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C Support

Hana: Argh, what a bummer... Is it really just the two of us?

Setsuna: Yep... You and I were the only two that failed strategy. They told me... "Setsuna, there are many things that come naturally to you..." "But working in a group is definitely not one of them."

Hana: Yeah, they said something like that to me, too. "Hana, you work well on your own, but it all falls apart when you're with a team." I guess I tend to take the initiative without thinking.

Setsuna: I guess we're very similar.

Hana: I suppose so. Hey, why don't we form a study group? We can work to cover the areas we're both weak in!

Setsuna: I think that's a great idea! How shall we start? What about reading those strategy books they gave us?

Hana: Yeah, let's do that! I think there were some useful tactics mentioned in Chapter 5...

Setsuna: ...

Hana: Hey, Setsuna? Let's go practice our swordplay outside instead of doing this. You know, to change things up.

Setsuna: Great idea. I was just thinking I'd like to go hunting and get some fresh air.

Hana: All right! We'll just take a little break. Then back to studying!

B Support

Hana: *siiiiigh...*

Setsuna: Hana, you're sighing again.

Hana: Despite all the reading we've done, I don't feel like I've learned much about strategy. Our study group was a good idea, but we don't really seem to concentrate... Look at us now—we're out taking a walk instead of studying!

Setsuna: I love taking walks, and it was time for a break anyway... The third break of the day... Oh, I see what you're talking about.

Hana: Hrmph. I think we spend more time taking breaks from studying than actually studying.

Setsuna: We both tend to avoid things we aren't naturally skilled at. And I don't think our efficiency increases when we work together...

Hana: Wait, are you saying we should learn from other people? I don't kno—!

Setsuna: Hrm?

Hana: Setsuna, keep your cool and don't stop walking. You noticed them, too, right?

Setsuna: I did. Four people, hiding in the shade of that tree over there...

Hana: Enemies—they look to be spies. What do you think we should do? I don't think they've realized we noticed them. We can take advantage of that.

Setsuna: Hana, I'll walk this way and...

Hana: Yes, I see. All right, let's do it. You keep walking and get out of view over there. I'll leap into their midst. While they're confused, fire as many arrows as you can. Just don't hit me, OK?

Setsuna: Got it...

(Setsuna leaves)

Hana: OK...let's do this!!

Ruffian: What the—?!

Hana: Hiyaaaah!

(Ruffian leaves)

Hana: Phew... I think that's the last of them.

Setsuna: I count all four. Well done! It felt like we knew exactly what we each needed to do. Our teamwork was perfect.

Hana: You're right... Wait a minute!

Setsuna: What is it?

Hana: This is what it's all about! This is what they mean by coordination when fighting in a group. You make use of each person's unique skills and work together to defeat the enemy!

Setsuna: Oh, I see.

Hana: Now that we know how it feels, I think we can study without getting distracted.

Setsuna: You may be right. With a clear goal in mind... Yes, I feel like I could keep studying right now.

Hana: Totally! Oh! I guess we should probably report that we defeated some spies...

Setsuna: Oh yeah. Oops.

A Support

Hana: Yes!!! I passed the strategy test! I'm officially a strategist!

Setsuna: I passed, too.

Hana: We did it, Setsuna! We studied our way to success! It was worth all that hard work!

Setsuna: I agree. Ever since that fight... I feel like I've got a much better idea of how to coordinate a group.

Hana: I suppose there is truth in the saying "adversity is a great teacher."

Setsuna: I was thinking, though... We had other options available in that fight against the spies. If I had fired a burst of arrows into their cover, it's likely they would have scattered. Then you could have picked them off as they broke cover and ran for it.

Hana: Ooh, yes! That could have worked, too! Or we could have gotten their attention and made it look like we were fleeing... Only to pick them off one by one as they made to follow us. I think that would probably be one of the safest tactics to use.

Setsuna: That sounds like it would work. Wow, I feel like my head is bursting with strategies to use.

Hana: I know! Let's keep working together to discover new ways to coordinate attacks!

Setsuna: All right!