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C Support

Ignatius: Hello, Mother. I was wondering if you could help me with something...

Felicia: Hi, Ignatius! I'll do my best. What is it?

Ignatius: You know...now that I'm here it seems a little silly. Forget about it. I can take care of it.

Felicia: No, no, I can handle it! Is it some spider or worm? What are we looking at?

Ignatius: It's a spider riding a worm. If it had just been a spider OR a worm, I could have handled it—I swear!

Felicia: You don't have to justify yourself to me! I know you struggle with these things. I can't count all the bugs I've had to squish since you were a child.

Ignatius: Oh, gods... Please do NOT squish them. Just take them somewhere far, far away. This will be the last time—I promise.

Felicia: I know, dear. But you shouldn't be ashamed of coming to your mother. I love to help my son!

Ignatius: I know. I really am working up the courage to handle my own bugs, you know?

Felicia: You'll get there, Ignatius! Someday. Shall we head for your tent to squish those bugs?

Ignatius: No, I said DON'T squish them! I don't want bug guts on my things!

B Support

Ignatius: Good day, Mother. Do you have a moment?

Felicia: Yes! Is everything OK? Uh-oh, did a bug get into your sleeping bag again? I'll go fetch my broom!

Ignatius: No! I told you, I'm going to deal with my own bugs from now on. Why, just the other day a ladybug landed on my forearm... And, through gritted teeth, I was able to gently brush it away.

Felicia: You've come so far! But then what do you need me for?

Ignatius: Well, it is about my tent. There's something wrong with it.

Felicia: Is the clasp stuck? Sometimes you have to wiggle it a little when that happens.

Ignatius: No, the clasp is fine. It's just... I believe my tent is haunted. As I was drifting off to sleep, I was sure I could see a face staring at me!

Felicia: Heehee... Are you sure it was an evil spirit? Maybe it was a friendly ghost!

Ignatius: MOTHER! That's not funny.

Felicia: I'm sorry, dear. I don't know what came over me. All right! Let's waste no time sending that poltergeist packing!

Ignatius: I mean, I don't believe in evil spirits. I know they don't exist, but... What if they do?

Felicia: Oh, I bet they'd be more scared of you than you are of them. You know, I remember you being scared of this ever since you were small.

Ignatius: I'm sorry. I know it's a baseless fear. You must be disappointed to have raised a coward.

Felicia: Oh, no, no! Don't apologize! I was about to say that I love seeing some of the boy I knew before our time apart.

Ignatius: Really? You mean that?

Felicia: Absolutely! When you're older, you'll see what I'm talking about. And even when you're older, you'll still be my cute little Ignatius.

Ignatius: Heh. Well, thank you, Mother.

Felicia: Hmm...whatever happened to those stuffed animals you used to love? Do you still cuddle up with them at night?

Ignatius: Yes, what of it?

Felicia: I was thinking maybe if you saw a face in your tent, and it wasn't yours, then...

Ignatius: Oh. OH! Never mind.

A Support

Ignatius: Hello, Mother. I have something for you.

Felicia: Did you make this, Ignatius? It's pretty!

Ignatius: I did. It's meant to bring you good luck.

Felicia: I'll be sure to keep it with me, then! What made you decide to craft it now?

Ignatius: It's just... I don't want you to die.

Felicia: Awww...

Ignatius: I know I shouldn't worry about it, but... I get scared every time you fight. If something were to happen to you... You're the only person who accepts me just the way I am. I...I just can't stand the thought of losing you.

Felicia: Oh no! Oh dear! Please don't look so sad, Ignatius! There are so many people who love you just the way you are! Think about it. We're surrounded by friends and family! You really think I'm the ONLY one who cares about you? Far from it!

Ignatius: You're right. Of course.

Felicia: So don't be scared! Even if you lose me... You'll have everyone else to pick up the slack!

Ignatius: I know. I'll try to be stronger. I'm sorry if I worried you.

Felicia: You didn't! That's what I'm saying, dear. I'm not worried if you startle at spiders or flee from ghosts. It's what makes you you.

Ignatius: All right, I get it. Just promise me that you'll live a long, healthy life, OK?

Felicia: I solemnly swear to keep working hard until I'm old and gray!