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C Support

Hisame: And...there we go. Mmm. This is going to be good...

Selkie: Hey, Hisame! Whatcha working on?

Hisame: Oh, hello, Selkie. I didn't see you there. This? This is nothing. Just a little project.

Selkie: Sorry if I scared you! But really, what's in the pot? A bunch of veggies?

Hisame: I said it was nothing.

Selkie: But I saw a bunch of veggies! And it smells totally weird. What are you doing?

Hisame: Ugh. Fine. I'm making some pickles. And no, you can't have any.

Selkie: Well, they smell terrible! And why would you eat vegetables, anyway? Meat is so much yummier!

Hisame: I beg your pardon! My pickles are exquisite. You'd be lucky to even taste one.

Selkie: Blech, no thanks! But all this talk about meat is making me hungry. Think I'll go hunting for a while. Bye!

(Selkie leaves)

Hisame: No one has EVER spoken ill of my pickles. This isn't over...

B Support

Hisame: Selkie, may I have your attention?

Selkie: Sure! What's up, Hisame?

Hisame: The other day, you disparaged my homemade pickles...

Selkie: You mean those stinky veggies?

Hisame: No! Well, I mean, technically, yes... The point is, they're not stinky. They're gourmet. And I've brought something for you to sample today.

Selkie: What is this? It looks like meat.

Hisame: Yes. It's buffalo. Please, try it.

Selkie: Mmm! It's delicious! How did you make it so tender?

Hisame: Oh ho! I pickled it.

Selkie: *ptooie* What?! Really? Are you trying to poison me or something?

Hisame: Of course not! My traditional pickle brine is perfectly healthy. And it's the reason that meat is so tender and flavorful.

Selkie: Well...it is delicious. I suppose I could try another bite...

Hisame: Certainly. But first, try this pickled cucumber.

Selkie: If you insist... Oh, it's so crunchy! And juicy! I love it!

Hisame: Well, I'm glad you like it. So you see...my pickles are not to be trifled with or disparaged.

Selkie: Yep! Count me in on the pickle party! Pickles for life!

Hisame: Yes. Pickles for life.

A Support

Selkie: Blech! This pickle is terrible! How come all the ones I make turn out like this?

Hisame: Take a deep breath, Selkie. Let's talk through this.

Selkie: But...but... What am I doing wrong?!

Hisame: It's not any one thing, Selkie. Your whole approach to pickling needs work. First of all, one does not simply become a pickle master overnight. It takes years of careful practice, attention to detail—

Selkie: But I want to eat delicious pickles NOW!

Hisame: Please, get ahold of yourself! You'll get the hang of this. And in the meantime, I will share my pickles with you.

Selkie: Wait, really?

Hisame: Of course. One of the great things about pickles is how long they keep. So, naturally, I maintain at least one year's supply at all times in my tent.

Selkie: That's amazing! Do you have any more of that buffalo from the other day?

Hisame: Actually, I do. Although pickled meat doesn't keep quite as well as veggies.

Selkie: So what? Why keep this when you can just eat it right away? Gimme! *nom* *nom* *nom*

Hisame: How can you enjoy the depth of flavor when you eat that quickly? Are you even chewing?

Selkie: Ahh! That hit the spot! Got any more?

Hisame: So, this is my life now. Pickle chef to a ravenous she-fox. It could be worse.

Selkie: What are you mumbling about? And where are all the pickles you promised me?

Hisame: It's nothing, Selkie. Please, come and help yourself to any of the pickles in my tent. I will simply have to ramp up production to keep up with demand...

Selkie: Aw, you're the best, Hisame. Thanks! Wait a second... You'll keep teaching me how to make my own, right? Because I don't want to eat ALL of your pickles. What kind of a pickle pal would do that to another pickle pal?

Hisame: Of course. You'll be a fine pickle pal in time.

S Support

Selkie: Hey, Hisame! Check it out!

Hisame: Hello, Selkie. What is that?

Selkie: It's a rice cracker, of course. Enjoy!

Hisame: I see. Thanks?

Selkie: You bet! It's just a little thank-you for introducing me to the world of pickles.

Hisame: Well...thank you very much. Um, not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but why a rice cracker?

Selkie: What do you mean "horse"? It's a cracker, dum-dum! Anyway, I just thought that it would pair well with your signature pickle brine.

Hisame: Well, that's very thoughtful. Thank you. Wait, where exactly did you get this cracker, anyway?

Selkie: Oh, it was just a couple of towns away. No biggie.

Hisame: Selkie, I happen to know that this type of cracker is not available within 200 miles!

Selkie: I know. But I thought you would really like it! Are you mad?

Hisame: Mad? No, I'm just... You didn't have to do that. But it means a lot to me that you did.

Selkie: Oh, good! See, I did it because I really like you. Actually, it's more like I love you. What do you think about that?

Hisame: Gee, you really know how to put a guy on the spot, Selkie... But the truth is...I like you, too. Maybe I even love you. But this is a little bit fast for me. It seems like everyone is getting married...

Selkie: Well, that's silly. Let's just start by being boyfriend and girlfriend. Ready? Go!

Hisame: Wow, it's that easy, huh? Well, let's go with it. I'm happy to have you as my girlfriend, Selkie!

Selkie: Me too! Now, let's have a pickle and rice cracker feast to celebrate!