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C Support

Dwyer: All right, that's it for my chores. Someone else can do the rest. Now, to find a nice dark spot for a nap...

(Dwyer leaves)

Nina: Hee hee! *stare*

(Nina leaves)

Dwyer: Something's off. It feels like someone else is in here...

Nina: (Uh-oh... I think he can hear me...)

Dwyer: Oh, hey, Nina. Did you need something?

Nina: Gah!

Dwyer: Or, can you at least come up with a good lie as to why you're hiding in that barrel?

Nina: Shh! There is no Nina...

Dwyer: Nina! I know it's you. Get out of there and tell me what's going on.

Nina: I, uh, was just practicing being stealthy. You got a problem with that?

Dwyer: Meh, not really. I just want to nap. So, who are you stalking?

Nina: I'm not stalking anyone... Like I said, I'm just practicing.

Dwyer: Fine, forget I asked. See you later, Nina.

(Dwyer leaves)

Nina: Dang. I thought my hiding spot was pretty good. Maybe I underestimated Dwyer... Well, this isn't over. Oh, if Dwyer only knew what I had in store for him... Hee hee!

B Support

Dwyer: All right, that's the last of the laundry. Finally. Maybe I'll brew a little tea.

Nina: *stare*

Dwyer: Would you care for a mug, Nina?

Nina: Ack! I can't believe you found me again.

Dwyer: I have a keen sense of space, and I can tell when I'm not alone. So, who are you stalking today? Don't tell me that I'm your intended target.

Nina: It's not stalking! And why would I be stalking you, anyway?

Dwyer: Whatever. So, would you like some tea or not?

Nina: *sigh* I suppose so.

Dwyer: Very well. Please, remove yourself from the wardrobe, and have a seat.

Nina: You're pretty talented, you know that, Dwyer? I think you deserve a raise. I mean, look at that laundry. How do you get it so white?

Dwyer: Eh, anyone can do that. It's simply a matter of following directions.

Nina: Well, I think it's fabulous. Have you ever thought of taking on an apprentice? Because I know a guy who might be interested. And he's really cute...

Dwyer: If my role in life is to be some kind of laundry master... Go ahead and run me through with a sword right now.

Nina: Geez, Dwyer! Lighten up a little bit, why don't you? I'm just trying to give you a compliment.

Dwyer: Sorry. I guess. Anyway, tea's ready. Drink it while it's hot.

Nina: Thanks. Gods...this tea is amazing! What'd you put in it?

Dwyer: Your voice sounded a little hoarse, so I added some cardamom and cinnamon.

Nina: That's really thoughtful, Dwyer! You're not such a bad boy after all.

Dwyer: Uh, thanks? But how'd you ever get the idea that I was a "bad boy"?

Nina: Oh, I've been stalking you for a while. I know allllll about you. URP! I mean...forget I said that.

Dwyer: Heh...

A Support

Dwyer: Ugh...

Nina: What's the matter, Dwyer?

Dwyer: Nina? Gods. For the first time, you got the drop on me. I wasn't expecting you to pop out of that crate.

Nina: Yeah, well...never mind that. I've been watching you all day, and you really seem out of sorts.

Dwyer: Watching me...ALL DAY? Argh... You know what? I don't even care. Watch me all you want. And yeah, you could say I'm a bit out of sorts. I kind of messed something up.

Nina: Messed up? What happened?

Dwyer: I don't want to talk about it.

Nina: All right, I won't force you. But if you ask me, it's really not a big deal...

Dwyer: How can you even say that? You don't know what I did. Or...do you? You do, don't you?

Nina: Let's not worry about that right now. We're talking about YOU, not ME! And you, Dwyer, are really something else. I've been watching you enough to know!

Dwyer: I suppose this is my life now... Some kind of creature on display in a zoo...

Nina: Oh, please. You're being melodramatic. Look, I've taken an interest in you because you're a great person. You have the strength and skills to do anything in life. So cheer up, Dwyer! Your father will forgive you for accidentally napping on the job. Er...or for whatever it is you've done. That just seems like something you'd do...

Dwyer: If you say so.

Nina: That's the spirit. I want to see the peppy, outgoing Dwyer we all know and love!

Dwyer: What in the devil are you talking about? When have you EVER seen that Dwyer? And furthermore, why do you continue stalking me?

Nina: Don't call it stalking! But seriously, I have seen you singing in the bath. It's charming, really. And your voice is so lovely. In fact, there's someone I'd like to introduce you to. He's head of the local choir in town. He makes a cracking cup of tea, just like you.

Dwyer: Well, I don't know about that, but thank you for all the compliments you've paid me. I'm unusually happy for someone who just found out his bath time is regularly stalked.

Nina: Hee hee! I'll take that as a maybe. Things are getting exciting...

Dwyer: They are?

S Support

Dwyer: Yes...these look nice.

Nina: Hey, Dwyer.

Dwyer: Gah! I thought I'd finally lost you this time. What are you doing here?

Nina: I was stalk—I mean, I was people-watching you, of course.

Dwyer: Right. Well, I'm surprised I didn't notice you. You've upped your game.

Nina: Thanks! So, what are you doing with those flowers?

Dwyer: Oh, um...

Nina: Are they for a girl?

Dwyer: I can't keep a single secret from you, can I?

Nina: Hee hee! So, who are they for?

Dwyer: Well...

Nina: Was it that girl who asked you to repair her blouse? She seemed nice. Or was it the tea merchant you chatted with at the market? I didn't like her.

Dwyer: Nina...I don't know what to say. You've caught me completely by surprise.

Nina: I'm sorry. I didn't really think about how my spying could affect you. I was just so caught up in this weird little fantasy...but that's become secondary. Dwyer... I kind of like you.

Dwyer: You...you do?

Nina: Yes. I've fallen for your quiet dignity, your kindness...and your dry wit. But...now you're going to give some lucky girl those flowers, and...

Dwyer: Nina, these flowers were for you.

Nina: Oh my gosh.

Dwyer: You've been watching me for so long now. You might as well step out of the shadows and stand side by side with me.

Nina: Dwyer...I'm speechless.

Dwyer: Nina, will you accept these flowers?

Nina: Of course! But...why me? Haven't I been annoying you with all the spying?

Dwyer: Ha. Do you really not understand your own charms?

Nina: How could I? I can't spy on myself!

Dwyer: Uh...never mind.

Nina: Wait, are you taking back the flowers? Noooooo!

Dwyer: No, of course not. Tell you what. I'll begin spying on YOU, and then I'll give you a full report. Then perhaps you'll see what makes you so attractive.

Nina: Hee hee! Deal.