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C Support

Midori: *sigh* Hrmmm...

Kana(M): Wow, that must be a tough book, Midori. You've been staring at the same page for a few minutes now.

Midori: Oh, Kana! Yeah, it's pretty confusing. I'm studying up on acupuncture points.

Kana(M): Acupuncture points? What are those? Are they sort of like Dragon Veins?

Midori: No, it's nothing like that. They are pressure points on your body. It kind of hurts when you press them, but it also feels really good. And it helps heal damaged or achy muscles. It's really interesting.

Kana(M): Wow, that's awesome. I've never heard of that before.

Midori: According to the book, you can heal sickness if you do it right. Apparently these spots are all over your body. It's just a matter of finding them. If I can learn to do this, then I won't have to rely solely on medicine to heal people!

Kana(M): What a great idea, Midori. Say, I have a thought! Why don't you use me as your guinea pig? You can practice on my pressure points!

Midori: That's very generous of you to offer. Here, hold out your hand. Let's see what happens when I press between your thumb and index finger...

Kana(M): Ack! Ahahahaha!

Midori: Huh? Why are you laughing? Did I do something funny?

Kana(M): Ahahaha...! Th-that tickles! Hahaha!

Midori: Wait, what? It does? I thought I was hitting the right spot... Fine, I'll try somewhere else. Maybe I should try a spot on your neck. I think it's right over here...

Kana(M): Hahaha! Stop! Stop! You're tickling me!

Midori: What? It can't be! Maybe I'm not pressing hard enough. Let me try one on your head now.

Kana(M): Ahahahaha! AHAHAHA!!

Midori: Arrrrrggg! No! Why isn't this working? I'm gonna try the one in your shoulder. Hang on, I'm gonna press really hard. Hyah! Hiiiiiyah!


Midori: Ugh, come on! That's not the reaction I was looking for at all. What am I doing wrong? This should be working perfectly... Fine, I'm trying your feet next. Hyah!

Kana(M): AHAHAHA! Stop, stop! I can't take any more, Midori. I can barely breathe... HAHAHA!

Midori: ARGGG!!!!! Dang it, Kana!

B Support

Midori: Kana, there you are! Can I practice on you again today? I think I know what to do differently now.

Kana(M): You want to try finding my pressure points again, huh? Sure, I'm happy to help.

Midori: You're the best, Kana! After last time didn't work, I've been practicing on myself. I know I'll get it right this time. Let's start with your wrist, OK? Hah!

Kana(M): Ahahahaha!!

Midori: Hm, it still tickles, huh? I wonder what I'm doing wrong...

Kana(M): Maybe you're being too easy on me?

Midori: Maybe unconsciously... This should be working. Let me think.

Kana(M): Feel free to put all your strength into it. I can stand the pain.

Midori: Sure thing! I will. Get ready! HIYAH!

Kana(M): AHAHAHAHA! Stop, stop! Sorry, Midori. It still tickles like crazy.

Midori: *sigh* What am I doing wrong? Maybe I'm just not cut out for acupuncture.

Kana(M): Don't say that! It's not true! There must be something blocking you from learning this. Maybe if we work together, we can figure out what that is.

Midori: I'm not so sure...

Kana(M): I know I've been laughing nonstop, but I'd really like to do whatever I can to help. Don't you want to get to the bottom of this?

Midori: Yes, I do. Thanks, Kana. I'm sure together, we can sort this out.

Kana(M): Of course! Which point did you want to try out next?

Midori: Hm, good question. Wait, I have a great idea. Maybe I need to practice on other people too. That way I'll probably improve even faster.

Kana(M): Great idea. Hey, I could even help you recruit some people. Let's get started, Midori!

Midori: OK!

A Support

Kana(M): Listen, I'm really sorry, Midori...

Midori: What for, Kana?

Kana(M): Well, I couldn't stop cracking up when you started working on my pressure points. At the end of the day, I was just too ticklish for it to work on me, huh? I feel really bad that I put you in such an annoying situation. I just wanted to help.

Midori: Oh, don't worry about it. Honestly, it wasn't your fault. People can't help but respond differently with physical therapies. It happens with medicine too. It's only natural that acupuncture would be the same way.

Kana(M): I still feel like I held you back...

Midori: Not at all. I wouldn't have improved without your assistance. You were so committed to helping me any way that you could. I really appreciate that!

Kana(M): That's a relief to hear. It's funny, but everyone else you helped seemed to love their treatments. They all said it felt great.

Midori: Oh, stop it! You're just trying to flatter me.

Kana(M): If only I could control my ticklishness... Then I'd be able to enjoy your treatment without laughing my head off. It's not fair.

Midori: Kana, don't be sad. After our last try didn't work out, I did some research. As I was flipping through one of my books, I found a clue!

Kana(M): Really? What did it say?

Midori: You have to relax as much as possible. Then I just have to press down as hard as I can, and you'll gradually get used to it! At least that's what the book said.

Kana(M): Wow, interesting...

Midori: Hopefully I can actually give you a treatment this time. So what do you say? Want to give it another shot?

Kana(M): Sure, why not? It's really kind of you to work so hard just for me!

Midori: Heehee, of course! Why don't we try out the new method right away. Sit down and relax, Kana...

Kana(M): O-OK, I'll try.

Midori: Ready? How's this? Hiyah!

Kana(M): Ahahaha! Wait a minute... What's happening? Wow, this doesn't tickle nearly as much this time!

Midori: Really? It's working?! I'm gonna keep going then. Ha! Hiyah!

Kana(M): Yeah! Give me your best shot!

S Support

Kana(M): Midori, would you mind giving me another acupuncture treatment today?

Midori: Sure, Kana, no problem. I'm happy to help. I'm glad to see that you're coming around. It was worth all that hard work after all!

Kana(M): Yeah, you're totally right!

Midori: Heehee. Let's start with the pressure point on your lower back, OK? Get ready... Hiyah!

Kana(M): Wow, that feels so good. All the tension in my spine is totally gone. These treatments are amazing. I wish you'd do this for me every day. My back would never hurt again!

Midori: Heehee, you're so silly. Stop trying to to flatter me.

Kana(M): What do you mean?

Midori: You're obviously just trying to make me feel good, Kana.

Kana(M): No, I'm being serious! I'm really impressed with how hard you work. Every time you set your mind to learning something, you succeed. It's very impressive.

Midori: Really? I just like to learn new things and help people. I've never thought about it that way before.

Kana(M): It's the truth! I'm so glad we've gotten to spend this time together, Midori. I feel like we're becoming great friends.

Midori: We are, Kana. These last few days with you have been really fun.

Kana(M): Umm, do you mind if I ask you something? It's a little embarrassing...

Midori: Of course, you can ask me anything.

Kana(M): Will you be my best friend? I want to hang out with you all the time!

Midori: Of course, silly! You and I make a great team, don't you think?

Kana(M): Yeah, definitely!

Midori: Heehee! Want me to work on the pressure point in your hand next?

Kana(M): That would be great. Thanks, Midori!

Midori: You bet. Get ready... Ha! Hiyah!