bask in your light.

Kana(M): People say I'm different, all right. Well, whatever it is... I'm just glad we met. I think we'll be friends forever and ever.

Rhajat: Forever is a long time, Kana, and Rhajat is an ever-shifting shadow. But if pressed to predict our outcome? We'll go to our graves together. So, yes. Friends forever and ever.

Kana(M): Neat! But, wait. You're sure this isn't just because you adore my mama?

Rhajat: It's not, Kana. I'm glad to stand a little closer to her. She's a wonder.

Kana(M): ......

Rhajat: But so are we.

Kana(M): Yay, Rhajat! Can I see you do a hex now? Or a curse?

Rhajat: No. I have a request of you.

Kana(M): Name it! Anything!

Rhajat: Teach me how to make that sound you were making before. That, er, laughing.

Kana(M): Easy, Rhajat! Ha ha ha! The trick is to put a little smile into it.

Rhajat: Ha. Ha. That's enough being sunny for today. Back to the shadows for me...