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C Support

Shiro: Hey, Mom. Do you feel like doing something today?

Felicia: Why do you ask? What's gotten into you, all of a sudden?

Shiro: Well, we didn't get to spend much time together when I was little, right? Maybe now we can make up for that with some mom-son bonding time.

Felicia: Ohh, so that's what this is about. Thank you. But honestly, I can't really think of anything off the top of my head. I appreciate the thought though, dear.

Shiro: How can we bond if you don't want to hang out? I mean, I can't spend time with Dad. He's always preoccupied with the war. I guess you don't see him much either. Has he ever given you a gift or anything?

Felicia: Shiro, that's not your father's way.

Shiro: How do you know he cares about you? I want you to know how special you are. Come on. Please! Can't you think of something you would like to do?

Felicia: Heehee.

Shiro: Wh-why are you laughing at me?!

Felicia: Because it's so silly that you feel the need to try and compete with him. I know that he would be so upset if he heard what you were saying. Ryoma treats me wonderfully, dear. I'm so very happy to be his wife.

Shiro: Mom, are you sure? He's never even around to show that he cares.

Felicia: You may not be aware, but your father loves me very much. I can even prove it to you.

Shiro: I admit, I'm curious to see your so-called proof. I'll hold you to your word, Mom.

Felicia: OK! It's a deal!

B Support

Felicia: Ahh, Shiro, there you are. Do you have a moment to spare?

Shiro: Hi, Mom. Sure, what's up? Why are you holding those envelopes?

Felicia: These are the proof I was telling you about.

Shiro: Let me take a guess. Are they love letters?

Felicia: That's right! I've saved every one of them. They are my dearest treasures. This here is the first one I received. And this is the most recent.

Shiro: Wow, I had no idea that Dad was such a prolific writer.

Felicia: I knew he was a diligent man, but even I was surprised by his commitment. I never dreamed I would receive dozens of letters! He expresses his feelings when we talk in person too. Yet somehow, writing allows him to explore his emotions in a deeper way. I think these letters are an outlet for him. They show a side of his personality that I absolutely adore. Does this come as a surprise?

Shiro: I always thought Dad was stiff and formal. Maybe I've been wrong all along. Tell me, what does he write about?

Felicia: Wouldn't you like to know? Sorry, Shiro. But it's a secret. Heehee. I would never betray your father's confidence.

Shiro: Now I'm even more curious! I suppose knowing how much you two care about each other will have to do.

Felicia: Heehee. I'm happy to hear you say that. We both love you very much. Please don't worry so much.

Shiro: I-I know that! But thanks for saying so, Mom.

Felicia: Of course, dear.

A Support

Shiro: Hey, Mom! Can I talk to you for a minute?

Felicia: Of course. What do you need, Shiro?

Shiro: Well, after you showed me Dad's letters, I started thinking... I thought maybe I'd try writing out my thoughts and feelings too.

Felicia: Really? How thoughtful. Thank you!

Shiro: I don't know. Now it just doesn't seem good enough.

Felicia: Eh? Why is that?

Shiro: It's not very special if I'm just doing the same thing as Dad, right? That's why I've decided to treat you to a fancy meal too!

Felicia: Oh really?

Shiro: Yeah. Whatever your heart desires. Or at least anything I can find in the forest. I can't get started until you tell me what you'd like to eat. Does anything in particular sound appetizing to you?

Felicia: Hmm, may I have a bit of time to think about it?

Shiro: I guess it would be tough to think of something off the top of your head. Just tell me when you make up your mind.

Felicia: I will, dear.

Shiro: Yes! Now I've got a leg up on Dad!

Felicia: This isn't a game, Shiro. There are no winners and losers here.

Shiro: I just know I'd be a failure as your son if I couldn't make you happy.

Felicia: Is that right? It's funny—your father once said something along those same lines.

Shiro: He did?!

Felicia: Yes. Let me remember what he said. He said that his success as a husband could only be measured by my happiness. Heehee. You're very much his son.

Shiro: Damn! He always has the upper hand!

Felicia: Heehee. How unfortunate for you. It's sweet that you treasure me, Shiro. I'm very lucky to be your mother.