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C Support

Hayato: Rhajat! We need to speak.

Rhajat: Father? Why are you shouting?

Hayato: The villagers have been gossiping. They say you're acting standoffish and you never talk to anybody. What's going on?

Rhajat: Nothing. I'm behaving as I always do. I'm not causing any problems or hurting anybody. What's the issue?

Hayato: It's simple. You have an attitude problem.

Rhajat: Maybe you're right. Are we done here?

Hayato: No, we certainly are not! Why can't you cooperate with others?

Rhajat: Because I'm not interested in people. Except for one special person...

Hayato: *sigh* I'm not saying that you have to bend over backward to make friends. At the very least you must cooperate. There are social rules that must be followed. Rules that are just as important as fighting alongside your allies.

Rhajat: ... I understand what you're saying, Father. But this is really aggravating.

Hayato: Watch your tone, Rhajat! You're profoundly mistaken if you think you can go on living like a child. Pursuing only that which piques your interest is foolish. Open your mind to new endeavors— new possibilities. It's time to give up your juvenile ways and behave like a grown-up! Rhajat! Are you even listening?!

Rhajat: Heh... Child.

Hayato: What?

Rhajat: How can you sit there lecturing me about being a child? You're younger than I am! Just leave me alone!

(Rhajat leaves)

Hayato: H-hey...! Come back here! Am I really...y-younger?

B Support

Hayato: Rhajat, there you are.

Rhajat: Oh. Hello, Father.

Hayato: I need to ask about what you said the other day.

Rhajat: What do you mean?

Hayato: Well... If I recall correctly, you claimed that I was younger than you. Is that really...true? Have you...surpassed my age?

Rhajat: Yes. Yes, I have. What of it?

Hayato: Interesting... I knew that time moved more quickly in the Deeprealms... I just never thought that enough would go by for you to surpass me in age.

Rhajat: It was only after I left my Deeprealm to voyage here... that I discovered how time flowed at an accelerated rate. A rate far faster than the other Deeprealms... If I had remained there, I'd be a white-haired old lady by now. That's how I know I'm older than you. I may actually be older than Mother, too. You may be my father... But I won't be lectured to by someone even younger than I am.

Hayato: H-how dare you! I may be younger than you, but I am still your father!

Rhajat: That's enough... Just leave me alone.

(Rhajat leaves)

Hayato: Why you—! Get back here, Rhajat! *sigh* ...Rhajat.

A Support

Hayato: Rhajat! We must talk immediately.

Rhajat: What is it, Father?

Hayato: I came to apologize.

Rhajat: Apologize? For what exactly?

Hayato: I've done a great deal of research about the Deeprealms since last we spoke... I think you were right. Time flows considerably quicker there than most other places. That means no matter how short my visit, an enormous amount of time passed. Even the smallest interval must have been years... You must have been so very lonely, Rhajat. I'm sorry. Truly sorry.

Rhajat: Honestly, it doesn't bother me all that much. Solitude has always agreed with me. It's much easier to focus on my dark-magic research while I'm alone.

Hayato: Why are you staring at your feet? Won't you look me in the eye?

Rhajat: *sniffle*

Hayato: I understand why you want to put on a brave face. But you are my daughter. I know you.

Rhajat: For a child, you're awfully full of yourself.

Hayato: You're right. I am a child. My focus was always on war. I didn't even see my daughter suffering... I'm just a selfish child.

Rhajat: Huh... I just realized. I'm almost like your big sister now.

Hayato: Now that you're older than me, I suppose that's true. You've become a wonderful person with a very strong heart. I'm so proud to have a woman like you... as a daughter.

Rhajat: Oh, Father...

Hayato: Regardless of age, you're still my daughter. Even if you become an old woman, that won't change. Right?

Rhajat: Yes... Yes, of course that's right.

Hayato: Again just let me say...I'm sorry. And I love you. I always have, and I always will.

Rhajat: Thank you, Father. Even when I lived in the Deeprealms, I knew that you loved me. And I didn't feel lonely.