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C Support

Setsuna: Um... Excuse me, Lady Hinoka...

Hinoka: Hm? Setsuna, what is it?

Setsuna: I just wanted to thank you for everything that you've done for me... I made you some tea to show you my appreciation.

Hinoka: What? You made this?!

Setsuna: No need to sound so surprised, milady...

Hinoka: I'm sorry, I just didn't think you were the type to make tea... But I'm happy you did. Thank you so much!

Setsuna: Of course, Lady Hinoka... Please, enjoy.

Hinoka: All right. *gulp* Oh my—what is in this?! It's so bitter my tongue has gone numb in self-defense!

Setsuna: I apologize, Lady Hinoka. I don't understand... I used the same tea leaves as usual...

Hinoka: How could it have gone so bitter, then... Oh, now I remember... You're not incredibly good at cooking. But could that really extend to tea?

Setsuna: It must... But you aren't good at cooking either, are you, Lady Hinoka?

Hinoka: Hey now, you know I'm sensitive about how poorly I cook...

Setsuna: Heehee... We really are two of a kind, aren't we?

Hinoka: I'm not nearly as bad at cooking as you are! It's not fair to lump us together. I have an idea. Why don't we work together and see who can improve their cooking?

Setsuna: I don't know...

Hinoka: Don't be so negative, Setsuna. I know you don't like doing things... But this could deepen our bond as retainer and liege. What do you say?

Setsuna: Very well... Only because you insisted, Lady Hinoka... I will try my best, though...

Hinoka: That's all I can ask! Let's get together in the coming days and get to work!

Setsuna: OK... See you later.

B Support

Hinoka: OK, I think the best way for us to improve is with a bunch of practice. First objective: learn to make an omelet!

Setsuna: Oh, I like eating omelets...

Hinoka: Likewise, which is part of the reason it'll be great to learn how to make them! That, and it is said that learning to make eggs is a good start to becoming a chef.

Setsuna: Ah. But I'm not really interested in becoming a chef...

Hinoka: We just need to approach this like being a chef is our goal. Let's get to it!

Setsuna: OK, what does it say to do first... Crack one egg. OK. Hai-yah!

Hinoka: Setsuna, what are you—? You've completely smashed that egg!

Setsuna: Oops. I think I cracked it a bit too hard. It's tough to judge my own strength...

Hinoka: OK, well, I'll handle cracking the eggs. You add some oil to that pan over there.

Setsuna: OK, I can do that... Oh no! Ah!

Hinoka: What's wrong? Holy— Setsuna! Why is there a pillar of fire coming from the pan?!

Setsuna: It looks like that was too much oil.

Hinoka: Don't just stand there! Put the fire out!

Setsuna: Oh, right! My apologies, Lady Hinoka...

Hinoka: You nearly scared me to death, Setsuna. But...don't worry about it. Let's try and get our focus back on task. I've cracked the eggs and put them in this bowl. Now I just need to stir them gently while I add a little soy sauce...

Setsuna: Lady Hinoka, you are adding vinegar to the eggs...

Hinoka: No, this is the soy sauce... Oh. You're right; that was vinegar. Damn it.

Setsuna: We're really pretty bad cooks...

Hinoka: I don't understand how we keep messing this up. All we have to do is follow the recipe, and we can't even seem to do that...

Setsuna: Don't feel down, milady. I'm sure if we keep trying, we can do it.

Hinoka: I admire your optimism, especially after you nearly burned the kitchen down.

Setsuna: I know, that was a big mistake... But I really think that we can do this if we focus and work together. We've always succeeded before. No matter where I am, you've found and rescued me from all kinds of traps. I feel like, if we're together, there is nothing we can't do. You just have to hang on to hope, Lady Hinoka.

Hinoka: Setsuna... That's such a nice thing to say. You're right, of course. We can do this together, no matter what issues we face. If we can get through war, we can definitely win in the kitchen!

Setsuna: That's the spirit, Lady Hinoka...

Hinoka: OK, then! Let's give this another shot!

Setsuna: I'll do my best...

A Support

Hinoka: Setsuna, we did it! We finally did it!

Setsuna: Yes, milady. We made an omelet that tasted great...

Hinoka: I can't believe it took us several days to get that recipe figured out. But, with practice, we were able to do it! Even battles couldn't stop us! You were right to say that we could accomplish this together. I'm sorry I had any doubt.

Setsuna: Lady Hinoka, there is no reason for you to apologize... I'm just happy to see you so pleased with what we've done.

Hinoka: That's generous of you, Setsuna... But this really was all because of your willingness to keep trying. I...might have given up back when we nearly burned down the kitchen...

Setsuna: I'm glad to have helped, Lady Hinoka...

Hinoka: I think this effort really strengthened our bond. I feel like we can accomplish anything now! I know! Let's try to take on a stir-fry!

Setsuna: Yum, I really do like stir-fry. That sounds good... I'll go gather the ingredients from the storehouse right away.

Hinoka: Excellent. Thank you, Setsuna!

Setsuna: No problem, milady...

(Setsuna leaves)

Hinoka: Heehee, this really is a great omelet. No one could possibly complain about it! I bet if we master the stir-fry and combine it with this omelet, people will be lining up. I wonder what's keeping Setsuna, though... The ingredients for stir-fry aren't all that complicated... Oh no... There are mousetraps in the storehouse... Setsuna! I'm coming!

(Hinoka leaves)

Setsuna: Ah... Lady Hinoka... I really need your help.

(Setsuna leaves)

Hinoka: Setsuna! Where are you? It's so dark in here... I really can't leave you alone for a moment, can I? Setsuna! Setsuna!!