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C Support

Setsuna: *sigh* I've fallen into a pit...again.

Jakob: Hah, it looks like you're having fun in there, Setsuna.

Setsuna: Hi, Jakob... Does this really look that fun to you? I wasn't sure, but if you think so...

Jakob: From where I'm standing, it's plenty funny, anyway.

Setsuna: Funny things are entertaining... Entertainment is fun... As I think about it, I feel like I'm starting to enjoy myself...

Jakob: Hah. You should stay in that hole, then. No one is going to make you get out.

Setsuna: Ah, that sounds nice. I think I will stay.

Jakob: Listen, give a shout if you think you're going to starve to death or something. Someone—other than me—will come along to rescue you.

Setsuna: OK...

Jakob: So long, Setsuna.

(Jakob leaves)

Setsuna: Bye, Jakob... *hum* This...isn't actually as fun as I thought.

B Support

Setsuna: Hm... This pit is deeper than others I've fallen into... I don't think I'll be able to get out of this one on my own.

Jakob: It's almost impressive how you reliably find pits and traps to fall into. Do you really like being trapped that much?

Setsuna: Hi, Jakob... I don't like being trapped, actually. At least, I don't think I do...

Jakob: For someone who doesn't like being trapped, you fall into a lot of pits. Either you're very deceptive... or you constantly act without spending time thinking about what you're doing.

Setsuna: Are you saying I'm ambitious? Thank you... No one has ever called me that before...

Jakob: ...Or maybe you're just a fool.

Setsuna: Will you help me out of this trap, Jakob?

Jakob: What's that? You don't really like being in these traps?

Setsuna: I guess... I don't know. What do you think?

Jakob: Personally, I don't care if you stay down there forever. But that's just me.

Setsuna: I guess that is one option... I'm getting a little hungry, though. Maybe I should get out of here...

Jakob: If you want out, you should use your own strength and climb out.

Setsuna: OK, that might work. I think I've got to get a good grip on the edge, and then... Oh noooooooooo...

Jakob: I don't know what to say.

Setsuna: *sigh* I fell back in. I don't think I can do this on my own...

Jakob: That is a really deep hole. You can barely reach the edge when you jump.

Setsuna: I'm sorry... Jakob, could you help me?

Jakob: Tsk. You're so hopeless.

A Support

Jakob: This is unbelievable. How could I fall for such an obvious trap?

Setsuna: Hey there, Jakob... What are you doing down there in that pit?

Jakob: Who...? Oh. Great. As if things couldn't get any worse, now the lady of falling for traps has arrived.

Setsuna: I think I've fallen into this pit before... Are you having fun down there?

Jakob: Does it look like I'm having fun? If you think this is at all fun, you've got a decidedly unique view of life.

Setsuna: I've been told before that I see things differently than others... I don't know why people keep paying me such a nice compliment...

Jakob: ...Whatever, just hurry up and help me get out of this pit.

Setsuna: OK. I'll just hop down in there...

Jakob: What?! Don't do tha— *sigh* Now we're both down here, with no one to pull us back up!

Setsuna: But this way we're not lonely...

Jakob: I'm speechless.

Setsuna: What should we do now?

Jakob: I suppose we've only got one option. Climb up on my shoulders. You should be able to reach the edge by standing there.

Setsuna: OK... Here I go.

Jakob: Be careful; if you're too heavy, I won't feel bad about dropping you. All right, you're up. Now reach up and pull yourself out.

Setsuna: Hey, Jakob...

Jakob: What? Can you still not reach?

Setsuna: This is...kinda fun...

Jakob: No it's not! Your feet are digging into my shoulders! Get OUT!

Setsuna: OK... I'll try...

Jakob: Ugh... What have I done to deserve this...

S Support

Jakob: Setsuna, stop right where you are.

Setsuna: Jakob? What's the matter?

Jakob: Are you not looking where you're going? There's a huge hole right in front of you.

Setsuna: Oh, you're right. I was daydreaming and didn't even notice it...

Jakob: That's why you're constantly falling for traps. You've got to be more careful.

Setsuna: But...I really enjoy daydreaming... I think of all kinds of neat things when I do it.

Jakob: Maybe, but you lose whatever sense of danger you have, too. *sigh* I suppose I have no choice. I'll need to watch over you from now on.

Setsuna: What do you mean...?

Jakob: It seems like you're constantly daydreaming yourself into trouble. Someone has to keep an eye on you. I suppose that someone can be me.

Setsuna: I see... Thank you, Jakob...

Jakob: However, I can't watch over you every hour of every day if I'm just your comrade. Obviously that would need to change.

Setsuna: How would it change, though?

Jakob: Well... It would probably be easiest if we were to get married...

Setsuna: What...?

Jakob: That way it won't seem at all odd for me to be around you all the time.

Setsuna: I suppose that makes sense...but is that a good enough reason to get married?

Jakob: I suppose it might not be... To be honest, though, it's not my only reason for suggesting it. It seems that I've fallen for you, Setsuna.

Setsuna: You have?

Jakob: Indeed. I don't really know how it happened, either... I suppose it's a lot like you and the traps you fall into: I didn't see it coming. There's no logical reason for it, but that could just be how love is.

Setsuna: Jakob...

Jakob: I'm sorry, I didn't even hear your answer before I started explaining myself.

Setsuna: I like you too, Jakob... Even if you, just like me, act without thinking sometimes. I think we should be together.

Jakob: Really? I'm so glad to hear that!

Setsuna: Remember, though; you said you'd help me stay out of traps... That's going to be pretty hard to do.

Jakob: Leave it to me!